‘Gen V’: Why Did Homelander Attack Marie? Explained

homelander attacks marie

If there’s one thing that we know about the events of ‘Gen V,’ it’s that the storyline allows us to look at the side of young supes instead of ordinary humans who are up against powerful supes. In this storyline, we got to see the evil side of humans as they were experimenting on supes to find a way to control or kill them. This led to a revolt by Cate and Sam, as Marie and the rest of her friends tried to stop them before Homelander arrived on the scene and attacked Marie instead. So, why did Homelander attack Marie?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Cate and Sam led a supe revolution on Godolkin because they believed that they were superior to the humans who were trying to limit their abilities.
  • The beliefs of Cate and Sam were similar to Homelander’s own belief of supe supremacy.
  • Homelander turned the tables on Marie and her allies and attacked them because he wanted to support Cate and Sam instead.

The revolution is on

Season 3 of ‘The Boys’ laid the foundation of what many fans believed would be a revolution on the part of the supes. This started when Homelander lashed out during his birthday speech by telling the entire world that he was no longer going to allow Vought International and ordinary humans to tell him what to do and that he would now do what he wanted to do without letting anyone limit his actions. This led to a huge movement that supported Homelander, as he even killed a protester in cold blood, only for a lot of different people to support his actions.

Homelander’s words and actions inspired a lot of young supes as well. In ‘Gen V,’ we saw that there were a lot of young supes who believed in what Homelander stood for as they protested Victoria Neuman’s views on limiting supes. This helped Sam realize that he shouldn’t allow humans to limit his actions. Of course, Cate, who realized that Dean Indira Shetty was only limiting her abilities, decided to take action as well. 

cate revolt

Sam and Cate teamed up to free the supes in the Woods and allow them to lead an uprising against the humans of Godolkin University by letting them kill all of the non-supes. This led to an all-out bloodbath on campus as Marie and her friends tried their best to control the situation and prevent Cate and Sam from killing Ashley and the other Vought International officers who were on campus.


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Marie successfully kept Ashley and the other officers safe from the renegade supes. She also destroyed Cate’s arm when she saw that Cate was about to use her powers on Jordan. And that was when Homelander arrived on the scene to try to quell the situation.

But instead of trying to pacify Cate and the other supes who revolted, Homelander turned his attention to Marie and told her that she was an animal for attacking one of her own kind. He blasted Marie with his heat vision before the scenes switched on to Marie, Andre, Jordan, and Emma being kept inside a facility that was not unlike the Woods.

homelander arrives

To some people, Homelander may have misread the situation when he saw that Marie attacked Cate. Some fans probably think that Homelander thought that Marie was the one leading the revolution. But the truth is that Homelander knew what he was doing when he turned the tables on Marie instead of attacking Cate and Sam. And there’s a very good reason for that.

Homelander has plans for Cate and Sam

One of the things that we know about Homelander is that he believes that he and the other supes are superior to humans and should be worshipped like gods instead of being ordered around by humans to do their bidding. Homelander seemingly wants to lead a revolution against humankind so that supes can take their place on top of the food chain. But he also understands that there has to be a right way of doing things instead of starting a bloody revolution right away.

Homelander knows and understands that he has to have supes who share the same views on his side, and he has yet to find allies in the Seven. Because no one in the Seven shares the same view on supe supremacy, Homelander needs to have more and more allies who also have the same ideals and plans for humanity that he has. This is probably where Cate and Sam come into the picture.


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After Homelander’s attack on Marie, the news released info regarding how Marie and her friends were the ones who led the bloodbath on the Godolkin University campus and that the new Guardians of Godolkin were now Cate and Sam. It was clear that there was some sort of news blackout that was going to happen when the internet and any kind of signal went down right before Homelander arrived. There’s a possibility that Homelander was the one responsible for that, as he didn’t want news regarding the truth to make it out of God U before he could twist the facts.

new guardians

As such, Homelander twisted the facts by turning Marie and her friends into enemies so that he, Cate, and Sam would have more and more supporters coming from both the ranks of the supes and the regular human beings who have started looking at Homelander like a god that needs to be worshipped. 

Homelander has always been an intelligent and scheming man whose cleverness is incredibly underrated. And that means that he knew what he was doing when he turned the tables on Marie and attacked her before twisting the news.

But where do Cate and Sam fall into his plans? Homelander will likely try to force Ashley and the rest of Vought International to fill in the remaining seats of the Seven with people who share his vision. As such, it won’t be unlikely that the next time we see Cate and Sam will be on the Seven.

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