Get Ready, Fans: Sam Raimi Could Take the Helm for Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4’

raimi directing spider man mcu

Marvel Studios has a bunch of new movies lined up, but lately, they’ve had some bumps in the road with their recent projects. People are saying they should slow down a bit with all these shows and movies that aren’t hitting the mark. But when it comes to Spider-Man, it’s a whole different story. He always brings in the crowds, making the Spider-Man franchise the biggest moneymaker for Marvel, no matter what they put out.

A while back, they announced they are working on ‘Spider-Man 4’. At first, folks thought Watts would be back to direct it, but he’s moved on to other stuff, along with Drew Goddard and Justin Lin.

According to World of Reel and their sources, Sam Raimi is the top pick for the job. He’s got the most experience, aside from Watts himself. Raimi’s already directed three ‘Spider-Man’ movies, with the second one getting a lot of love. Plus, he and Marc Webb helped out with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’

Recently, Raimi mentioned he’d like to keep going with his original ‘Spider-Man’ series with Tobey Maguire, but he’s not sure if the studio’s up for it. He also mentioned he’s on good terms with the bigwigs thanks to working on ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’

In the MCU scene, Raimi’s a hot topic lately. There’s talk he might direct ‘Secret Wars,’ although he says the studio hasn’t asked him yet. But he’s hopeful they’ll consider him for it.

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