70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline List

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

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Soft paws, light-bodied, oftentimes fluffy fur, and that regal body language that matches its demanding attitude – cats are adorable no matter how you look at them, and no matter how stubborn they could be. Cats have become an icon of the internet ever since memes were made. They are also as well-loved as dogs as a pet, and as anime characters. There are a lot of anime cats and they are oftentimes shown as very cute and cuddly. Some anime characters are human, but act and look like cats. 

Gladly, they are not very hard to spot all over the anime universe. That’s why we made this list of the best cats in anime history. Factors that made them part of the list include their cuteness and their role in the anime they’re featured at. Any superpowers of the cats only count as a bonus. And take note that this is not a ranked list, but a collection of the best cats I’ve ever seen in manga and anime series and films. For sure your fondness for felines, or anime, will be fulfilled once you check out the list below.

70. Bleach – Yoruichi Shihoin 

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Though not technically a cat, she gained popularity as one when she did not reveal her true form when she helped Ichigo infiltrate Soul Society as a cat. Yoruichi’s cat form is just a regular black cat with yellow eyes, but with a male voice which confused a lot of fans, who then were not fully aware that she is a woman. She is among our favorite cat girls.

Yoruichi is the Second Division Captain of the Gotei 13 and is known to be an expert in Shunpo – a move where its user goes to another location in a flash. She is also notable for her Zanpakuto to have never been revealed in the whole series. Amusingly, she still manages to become overpowered thanks to her Shunko – a reiatsu-based ability that makes her move faster. Shunko also gives her a boost in power that makes her fight and move like a cat.

69. Bleach – Raku

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Raku is a filler character in Bleach, who was featured in the Soul Society Arc. Raku is a cat that Yuzu Kurosaki fed before it died. When the cat got run over by a car after following Yuzu, its spirit got bound due to its attachment to the girl. 

When it became a spirit, it gained a very strong reiatsu that attracted a lot of Hollows. Raku’s spirit can turn into a mecha-lion that can fly like a jet. This form of Raku gives it extraordinary speed, and superior strength, and can generate fire that surrounds the cat. In this form, Raku can defeat Hollows with ease.

68. Bleach – Haineko

Bleach Haineko

Haineko is the Zanpakuto of Matsumoto Rangiku. Its spirit form is a woman that’s as curvaceous as its owner, as she took the form of a humanoid cat. She has cat-like ears that are the same color as her maroon hair, with pink fur that acts as her clothing that covers its body, arms, and legs. She also has a pink tail, as well as sharp nails that act like claws. This Zanpakuto can cut anything it contacts with once it turns to ash. 

Haineko means “Ash Cat” in Japanese.

67. Card Captor Sakura – Cerberus

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Also known as Keroberos in other translations, Cerberus from the classic anime Cardcaptor Sakura is one of the most unforgettable cat characters because of its cuteness. He is also popular as a sidekick to Sakura, as well as the one who gave the responsibility for Sakura to seal the cards she released without her knowledge.

Cerberus was mostly known as the cute, plush-toy lion cub, which is only its borrowed form. Cerberus’s real form is a lion or cougar-like creature donning armor and a pair of angelic wings. And do not let his cute looks fool you because he is a very smart being, too!

66. Cardcaptor Sakura – Spinel Sun

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Spinel Sun is another cute character featured in Cardcaptor Sakura, who takes the form of a cat. Spinel Sun is Eirol Hiiragizawa’s guardian who represents the opposite form of Cerberus in all aspects, even in his borrowed form. His borrowed form looks like a small black cat that has blue butterfly wings.

However, his true form makes him look like a black panther that has larger blue butterfly wings, and also has armor just like Cerberus. Spinel Sun is also known for its cuteness, and how “drunk” he can get when eating sweets.

65. Naruto – Tora

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Tora is the fat cat of Madam Shijimi, the wife of the Fire Daimyo in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden series. Madam Shijimi loves Tora so much, that she often hugs her so tight that the cat gets in tears. Knowing how cats often get irritated when petted too much, Tora oftentimes runs away from her owner. As a result, Madam Shijimi often lays out low-ranked missions to genins to return Tora to her.


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She is known for the ribbon on her left ear, with brown fur that has a black-colored line pattern with three lines across it. In Part I of the series, Naruto and Sasuke were able to retrieve Tora. In Part II, it was Konohamaru and his two teammates, who noticed that Tora gets better at hiding every time she runs away.

64. Naruto – Matatabi

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Another popular cat character in the Naruto series is Matatabi, the Two-Tailed Beast. Matatabi is portrayed as a female cat, judged by its voice in the anime. Matatabi is an odd-eyed bakeneko with yellow and green eyes, as well as two tails. It is known to have fur that also happens to be blue flames. Matatabi also has black swirly patterns which match the blaze of its fiery fur. 

