15 Most Memorable Ghost Rider Quotes

15 Most Memorable Ghost Rider Quotes

Ghost Rider is one of the most recognizable Marvel characters ever created. He walks a thin line between being good and evil, as he’s a herald of Hell but purging the world of evil. The most epic part of Ghost Rider is the unforgettable quotes he gives us, especially when doing his work and obliterating his opponents, facing them with their sins and evil undoings.

Without further ado, here are the 15 most memorable Ghost Rider quotes ever, including the two movies with Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series with Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes and all the Marvel comics.

Best Ghost Rider Quotes From Ghost Rider (2007)

15 Most Memorable Ghost Rider Quotes

The first Ghost Rider movie came out in 2007, starring Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, the titular Ghost Rider. It was a highly-anticipated film that Marvel fans wanted for so long, which is why it went well in box office number – but fell short in critics’ reviews and audience reception. Still, there were some memorable quotes from the Ghost Rider I’d love to point out.

“I’m gonna own this curse… and I’m gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilt, it’ll be my father’s blood… and you’ll find me there. A Spirit of Vengeance… fighting fire with fire.”

After Johnny Blaze finally defeats Blackheart, the Hell-Lord Mephistopheles offers to fulfill his end of the bargain and remove the Ghost Rider curse. However, Blaze doesn’t back down for his destiny. He feels that the only right thing to do is to own up to his decisions and try to use his newfound powers for good, despite them stemming from something evil.

“I’m the only one who can walk in both worlds. I’m the Ghost Rider.”

Both in the comics and the movies, Ghost Riders can travel inter-dimensionally. A human can’t enter otherworldly realms alive, and a demon cannot walk the Earth without a host. Well, Johnny Blaze, as well as any other Ghost Rider, can do both, unlike other beings and entities.

“How does it feel to have all that evil inside of you? All their power? All their souls? A thousand souls to burn. Look into my eyes. Your souls are stained with the blood of the innocent. Feel their pain.”

As Ghost Rider fights Blackheart, his Penance Stare doesn’t work at first. However, as Johnny uncovers his true power and potential, he forces the purest evil in existence, Blackheart, to feel the pain of all those innocent souls he reaped. It’s a powerful moment in the film, and the words to go with the scene hit right on the button.

“You cannot live in fear.”

This quote gets repeated several times throughout the movies, but most notably, near the end of the film, when Johnny chooses to own his curse instead of succumbing to Mephistopheles. You can’t live your life fearing what could happen – all you can do is own your mistakes and decisions – everything else is out of your power.

Best Ghost Rider Quotes From Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (2011)

15 Most Memorable Ghost Rider Quotes

Nobody even anticipated a sequel after the first film wasn’t a huge success. And yet, we got one. It was considered more of a reboot than a sequel, with Cage being the only actor/character to return from the first film, but despite their efforts and a star-studded cast, the movie was even worse than the first. Again, at least we got some awesome Johnny Blaze quotes.

“Oh, it’s awesome. It’s like a flamethrower. You know, it’s like… *urinates fire*.”

Yeah, THAT happened in the movie. As goofy as the first Ghost Rider might’ve seemed to you, the Spirit of Vengeance was ten times goofier. In this particular scene, Danny asks Johnny Blaze how he pees while he’s on fire, to which Johnny responds with the before-mentioned quote. 

And, yeah, we literally see Ghost Rider peeing fire. I know the scene was just a joke Johnny made for the kid, but still. Yeah…

“Why does the devil walk on human form anyway? I have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t know either. Maybe he passes on from body to body, down through history, waiting for the perfect fit. But I know one thing, on Earth, he’s weak. His powers are limited. He needs emissaries to do his dirty work, so he finds them or makes them, using his greatest power, the power of the deal.”

Johnny tries explaining how the devil works and why he doesn’t just come to Earth in his demon form and obliterate it. He needs a human host because he’s weak in our reality – that’s why he strikes deals with humans.

“If I can spend the rest of my life as a free man without a curse from Hell hanging over my head, yeah, I’ll take it. But I promised Danny he’d be safe. If I walk away now, I’m just trading one demon for another. Let’s go.”

This quote shows that Johnny Blaze is still a good person even though there’s a demon inside of him. He could’ve just walked away, but he promised the kid he’ll be safe -and he plans on keeping that promise, even if it means remaining Ghost Rider forever.

“Nadya, this thing… there’s no reason, no conscience, just hunger.”

