Talion vs. Geralt: Who Would Win?

Talion vs. Geralt Who Would Win?

Talion from Lord of the Rings games and Geralt from Witcher are both mystical warriors who use magic and their skills to achieve their goals. Both are regarded as one of the best warriors in their universes respectively. With the new popularity of the Witcher books and show many wonder what would happen if these two had to fight, which is why this article will try to find the answer to the question of which one of the two would come out on top.  

Although the two have very similar when it comes to their training and skill sets after careful consideration, we conclude that Talion would win this fight. It comes down to the fact that Talion essentially can not die which is why even if Geralt manages to kill him, he won’t actually die and will simply come back to life.

To see a detailed analysis of the two and follow the path to our conclusion make sure to read this article all the way through.

How strong is Talion?

Talion vs. Geralt Who Would Win?

Talion was the captain of Gordon rangers who got killed after being transferred to the position in front of the Black Gate by Sauron’s forces after his return. However, he avoided death since he bonded with Celebrimbor.

This is one of the most important things regarding his skill set and powers. The bond with Celebrimbor made him come back as a wraith which makes him essentially immortal since he cannot fully die.

Later on, he gets betrayed by Celebrimbor and was slowly dying after the spirit separated from him, but he managed to survive by talking Isildur’s ring which ultimately turned him evil.

The bond did not amplify his physical abilities, however, he makes up for it since his ranger training ensured he is constantly at peak of the human condition. 

However, there are a few things it did affect it is Talion’s durability and stamina. This allows him to fight longer and to stay in a better shape relative to his opponents even if he takes more damage.

Once Celebrimbor’s spirit left his body the amplified abilities left his body but Talion gained similar ones once he took Isildur’s ring. 

One thing the Ring did affect was Talion’s willpower. However, this doesn’t mean he was weak-willed. In fact, Talion’s defining characteristic is his willpower. It is the one thing that kept him going all throughout his journey.

Despite the fact that the ring too away from it, the process took a lot of time and only took effect once his plan was almost finished. 


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The training also made him an excellent hand-to-hand combat fighter and proficient with a variety of weapons but the ones he uses the most are his sword and bow and arrow.

Besides the training, he also learned how to be stealthy and how to track his enemies. He is capable of moving very quickly without being detected or noticed by his enemies. 

The bond with Celebrimbor allowed him to get certain special attacks. This includes being able to teleport to his enemies and pull them towards him.

It also allows him to see in the Wraith realm which allows Talion to see through different obstacles and to single out certain beings out of a group of enemies which is helpful when fighting more than one enemy.

The bond also lest Talion uses the Elven Light and Elven Rage. It allows him to create lighting from a flash of light and then strike it on the ground which then kills all of his opponents in the lighting range. The Elven range allows Talion to execute attack much quicker on more enemies in a shorter amount of time.

He lost these abilities once his bond with Celebrimbor was broken, but the skills were replaced by the ring’s ability to raise the dead. This allows him to raise dead humans and orcs which then fight alongside him. 

This skill was extremely helpful while Talion was taking back Minas Ithil from the Witch-king. The orcs he raised from the dead stay by his side forever, however, once he no longer needs them the undead Gondorians are set free.

How strong is Geralt?

Talion vs. Geralt Who Would Win?

Geralt has undergone rigorous physical training, mental conditioning, and magical rituals which provided him with the skills necessary to become one of the best Witchers in the world.

Geralt is without a doubt a strong opponent. He is constantly in peak condition, both physically and mentally. In addition to this, the modifications Geralt went through during the Trials provided him with superhuman levels of strength. Since he can usually fight monsters bare hands it is safe to assume he would be fin against any normal opponent.

Besides his super strength, he also has enhanced speed, stamina, and reflexes. This helps him during the fight since he is able to spot his enemies earlier than an average person. 

Even if an opponent manages to sneak up on him his speed and agility make him much more efficient in a fight. This is also aided by his reflexes and a handful of different enhancements he got during the trials such as night vision.

All of these physical abilities make him an excellent fighter, but the thing that makes Geralt even more deadly is his training and experience in hand-to-hand combat. This combined with his ability makes him an extremely competent fighter who can take down almost any opponent. All of these are further amplified by his magical enhancements which gave him heightened senses, like better hearing.

One of the best examples of this is a fight Geralt had with a group of elves. Elves are known for their ability to sneak up on their enemies and are generally hard to defeat. During this fight, they were trying to ambush Geralt, but he was able to determine how many of them were hiding by their breathing alone.

Aside from hand-to-hand combat, Geralt is also skilled with a number of weapons. He was shown using axes, picks, slingshots, and bows and being proficient with them. However, he prefers a sword and uses it more often. 

In addition to different kinds of weapons, Geralt often uses different gadgets while fighting. This enables him to take down more powerful enemies quicker and in a more efficient way while putting himself in less danger.

One thing that gives an edge over equally skilled opponents or even more powerful ones is his knowledge when it comes to strategies. Becoming a great strategist is one of the things Geralt had to master during the time he had to spend training.

The last thing that makes Geralt an excellent fighter is his magic. Although he originally didn’t have the ability to use magic he had to master some simple forms during his training. 

Just like other Witchers, Geralt is experienced in using Signs, simple magic which is extremely useful during fighting since it allows the user to do things like immobilizing and stunning their opponents, creating traps, destroying objects, and shielding the user from the damage.

Talion vs. Geralt: Who would win?

Talion vs. Geralt Who Would Win?

If the two of these extremely skilled warriors are ever to cross paths which one would win the hypothetical fight? This is a hard question to answer since they have similar sets of power.

Both Talion and Geralt are physically and mentally at their peak. Both are strong-willed and quick-minded which helps them adapt to the fighting style of their opponents. They also have heightened senses which would make it equally easy to spot the other.

When it comes to combat, both are trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as a wide array of weapons, however, Geralt is proficient with more weapons.

Geralt is trained in using simple magic and Talion has certain magical abilities which help him during fights. When compared Talion’s magical abilities seem to be a bit more useful.

Geralt’s magic is more of a simple way of helping him with simple obstacles and weakening enemies. On the other hand, Talion can perform more complicated forms of magic. 

All of these abilities essentially balance out and we are basically back to the square one, without a clear answer. The thing that actually decides this fight is Talion’s immortality.

It comes down to the fact that even if Geralt manages to kill or mortally wound him, Talion essentially cannot die unless he is separated from Celebrimbor or his Ring is taken away.

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