Matatabi was owned by Yugito Nii in the Naruto series and is known to use Fire Release techniques. Matatabi is shown as a more polite Tailed Beast compared to the other beasts, who even speak formally and use honorifics.

63. Prince Of Tennis – Karupin

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Karupin is the pet cat of Ryoma Echizen, the main character of Prince of Tennis. Karupin does not have any major role in the series and is often seen walking around the Echizen household or sleeping. He is oftentimes seen in Ryoma’s room and is attached to Ryoma himself. As a result, they would oftentimes sleep together. 

Karupin is also known to be very smart he knows if ever his toy was brought by Ryoma by accident when going out, which results in him following his owner to school.

62. Sailor Moon – Luna

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Luna is the talking black cat owned by Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino. However, the truth is that Luna is the advisor of Usagi and her Guardian Senshi friends throughout the anime series. Luna is a cute black cat with a crescent moon symbol on its forehead. She also can perform a mid-air somersault to conjure items needed by her Guardian Senshi friends, ranging from a transformation pen to a supercomputer.

She also has the power to awaken the Sailor powers of the Guardian Senshi by using her crescent moon mark, which glows when activated.

61. Sailor Moon – Artemis

anime with hearts on Twitter: "— artemis — sailor moon (crystal)  https://t.co/DKe6wTqCmF" / Twitter

Artemis is the male guardian white cat of Minako, also known as Sailor Venus. Artemis is a white cat that also bears a crescent moon mark on his forehead. Despite being lazy, Artemis always does its best to lift Minako by helping her realize her dreams in life. Artemis is a very supportive cat to Minako and even does some of the work for her just to achieve her dreams (such as pulling audition papers to submit for her sake).


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Just like how contrasting their colors are, Artemis and Minako often argue with each other. However, the two got into a relationship as the series progresses. Artemis is also popular because of his weird habit to turn off Minako’s alarm clock, which becomes the reason why Minako often goes late to class.

60. Sailor Moon – Diana

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Diana is the daughter of Luna and Artemis in the future. She was featured in Sailor Moon S when she was sent to the present to be the guardian of Chibiusa. Diana is gray, which is a combination of the black and white colors that her parents have. She also has a crescent moon marking on her head and is wearing a bell. She is known to be a very smart cat, as well as a very brave one.

59. InuYasha – Kirara

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Kirara is the cute and furry nekomata pet of Sango, and eventually Kohaku after the destruction of Naraku. She then became the partner of Setsuna, a half-demon demon slayer. Nekomatas are cats in Japanese folklore, and in the series, they are notable for having two tails. She is a cream-colored cat with a pair of black stripes on her two tails, as well as black ears and red eyes. 

Kirara is a very loyal cat to the whole group and is known to be a very playful and smart one as well. But despite her cuteness, Kirara can transform into a large cat that looks like a saber-tooth tiger and is a formidable fighter as well.

58. Darker Than Black – Mao

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Mao is a person who lost his original body, resulting in him residing in the body of a black cat. The cat is just an ordinary black cat with a bell attached to his leash. Mao is a well-known person in Hei’s Syndicate as a supportive contractor in dealing with infiltration and decoy. However, his black cat’s body died, resulting in him transferring to a cuter momonga, which happens to be Suou Pavlichenko’s pet, Peche.

57. Kiki’s Delivery – Jiji

image 6

Jiji is another black cat featured in Kiki’s Delivery, a movie by Studio Ghibli. Jiji is a black cat with large, round eyes, and is the companion of Kiki throughout the film. Interestingly, Jiji’s English and Japanese versions have different personalities. The English version shows a sarcastic and talkative cat who’s always proud of himself, while the Japanese version shows a humble Jiji. 

Jiji also found a girlfriend white cat named Lily, and eventually had children of their own by the end of the movie.

56. Kiki’s Delivery – Lily

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Lily is a female cat that also serves as the love interest of Jiji in the film. Like Luna and Artemis, Jiji and Lily are opposite in color, with Lily being a white cat. She is a chubby cat with green eyes and a thick furry tail. 

Lily got into a relationship with Jiji and got children with him by the end of the film.

55. Tokyo Ghoul – Maris Stella

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Maris Stella is the pet cat of Akira Maido, who often resides in her apartment. She has a bushy tail, with very long fur, making her so fluffy to look at. She oftentimes shows a grumpy look towards others and is quite hostile to anyone except Akira.


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54. Natsume’s Book of Friends – Madara

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Also known as Nyanko-sensei, Madara is one of the main characters in Natsume’s Book of Friends. Madara looks is a chubby cat with off-white fur, and a circular fur pattern consisting of brown and gray colors on top of his head. Madara is a yokai who took the form of a beckoning cat and acts as Natsume’s bodyguard. 

