Geralt (The Witcher) vs. Batman: Who Would Win & Why?

Geralt vs. Batman: Who Would Win & Why?

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Superheroes aren’t always completely pure and morally sound. Some are lingering in that grey area between light and dark. Between being a hero and being a vigilante. Two such fan-favorite characters are Geralt of Rivia, aka The Witcher, and Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. They are from different universes, indeed, but if Geralt and Batman ever fought, who would win, and why?

It would be very close, but Geralt would win most fights against Batman if they ever fought. Despite Batman having more resources and technology, he is still just a human being, whereas the Witcher has superhuman abilities and magic that’s hard to ignore.

Batman would have a great chance at winning, too, though. He faced superhuman threats and won multiple times due to his genius-level intellect, preparation, strategy, and high-tech gadgets. He’d certainly be able to surprise Geralt with all that, especially considering that the Witcher lives in a world where they still battle with swords and arrows. Let’s dig into this matchup!

Strength & Speed

Bruce Wayne is such a beloved and relatable character to fans because he is, despite all his accolades, just human. However, through decades of intense, excruciating training, Batman became one of the best martial artists – if not the best – in the entire world. He’s prolific in almost every martial art in existence, even combining them to form new fighting strategies and crafts.

Now, all that is furthermore enhanced by excellent physical preparation. Batman is always in peak physical condition (despite Ben Affleck looking chubby half of the time). That means he reached peak physical strength in correlation to peak physical agility. 

Bruce is stronger and more agile than Olympic-level athletes – but still, just human. That also goes for his speed – Batman is at peak human speed while running or gliding through the air with his cape. Also, his intense training allowed him to amplify the dexterity and quickness of his arms and legs, especially while fighting. Still, he’s just human.


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And that can’t be said for Geralt of Rivia. He is a Witcher, which is a “species” that underwent rigorous experiments while still infants. The experiments with potions and mutagens give Witchers incredible superhuman powers such as enhanced senses, superhuman strength, agility, speed, the use of magic, etc. With Geralt, it goes a step beyond.

You see, every being who became a Witcher had to go through experiments and tests known as the Trials – only those who survived eventually became Witchers. When Geralt underwent the Trial of the Grasses, he displayed incredibly high tolerance for the mutagens. 

So, he was subjected to more, which ultimately turned his hair white, but gave Geralt even greater strength, speed, agility, and other powers usually obtained by the Witchers. So much so that he can kill a bear with a single punch.

So, not only does Geralt have superhuman strength and speed (unlike Batman), but his abilities are even greater than what Witchers usually have. He takes this category, and it’s not even close.

Point: Geralt (1:0) Batman

Durability & Stamina

Again, Batman’s durability and stamina are heavily influenced by the incredible training regimen he underwent. Bruce’s durability is borderline superhuman, as he learned how to tolerate pain to the extreme, meaning his durability is at the peak human level. The same goes for Batman’s stamina. He can physically exert himself for hours before succumbing to fatigue.

It’s quite impressive for a human being, but compared to a supernatural entity such as Geralt? It’s nothing.

Geralt’s stamina is incredible. He can go days without rest or sleep. When physically exerting himself to the maximum, the Witcher can fight for hours before the first signs of fatigue show. It’s all a part of his enhanced metabolism, which makes Geralt fatigue slower, and be much more durable than normal human beings.


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Potions or poisons that are usually lethal to humans leave the Witcher unscathed. Also, his life is incredibly prolonged, as Witchers can live for centuries. Furthermore, Geralt’s bones are denser and hardened, and he has incredible regenerative powers, capable of healing even from fatal wounds.

Geralt’s durability and stamina are incredible and much more powerful than Batman’s. Again, he gets the point here.

Mental Attributes

When I say mental attributes, I’m not referring only to intelligence. Of course, it’s a huge part, but mental attributes include things such as telepathy, cognitive perception, strategy, knowledge, etc. Geralt and Batman live in different worlds, in different centuries. Hence, they have different knowledge – but that doesn’t mean one is lesser than the other.

Bruce Wayne has a brilliant mind – he’s one of the most intelligent people in the world, with genius-level intellect and technological knowledge to put that intellect into good use. It’s actually one of his main powers. He doesn’t have superhuman physiology, but Bruce Wayne has the brains to develop gadgets and equipment, helping him overcome potential physical deficiencies.

