Geralt vs Batman Who Would Win?

Geralt vs Batman: Who Would Win?

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One of the more interesting things fans can do is trying to figure out who would win in a fight between characters we never canonically saw in a fight. These kinds of debates were around probably as long as the fans were around. Another thing that makes these imaginary fights even better is the fact that you can get face-offs between characters from different universes. Batman is someone who due to his abilities gets put in these kinds of fights all the time, but what would happen if the world’s best detective had to fight Geralt of Riva?

Although the fight is kind of close after considering all of the factors and variables the only logical answer is that Batman would win.

However, both of the opponents are extremely powerful, so if you want to learn more about the powers and abilities of both of these characters keep reading this article.

Who is Batman?

Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time and as such doesn’t really need any introduction. However, to make sure we get the answer to this question right we will look at all the factors that make Batman who he is.

Although Brue Wayne is only a human, he is in peak condition. Due to his intense training, he managed to reach optimal levels of durability and stamina. This allows him to keep up with much stronger and physically bigger opponents such as Bane.

He also mastered every known form of hand to hand combat. He is considered one of the most skilled fighters in the DC universe. 

This knowledge allows him to easily predict the fighting patterns of less-skilled fighters and take advantage of it. Batman has also that he is able to hold his own against equally skilled fighters such as Deathstroke and Ra’s Al Ghul.   

The extensive knowledge and of martial arts and the training needed to obtain those levels improved agility and reflexes. Through the training, he also managed to improve his biological abilities such as strength, speed, healing speed, and immune system.

In addition to all of this, Batman is a weapon master. Despite being deadly with his fighting skills alone, the weapons he regularly uses help him elevate to another level, making him one of the most dangerous opponents you can come across.

Since leaving the Language of Shadows, Batman stopped using any lethal weapons, but he still trains with them, keeping his melee weapon technics intact.

Alongside traditional weapons, Batman also has access to many different gadgets his opponents can not have. The fact that he develops his own weapons allows him to modify them for each individual opponent to maximize the weapon’s efficiency.

Batman is also an expert marksman, so much so that throughout the comics his skill has been compared to the one of Green Arrow. He usually uses batarangs and was shown to be successful even when it comes to small and moving targets and in some cases even invisible targets.

Despite all of this his most important ability is his intellect. He is often referred to as the world’s greatest detective. His genius-level intelligence allows him to create plans that help him defeat even exponentially more powerful opponents.

The best example of this is his contingency plan. Batman has plans to defeat the most powerful Justice League members allowing him to in theory defeat super powered individuals like Superman, Wonder Woman, and other powerful members of the League including himself. 

He managed to achieve this through his capabilities in observation forensic investigation and inductive and deductive patterns. This helps him solve any mystery even if he does not have all of the information.

His intelligence also makes him a great tactician and strategist. Cyborg refers to Batman as Greatest Tactician on the planet. The only member in the DC universe who challenges Barman is Deathstroke who has enhanced mental performance. This is why he is the Leagues’ main tactical commander.

Who is Geralt?

Geralt of Riva is also highly skilled in many of the areas Batman is, but he also has certain magical abilities and all the knowledge a witcher needs to have.

In regards to physical condition, Geralt has a superhuman physique. The most prominent things that this affects are his superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. In all of these areas, Geralt is more powerful than any human.

He is also more resistant than humans due to his hardening of bone marrow and resistance to poison and diseases. Geralt also has enhanced powers of regeneration and healing as well as an extended life span, meaning he ages slower.

Even though this helps him in hand to hand combat, Geralt is also very skilled with many different weapons such as swords, axes, picks, slingshots, and bows.

Geralt also uses many different gadgets while fighting.

In addition to his skill in fighting Geralt is also a master strategist. He fights by finding the weaknesses of his opponents. Most notably he is able to use pressure points in order to easily defeat whoever he is fighting 

One thing that stands out with Geralt is his witcher senses and the magic that comes with it. One of the most important powers is his heightened senses.

These enhanced senses include the ability to track his targets, night vision, and enhanced hearing. The extent of these powers was displayed once Geralt was able to identify how many elves there are in the forest by their breathing alone.

One thing Geralt has that gives him an advantage over his opponents is his ability to use simple magic. Witchers are known to use simple magic through the use of Signs.

Geralt is quite proficient in this practice. This magic involves producing telekinetic waves that help him fight enemies and destroy weak obstacles, stunning his opponents, shooting a stream of fire from his palm, creating magical traps that imprison and immobilize his opponents, creating a shield that absorbs damage, and putting targets to sleep.

He is also a skilled alchemist, capable to prepare many different positions that aid him in his quests. He prepares and carries many different concoctions. 

Who would win?

After learning both of these skilled fighters’ powers and abilities we come to a question if the two were to fight which one of them would win.

After considering this question many will dismiss Batman immediately. However, upon further, in detail, consideration this fight becomes way more interesting.

To make sure this fight is fair, we will enable both of the contestants to use the full extent of their powers and all of their equipment. 

At first many will consider that despite Batman’s peak human condition, Geralt is way more powerful than any human. If your first response is to conclude that Geralt would easily defeat Batman you would be right, however, one thing we have to consider is all of the different armors has. One of the most powerful armors Batman has allowed him to fight the Darkside which would certainly be able to defeat Geralt.

Although Geralt is proficient in both hand to hand combat and fighting using different weapons, Batman’s training, and experience would allow him to easily take the upper hand in the fight. Despite Geralt’s knowledge, Batman is simply extensively more proficient in this field.

They both seem to be proficient in finding their opponent’s weaknesses and using them as an advantage in fighting, however, due to Batman’s intellect he surpasses Geralt in this field as well.

However, Batman is simply a human and unlike Geralt, he would be sensitive to magical attacks. After all, Batman does not fight magical foes very often.  

Whenever he is faced with a magical opponent his win is usually the result of another magical being that allied them with Batman.

However, there were a few occasions when Batman fought against a magical being on his own. He does so by simply treating magic as another form of technology. He usually works toward finding a solution that will enable the opponent to use magic or to neutralize its effects.

Finally, considering that Batman prepares for all of his opponents in depth creates a plan to defeat them and make sure to have a solution for all of the known attacks it is reasonable that despite Geralt’s powers, Batman would make sure he has the means to win in the fight before they even met.

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