However, Madara had one condition in exchange for being a bodyguard: he will get the book of friends if Natsume dies. Despite getting irritated by Natsume’s over-kindness, Madara seemed to like Natsume as the series progressed.

53. Nichijou: My Ordinary Life – Sakamoto

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Sakamoto is another black cat found by Hakase and Nano, who made a red scarf that lets him talk. He was a pet of Kana Nakamura but ran away due to the scientist being a terrible owner. Sakamoto has big round eyes with very narrow, vertical pupils. Sakamoto is popular for speaking with a condescending tone when talking to Nano and Hakase.

He has the quirks of a regular cat but often hides them in front of his owners to show that he is mature. He even has a hard time holding it, such as instances where he was unable to resist when shown toys or small objects that he can play with.

52. Flying Witch – Chito

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Chito is the black cat of Makoto in the anime series Flying Witch. Chito also acts as a familiar of Makoto. This is a seventeen-year-old cat that is well-loved by its owner.

51. Princess Tutu – Neko Sensei

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Neko Sensei, also known as Mr. Cat, is the teacher of ballet at the Gold Crown Academy. He is known to be a very strict teacher, and oftentimes uses “marrying” students as punishment for slipping up. The cat is notorious for being a flirtatious cat towards some adult women. At the end of the series, he took the appearance of a normal cat, unlike the others who became human.

50. The Ancient Magus’s Bride – Molly

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Molly is an orange furry cat with green and blue eyes. She is known as the Last King of Cats and resides in the village of Ulthar. She is popular for her appearance as a regal and beautiful-looking cat.

49. Pandora Hearts – Cheshire Cat

image 7

Simply known as Cheshire, he was originally a cat that Oswald gave to Alice. He is one of the few who knows that Alice can switch bodies with her twin who lives in the Abyss. Formerly appearing as a black cat with golden eyes, he was remodeled into a Chain following his death. 

This remodeling of Cheshire granted him a humanoid form that looks pretty badass if you ask me. But still, he retained most cat features such as claws and cat ears.

48. The Cat Returns – Baron Humbert von Gikkingen

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Simply known as The Baron, he is one of the iconic cat characters found in one of Studio Ghibli’s films. He appeared in two of its films: as a character in Whisper of the Heart, and as a deuteragonist in The Cat Returns. In Whisper of the Heart, he is just a statue owned by Shiro Nishi who had a female counterpart. 


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He was given a more important role in The Cat Returns due to his popularity in the previous film. The Baron works in the Cat Bureau in the Cat Kingdom and aids Haru Yoshioka, who got lost in the said kingdom.

47. The Cat Returns – Prince Lune

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Prince Lune is a supporting character in the series. As the Crown Prince of the Cat Kingdom, he is a black cat with red and blue eyes that wears princely attire. Despite being a prince, he disregards social classes and even fell in love with a cat maid.

He was saved by Haru in her human form and decides to repay her when she got stuck in the Cat Kingdom. He also faces the challenges caused by his father, who had other plans for him that he does not really like at all.

46. The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya – Shamisen

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Shamisen was a stray calico cat who was taken as a pet by Haruhi Suzumiya upon finding him. After the events of The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00, he now lives with Kyon. He played the role of the familiar of Yuki. When Haruhi got confused between reality and the fictional world she got into, Shamisen is a talking cat with a philosophical nature, as well as a deep voice that matches it.

Kyon is often seen in the slice-of-life scenes of Kyon.

45. Doraemon – Doraemon

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

You got it right! Everyone’s favorite gadget and random item-generating automaton. Doraemon was originally named MS-903 Doraemon because he was a product of Matsushiba Robot Company. Originally designed to be robot child caretakers, he was a defect that somehow got out of production and ended up as a caretaker for Sewashi Nobi. 

He is popularly known as a cat, with blue fur, a chubby body, with no cat ears. Doraemon has a mysterious pouch on his stomach (like a kangaroo’s) that lets him generate random items that he gives to Sewashi Nobi when in trouble or in need of something to make his day. 

44. Doraemon – Dorami

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Dorami, or also known as Dorami-chan, is the little sister of Doraemon who was featured in 2112: The Birth of Doraemon. She is a cobalt yellow-colored cat robot that wears a red ribbon bow. She also has a flower on her tail. She is differently designed in terms of color because she also has red crossed stripes around her 4D pocket. To make her look more feminine, she is designed to have the same eyes as Shizuka.

The reason why she became Doraemon’s sister is that they were injected with the same fuel. Dorami has superior intelligence due to its superior design compared to the other robot models. She has a sense of duty and is very responsible. Despite being smaller than her big brother, Dorami has superior motor speeds, according to its creator.