Batman is prolific in numerous scientific fields, especially engineering. He’s also very knowledgeable in forensics, being one of the best detectives in the world. Bruce is a great strategist, tactician, philanthropist, and businessman, living in the 21st century but being decades ahead of his time.

batman tech

On the other hand, you have Geralt, who lives in the 13th century in a medieval world filled with magic, monsters, and creatures of all kinds – him being one of them. Now, he may not possess the technical knowledge of the 21st century, but he has a brilliant mind nevertheless.

Throughout his life, Geralt learned how to adapt to any given situation and has read countless books and encyclopediae on his world and wildlife. One might say he is an expert biologist and zoologist, at least by the standards of his world.


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Geralt is a monster expert and a highly-skilled alchemist. Strategy-wise, he’s on par with Batman, as he found ways to take down opponents and creatures that nobody could take down but him. To add to all that, Geralt has limited telepathy and telekinesis, as well as profound use of magic, all of which could be counted as mental attributes.

Their knowledge and skills vary due to the difference in the age they live in. Batman might be higher on the list in terms of sheer intelligence, but he doesn’t have other mental attributes that Geralt has, such as telekinesis or magic. I think it’s only right to give both characters points in this category.

Point(s): Geralt (3:1) Batman


This is where the biggest discrepancy lies in Batman’s favor. If Bruce Wayne only had the standard technology of the 21 century, he’d already beat Geralt in that regard, seeing that the Witcher is a 13th-century knight, fighting on horseback with swords and spears.

However, Batman’s technology is advanced even by our standards. His vehicles and equipment are so advanced that they allow Wayne, a mere human, to fight superhuman threats on any given day. Give Batman any task, no matter how improbable it is, and he’ll find a way to accomplish that task by developing technology and equipment to help himself.


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On the other hand, Geralt’s technology is, well, medieval. Some people might consider magic as advanced technology we can’t yet comprehend, but that’s bogus. Magic is magic, and technology is technology, and if you compare Batman’s equipment, weapons, gadgets, and vehicles with Geralt’s, you get one very sad Witcher and one very happy billionaire.

Point: Batman (3:2) Geralt

Additional Powers

We now know that Geralt has more physical and mental powers, while Batman is smarter and has better technology. So, what else can they do?

Well, starting with Batman – that’s pretty much it. He doesn’t have some crazy superpowers that would push him over the top. Bruce is in peak physical condition, has genius-level intellect used for strategizing, planning, and detective work, incredible martial arts training, and the technology to develop any weapon or equipment needed to beat anybody.


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That being said, to beat foes who are more powerful than him, Batman needs time and preparation. And, when fighting the Witcher, you don’t get that. If you do, then he gets time to prepare as well, which is also his strong suit. Therefore, it all comes down to one thing that Batman can’t compete against – magic.

geralt magic

Bruce can deal with Geralt’s superhuman physiology, durability, intelligence, or weaponry. However, the guy also has superhuman senses, meaning you can’t sneak up on him or surprise him in the dark. And he has magical skills.

With one sign spell, Geralt can burn his opponents to a crisp, set up magical traps, blast telekinetic waves, stun you, put you to sleep, or develop a shield around himself for protection against any kind of damage. Seeing that Batman is only human, I don’t see how he could defend himself from Geralt’s magic, so the point goes to the Witcher.

Point: Geralt (4:2) Batman

Geralt Vs. Batman: Who Wins?

Geralt wins the fight against Batman with a 4:2 score. That doesn’t mean that Batman stands no chance against the Witcher, but I would say that Geralt’s chances are twice as good, just as the score suggests.

Batman’s best bet is strategy, planning, outsmarting, and surprising Geralt with his super-high technology. I mean, if we are talking about Batmobile vs. a horse, I think it’s pretty clear who’d win. That being said, it’s not that easy to surprise Geralt or catch him off-guard.


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His superhuman senses allow the Witcher to see, hear, smell, and taste far better than the average human. Even in darkness, he could fight like it was high noon. Geralt is stronger, faster, more agile, and more durable than Batman, and despite having low-tech weaponry compared to Bruce, he has magic that I doubt Batman could answer.

If Batman gets to plan, strategize, outthink, and surprise Geralt, he will win. However, in any open fight where the odds are even, and nobody’s at an advantage from the start, the Witcher would wipe the floor with Batman every time.

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