Johnny and Nadya are going on a rescue mission to save Danny from Roarke. However, Johnny knows that when Ghost Rider is released – everybody who had sinned is in danger. That means Nadya, too, regardless of Johnny’s feelings towards her. She answers that she’s not afraid of him, to which Johnny says: “Yeah? Well, you should be.”

Best Ghost Rider Quotes From Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series

15 Most Memorable Ghost Rider Quotes

In the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series Season 4, we get a non-Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider on screen for the first time. Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie Reyes’ version of the Ghost Rider throughout nine episodes, and for me, it was short but epic. Here are some of the best quotes from the character in the show.

“Hell is relative. Dimensions, space, planets – it’s all connected. Plenty of them qualify as hell. The Earth is just one territory in a war that’s been going on forever.”

In an episode called World’s End, Robbie speaks to Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson, saying the Rider wants to send both Aida and the Darkhold “where they came from,” to which Daisy says she hopes that means hell. Well, it’s not that simple, so Reyes explains what Hell really is and how the realms and plains of reality work.

“I’ve been stabbed, shot, run over – twice. Next day, I’m good as new.”

This particular quote from an episode called Uprising saw Robbie and Daisy talking after her arm got badly injured. Seeing that she can’t go to the hospital (for particular reasons), Daisy asks Robbie what he does when he gets hurt. He explains that he does nothing – because he can’t get hurt. Not really.

“You know who I am, which is a problem. For both of us. A problem that has to go away.”

In Meet the New Boss, Robbie Reyes seeks proof for himself that Daisy Johnson really deserves to die. He let her live before even though she told him she deserved death. But, now, Daisy knows Robbie is the Ghost Rider, and it poses a problem. 

He won’t kill her unless she truly deserves it, despite her having somewhat of a death wish. That goes to show you how Ghost Riders operate. They are heralds of Hell, but they aren’t cold-blooded, evil murderers. Only those who deserve to die shall perish at the hands of the Spirit of Vengeance.

“There’s no such thing as luck. There’s decisions and consequences.”

We see the purely human side of Ghost Rider in the episode The Good Samaritan. Gabe Reyes, Robbie Reyes’ brother, is in a wheelchair, and Robbie blames himself. Gabe says that night was simply bad luck, but Robbie doesn’t believe in luck. 

This quote perfectly sums up what the Ghost Rider is about. There’s no good or bad luck – there are only actions and decisions that lead to consequences.

Best Ghost Rider Quotes From Comics

15 Most Memorable Ghost Rider Quotes

In the comics, there have been countless Ghost Riders and Spirits of Vengeance: Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, Robbie Reyes, Alejandra Jones, and many others. Even Frank Castle (The Punisher) became the Ghost Rider and one of the most powerful Riders ever, for that matter. Here are a few epic quotes from the comics versions of the Spirit of Vengeance.

“It is over, Strange! You sought to challenge my hellspawned power–but instead, you found death!”

This quote from Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider came in Ghost Rider Vol.2 #30 when Ghost Rider briefly faced Doctor Strange. It shows how powerful the Spirit of Vengeance is – not even Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, could harm him in a fight. Sure, Ghost Rider hadn’t killed Strange either, but it was a hell of a fight (pun intended).

“Everyone keeps telling me that I’m the worst Ghost Rider that’s ever lived. Like that’s supposed to be some kinda insult. But what the hell have the Ghost Riders ever done? Except bring misery to themselves and everyone they love. Except die alone or go bat-$%#@ crazy. Well, That’s not me, Uncle Eli. That’s not how I’m going out. To hell with being a Spirit of Vengeance. I’m an Avenger.”

This is a Robbie Reyes quote from Avengers Vol. 8 #25. Ghost Riders are usually much colder, heartless, not aiming to do good, but only to purge evil. Well, Robbie is different – he wants to be a hero, and Avenger first, and the Spirit of Vengeance second.

“I am the Spirit of Vengeance. Nothing will stop me from inflicting pain on all those who have inflicted it on innocent beings.”

Danny Ketch is the first Ghost Rider who presented the Penance Stare as one of his abilities. Ketch focuses on defending the innocent and making those who hurt them feel the pain they’ve caused. 


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Later, in GhostRider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness Vol.1 #1, he says that he still doesn’t know a lot about himself, but that it doesn’t matter if there’s an edge they sometimes cross – as long as the innocent are protected, their cause is just -, and that perfectly sums up what a Ghost Rider is.