43. Doraemon – Noramyako

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Noramyako is the very first love interest of Doraemon. Noramyako had different forms depending on the version of anime or manga she was featured in. In most versions, she looks like a female Doraemon, with cat ears and pink fur. In other versions, such as the original anime series, Noramyako looks taller than Doraemon and is more elongated than round with eyes slit a little bit. In the manga and 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, she had a humanoid body and looks more feminine.

Noramyako is stated to have dumped Doraemon but were in a relationship before.

42. Code Geass – Arthur

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 18

Arthur is a very friendly cat who was found by Euphemia but was often seen with Anya Alstreim. Arthur is a gray cat with a black spot on its left eye and the tip of its tail. Arthur is a female feline, despite its name. It is often seen in idle scenes where there’s no action. The cat is so close to them, that it lets it go anywhere it wants to, even on its head Anya. 

Arthur is also known for a running gag in the series where she oftentimes bites Suzauku’s hands or legs.

41. Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Bester

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 19

Larger cats such as lions and tigers are included in the list, due to their feline characteristics. Bester is a liger, an offspring of a lion and a tiger, who is featured as the Box Weapon of Xanxus. Its real name is Ligre Tempesta di Cieli, which possesses Sky and Storm Attributes, considering it is a very rare Box Weapon. 

It has white fur and mane, with black tiger stripes on its body, and a tuft of a lion on its tail’s tip. Its mane also has Sky Flames around it. The stripes come out when enraged, and are known to be a ferocious weapon. It is strong in scratching and biting and can use Ruggito di Cieli, a roar-based attack.

40. Katekyo Hitman Reborn – Natsu

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 20

Leone di Cieli ver. Vongola, named by Tsuna as Natsu, is an animal-type Box Weapon that contains Sky Attribute Flames. It is exclusive only to Tsuna, which has the power to grant Tsuna a cloak or upgrade Tsuna’s X-Gloves into Gauntlets. It initially appeared as a monstrous feline being when Tsuna incorrectly opened the Box due to his lack of certainty over his abilities.

But when Tsuna was able to confidently open the Box, Natsu takes the form of a cute lion cub that has Sky Attribute Flames as its mane and a tuft at its tail. It also wears armor on its head that grants the design of Tsuna’s gauntlets. When in animal form, Natsu can also perform attacks that a lion or cat would do. 

39. Mei And The Kittenbus – Kittenbus

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

This is one of the strangest, yet cutest designs made by Studio Ghibli. Nekobus is a cat that has a spacious back that small people such as kids can ride In, just like a bus. It has four legs, with orange and brown striped fur. Its yellow eyes can see through the dark and can travel everywhere in a few seconds.

38. Re: Zero – Puck

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Puck is an adorable cat that has gray fur, with white fur on its face, running down to its stomach. It also sports a heavy earring on its right ear. It is an artificial spirit that has a happy characteristic. But when provoked, the situation completely changes. It has the power of ice when in combat, and has a second form that makes you forget that its base form is adorable.

37. Azumanga Daioh – Maya

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 22

Maya is the iconic cat in Azumanga Daioh, who’s owned by Sakaki. Maya is an Iriomote Mountain cat that has brown fur with darker brown spots, lines on its back, and parts of its head. Sakaki met Maya on Iriomote Island during a class trip to Okinawa Prefecture. 

Maya was the very first cat that allowed Sakaki to pet. Sakaki and Maya stayed together until the time they left the island. But days later, Sakaki found out the news about an Iriomote cat who died in a car accident, and who happened to be Maya’s mother. Maya followed Sakaki home and ultimately owned the cat. 

36. My Roommate Is A Cat – Haru Mikazuki

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 23

Haru Mikazuki is a deuteragonist in the series. Haru is a rough and tough-looking stray cat but still looks adorable for cat lovers. It has red pupils and dark gray fur with white fur in the stomach area.

She was adopted by Subaru Mikazuki, but despite their togetherness, they oftentimes have misunderstandings. She also had trust issues towards humans due to her past, where she got oftentimes mistreated along the street by random people.

35. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou – Hikari

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 24

Hikari is the gentle-looking white cat of Sorata Kanda. Hikari was adopted by Sorata on the streets as a stray cat, and they immediately grew an attachment to each other. The cat was the reason why he was kicked out of his previous dorm, as the owner would not allow him to take pets in. Throughout Sorata’s challenges in life, the gentle Hikari is always there to comfort him.

34. Children Who Chase Lost Voices – Mimi

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 25

Mimi is a very cute and furry cat that almost looks like a kitsune. Mimi is brown, with darker stripes of brown all over its body, as well as a diamond-patterned cat stripe on its thick tail. Mimi is the pet cat of Asuna Watase, a girl who got into a grown-up situation at such a very young age ever since her father died. 


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Mimi is a memento left by Asuna’s father, along with a cat whisker receiver that she often plays at certain times.

33. Persona 5 – Morgana

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Morgana was featured in the animated film of the popular game Persona. Morgana is a major character and a playable one in the game. It is a black cat-like creature that has a small humanoid body, a black tail with white color at its tip, and a large cute cat head with big blue eyes.

Though cat-like, he prefers to be considered a human, as he claims to have an original human form that he is seeking to retrieve once again. Morgana has a level-headed characteristic and oftentimes thinks realistically about situations. He is also committed to attaining his goals over his motives.

32. The Secret World Of Arrietty – Niya

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 26

Studio Ghibli is fond of having cats all over its films, and The Secret World of Arrietty is no exception to the rule. Niya is a chubby light gray-colored cat with violet spots on its body, and violet fur on the top of its head and at its tail and legs. Niya is a close friend of Arrietty, who happens to be chasing Arrietty at the beginning of the film. But as the story progresses, they became friends.

31. School Rumble – Iori

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 27

Iori is the pet cat of Yakumo Tsukamoto in School Rumble. He is a jet-black cat that has a notable X-shaped scar on his forehead. Where Iori got the scar was never explained but could have been caused by mistreatment or due to street-related injuries since he is a stray cat. He often lives in the Yagami Shrine and was eventually adopted by Yakumo.

Iori is sometimes seen in some episodes but was shown as a major character in the final episode of the series’s first season, where he and Tenma switched bodies.

30. Fairy Tail – Happy

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Happy is an Exceed who lives in Extalia, located in the alternate world of Edolas. While he was an egg, he was sent to the main universe by Extalia’s queen, Shagotte to assassinate the Dragon Slayers. However, what happened is that Happy became Natsu’s friend upon discovering and hatching the egg. Since then, they became inseparable partners.


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Happy is a blue cat that has a magic power where it sprouts wings to fly, which it uses to fly Natsu by carrying him. Happy is a very loyal friend and is an eccentric cat that loves fish so much. He also has a crush on Carla, Wendy’s Exceed partner.

29. Fairy Tail – Carla

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 28

Carla is a white Exceed who originally resides in Extalia but was also sent by her mother to assassinate the Dragon Slayers. Just like Happy, she became friends with the Dragon Slayer tasked for her to kill, Wendy. But just like all Exceeds who saw their Dragon Slayer, Carla and Wendy became friends. Unlike Happy’s eccentric and jolly nature, Carla has a more serious demeanor, and she rarely shows emotions.

Carla is a white cat that also has the power to sprout wings to fly to assist Wendy with aerial attacks. She can also turn into a humanoid cat upon training how to use Transformation magic for a year.

28. Fairy Tail – Panther Lily

image 8

Panther Lily is an Exceed who resides in Extalia located in the alternate world of Edolas. Unlike Happy and the others, Panther Lily was originally the Royal Army of Edolas’s Magic Militia’s Commander of its 1st Division. However, after the events of Edolas, he and the other Exceed were transported to Earth Land.

Panther Lily is a black panther with a muscular build. He is originally larger than humans but turned into the size of Happy and the other Exceed when he arrived in Earth Land. He can still gain access to his previous form, but for a limited time only. His Earth Landform is so cute, that Gajeel took him right away as his partner since he never had one.

27. Fairy Tail – Lector

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 30

Lector is an Exceed owned by Sting, a mage of the powerful Sabertooth. Lector is a red-furred cat that’s close friends with Frosch, another Exceed. Lector is known to be an arrogant and prideful cat, with a bad habit of belittling others.

He also holds great pride in the guild he is in, as well as his owner Sting’s capabilities. But after the events of the Grand Magic Games, Lector’s arrogant attitude lessened.

26. Fairy Tail – Frosch

Fairy Tail Profile - Frosch フロッシュ - Wattpad

Frosch is the cute friend of Lector and is owned by Rogue. Frosch is a small Exceed that has green fur. However, all parts of his body except for his face are covered by a pink frog suit. Frosch is a joyful Exceed who is very carefree. He is notable for speaking in the third person so much that he even uses it when mentioning himself.

He also has a habit of asking redundant questions and is loving to his owner Rogue, easily making him one of the cutest Exceeds in the series.

25. Fairy Tail – Shagotte

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 31

Shagotte is the Queen of Extalia and the other of Carla. She is known to be taller than other Exceeds, and her looks are just the same as her daughter’s. She also wears diamond patterns around her eyes, with a piercing on her left ear. She was initially shown as a strict ruler but was acting like one because of the Exceed Elders that are assisting her in ruling Extalia.

In truth, she is a kindhearted Queen who cares a lot for the safety of her kind and is willing to sacrifice her life for her daughter.

24. Fairy Tail – Nichiya

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 32

Of course, if you know Ichiya, for sure you will never forget this minor character. Nichiya is an Exceed who works as the captain of Extalia’s Imperial Guard. Nichiya seems like the Exceed version of Ichiya. He may still look like a cat because it still has similar cat features to the other Exceeds mentioned above, but has the hairstyle and facial structure of Ichiya.

He even acts like Ichiya: performing model-like poses, acting handsome and narcissistic, creeps Erza as well, and often says the word “men”. 

23. Fairy Tail – Touka

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 33

Toula is an Exceed who resides in Elentir, which you can consider as the Extalia version of Earth Land. Touka is an Exceed that has white fur, blue eyes, pink ears, and light blue stripes on the sides of her face and the top of her head. Touka has a huge crush on Happy and was the reason why she joined Fairy Tail, though she thought Happy’s name was Natsu. 

She was possessed by Faris, a White Mage who has an insane ability to wipe out magic and control magic users. Because of this, Touka can transform into a human with the appearance of the White Mage herself. This, along with her mistakenly thinking that Happy’s name was Natsu, made the Fairy Tail members think that she is looking for the Dragon Slayer.

22. 6 Lovers – Shingo

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 34

Shingo is a small cat that looks cute. It has beady eyes, large brown ears, and white fur with an orange spot on its left eye. Shingo is often seen with Miu, as she is fond of carrying the adorable cat at most times.

21. Dragon Ball – Korin

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Korin is a white cat holding a staff. It walks like a human and can speak the human language as well. Korin is the wise cat and Son Goku’s teacher. He resides in his very own gigantic tower that reaches the skies. He taught Goku martial arts to his full potential, as well as run errands for him. Training under the wise cat made Goku the amazing fighter he is now. Korin is very knowledgeable about it. And surprisingly, he still has the strength to move and teach a young Goku at the age of 800 years old! 

Also, the reason why its eyes are closed is that the author based it on his cat, who was sleeping at the time he designed Korin.

20. Dragon Ball – Scratch

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 35

Scratch, also called Tama, is a black cat owned by Dr. Brief, the father of Bulma. It does not have much of a major role in the whole Dragon Ball Series, compared to most of the cats in the series that will be mentioned in the article. But since the cat is part of the legendary anime/manga series, as well as because of its very simple design, it still belongs to this list.

Scratch looks like a figure of a cat but is shaded with a black pen because of its jet-black color. It also has round eyes and opens its mouth in the same shape as his eyes. It is very loyal to Bulma and Dr. Brief, who often shows affection to them.

19. Dragon Ball – Puar

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Puar is the shape-shifting cat and is the best friend of Yamcha. Puar is a small cat that can walk like a human, the same as Korin does. It has beady eyes, making it look really cute, and is chubby. It has blue fur, and a brown tail tip, as well as the inner part of his ear. 


15 Strongest ‘Dragon Ball’ Characters (Ranked)

Puar has played a minor role in almost all of the Sagas in the whole Dragon Ball series but played a major support role like Yamcha in the first installment. Puar can shapeshift into any, and can even copy gods like Beerus. However, the eyes of Puar remain when he transforms. He can also levitate and fly like the other characters.

18. Dragon Ball – Beerus

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Though not categorized as a cat, it has the appearance of the sphinx cat. Beerus, also known as the God of Destruction, is the God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball series. Initially introduced as a villain, he fought Goku but got defeated. Though some debate that he is still hiding his true power, as he is a god, this is something that we have to see as of now.

After his defeat against Goku and his new Super Saiyan Blue form, he started to play somewhat of a supportive role in the current events of the series, particularly in the Tournament of Power.

17. Fruits Basket – Kyo Sohma

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 38

Since he becomes a cat, he is counted on the list! Kyo Sohma is one of the main characters in Fruits Basket and is the love interest of Tohru Sohma. He is an orange-haired human that turns into an orange cat when touched by someone of the opposite gender or when burnt out. 

His transformation into a cat was caused by his family’s curse caused by a “God” who is a person who became friends with Zodiac animals so much, that he placed a curse on them for their bond to remain forever.

After the death of his mother, as well as after getting rejected by his father, he started to live with Yuki and Tohru. Throughout the series, Kyo slowly fell in love with Tohru and found true love in her. 

16. A Whisker Away – Kakinuma

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Kakinuma is a character in one of the newest anime films, A Whisker Away. Kakinuma is a male human cat that has white fur with dark brown fur spots all over it, which also goes to his face. The brown fur’s pattern crosses through the nose area, separating the white fur of the eyes and mouth area. He often wears an orange kimono. Kakinuma is a serious-looking cat that fits his design.


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15. A Whisker Away – Taichi

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Taichi is another character in the newest cat-themed anime, A Whisker Away. Taichi is a yellow cat that has thick jagged fur all over its body and face. He also has brown spots on his head, with narrow eyes. He often wears a navy blue-colored v-neck t-shirt. His appearance, color, and the formation of his eyes make him look more like a kitsune than a cat.

14. A Whisker Away – Tamaki

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Tamaki has the appearance of a Siamese cat. She has cream fur, and brown spots on her face, ears, and paws. She oftentimes wears a teal-colored v-neck that goes down to her waist, covered by a lime-colored v-neck that has the sleeves rolled. She is also notable for the red necklace that she often wears.

13. Kemono Friends – Lion

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 41

Lion is a female character in the game and anime Kemono Friends. She has wavy, long, and thick brown hair – which greatly resembles a lion’s mane. Lion has golden eyes, with a mean look just like a lion as well. She has a curvaceous body and wears a school uniform.

Lion is known to be a tough and competitive character. She is friends with Moose but has a competitive rivalry with her. Like an actual lion, Lion is tough, cold, and most of all, prideful towards her team members. But when not around her team, she is very kind and playful to the point of being lazy to do other stuff.

12. Kemono Friends – Sand Cat

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Sand Cat is a recurring character in Kemono Friends. She has short hair that’s colored blonde. She has yellow-green eyes and a thick tail. Her hair also has stripes that resemble the real-life sand cat. She wears a white shirt with no sleeves, and a bow at her neck that’s the same color as her hair. She also wears a yellow high-waist skirt.

11. Kemono Friends – Margay

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 42

Margay is named after the same animal, much like all characters in Kemono Friends. Margay has hair with spots in the area near the bangs, with ears of the same color – making her look like an actual margay. Margay also has the same pattern of clothes as Sand Cat, but with the same color as Margay’s hair, with spots all over the bow, gloves, and skirt. She also has a striped tail of the same color theme.

10. Kemono Friends – Jaguar

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 43

Jaguar is another cat-themed character in Kemono Friends. As her name suggests, she has a tough appearance just like Lion. She has a higher stature than other characters in the series, as evident in how long a jaguar can get when running. She has black spots on the area of her hair that’s near the bangs. She also wears a spotty skirt and gloves. She also has a spotty tail, while her bow doesn’t compare to Margay’s

She may look tough since her animal theme is in real life, but she is a very helpful and respectful person.

9. One Piece – Richie

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 44

Richie is the pet lion of Mohji, a member of the Buggy Pirates. Since he belongs to the Buggy Pirates, he became a popular character as well. Richi has golden brown-colored fur with a pink-colored mane. Richie is a large lion that looks ferocious when in combat but oftentimes shows a goofy face in non-combat scenes.

Throughout the time skip, and probably because of the wealth Buggy has amassed upon becoming a Shichibukai, Richie got fat, losing his ferociousness.

8. One Piece – Nekomamushi

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 45

Nekomamushi is one of the most popular characters in the One Piece series today. He is a massive, yellow cat milk that has a very thick striped tail. He also has very sharp teeth and a jagged mane that makes him look as ferocious as his combat style. He also has a large scar running down the right side of his face and got his left arm cut by Jack when he tortured them for not telling them where their ally is. Now, he has a gun prosthetic attached to it.


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Nekomamushi is one of Luffy’s allies. He is the ruler of the Night, ruling Zou over the night while the Ruler of the Day is asleep. Nekomamushi and Inurashi were both members of the Mink Tribe who served under Oden Kozuki before they became rulers of Zou. Just like most members of the Mink Tribe, he has a form called Sulong which makes him even more ferocious once he stares at a full moon. His Sulong form grants him longer and more jagged fur to make him more monstrous and grants him a huge boost in power.

The final part of the list is all about Pokemon that have feline appearances, and will have Pokedex-like descriptions!

7. Pokemon – Espeon

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 46

Espeon is one of the many evolutions of Eevee. Espeon is the Sun Pokemon, which has the figure of a cat, with two tails. It also has very long ears, with fur sprung out below it. It also has eyes and a facial structure that’s similar to a cat. It has purple fur, with a red orb on its forehead. 

Espeon is a Psychic-type Pokemon that has fur that’s sensitive whenever it senses shifts in the air, making it capable of predicting the weather. Its tail quivers when predicting an opponent’s moves. Espeon has been featured in the anime as the Pokemon of Sakura, one of the Kimono Sisters.

6. Pokemon – Raikou

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Raikou is a Legendary Pokemon in the game and series. Known as the Thunder Pokemon, it has the appearance of a saber-tooth tiger. It has yellow fur with black stripes that almost resemble electricity. It has a thin, blue tail with a tip shaped like a spark. It also has an X-shaped muzzle. It also has a long, cloud-breeze-shaped violet fur extending from its head to its back that resembles a thundercloud.

Raiko is an Electric-type Pokemon that’s capable of flight by generating thunderclouds. It has a huge distrust of humans but can become friendly to the right people. Raikou often appears when other Electric-type Pokemon are in danger, or when there’s heavy thunder around. It is as fast as lightning, and can also control thunderclouds as it pleases. 

Raikou is featured as the main character in the anime movie The Legend of Thunder!

5. Pokemon – Meowth

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 47

The list of cat Pokemon will never be complete if you do not mention this one! Meowth is the Scratch Cat Pokemon, a small cat Pokemon that has cream-colored fur, but brown feet, tail, and ears. It has large round eyes with vertically-slitted eyes. It is capable of standing up with its hind legs, but can also walk as a quadruped Pokemon. It also has a gold koban plate on its forehead. It also has two whiskers sprung upwards beside the coin, and two on each cheek.


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Meowth is known to be fond of shiny objects and has the unique ability to generate coins using Pay Day. It is a nocturnal cat that wanders in cities to pick up anything that shines upon sight. Another reason why Meowth is so popular is that the famous members of Team Rocket, Jessie and James, have a talking Meowth that could think smarter than them at certain times.

Meowth can evolve into a Persian and has a Dark-type Alolan version. It also has a Galarian version, which is Steel-type and evolves into Perrserker.

4. Pokemon – Persian

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 48

Persian is the Classy Cat Pokemon, which looks regal. It is the evolution of Meowth and became famous because Giovanni, Team Rocket’s leader, owns one. It has pale tan-colored all over its fur, with black ears. Instead of Meowth’s coin, it has a red orb on its forehead. It has whiskers that are sensitive to detecting movement.

Persian is known for its elegance, befitting the appearance of Giovanni who’s a big boss of some crime syndicate. Persians are known for their elegant form but are known to be hard to tame due to having a short temper. It is known to have a bitter rivalry with Perrserker, the evolution of the Galarian Meowth. 

Persian also has an Alolan form that’s Dark-type and does not look as appealing as it looks more tricky and sinister.

3. Pokemon – Snorlax

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Snorlax is another famous cat Pokemon for several reasons. First, it has the appearance of a slacking fat cat. It has closed eyes that match its nature and has a round belly. It is a massive Pokemon that’s notorious for blocking huge paths when it falls asleep. It has dark blue-green fur, with cream-colored fur on its face, feet, and large belly. 

Known as the Sleeping Pokemon, Snorlax lives up in mountains and only wakes up to eat around 900 lbs of food before going back to sleep. It has a very strong stomach that allows it to eat anything it wants, to the point of being immune from illness caused by moldy food. It is also capable of eating while sleeping. Despite being massive, it oftentimes allows kids to jump and bounce on its fat belly.

Snorlax is not just a popular character in Pokemon, but also became a popular plush toy that is oftentimes sold as a large stuffed animal. He is one of the 1st generations of Pokemon shown in the first parts of the series.

2. Pokemon – Solgaleo

Bez naslova 1200 × 675 piks. 49

Solgaleo is the Sunne Pokemon and is a Legendary Pokemon with two types: Steel and Psychic. It is known to evolve from Cosmoem if you leveled it in Sun, Sword, or Ultra Sun versions of the game. It is a lion-like Pokemon that has a blunt muzzle and pale blue-colored eyes. It has a thick mane and is shaped like a star, which the sun represents. It also has white and yellow fur, which is perfect for its representation of the Sun. It can enter into a Radiant Sun form, where it gains a third eye.

It is known to symbolize the sun in the series and is also believed to reside in another dimension or world. It also glows brightly when using its abilities, which can become intense enough to make the night look like daytime. In the anime, it appeared in the episode “Revealing The Stuff of Legend!”, where Nebby, a Cosmoem, evolved into Solgaleo inside the Altar of the Sunne.

1. Pokemon – Zeraora

70 Best Anime Cats of All Time: The Ultimate Feline Movies & Shows List

Zeraora is the Thunderclap Pokemon, a Mythical Pokemon of the Electric type. It is a bipedal feline-looking Pokemon that has yellow and black fur. The yellow fur is thicker than the black fur, appearing jagged to fit its type, with matching zigzag-patterned stripes on its arms and legs. It also sports tufts of fur on its chest, forehead, and whiskers.

Unlike other Electric-types like Pikachu, Zeraora often gathers electricity to store from external sources like power outlets or lightning. It can create a very strong magnetic field using its paw pads that can generate strong electric currents. It possesses the speed of lightning and can destroy its enemies using its claws which are set with high levels of voltages.

Zeraora debuted in the anime in the episode “The Power of Us”. The Zeraora in the anime series is very hostile to humans due to poachers hunting it down.

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