Gina Carano Claims She Underwent Compulsory Trans “Reeducation” Camp Before Star Wars Dismissal”

Gina Carano

Recently, Gina Carano gained fame for playing Cara Dune in the first two seasons of ‘The Mandalorian.’ The studio had big plans for her character, even considering a standalone show.

However, everything shifted when Carano made controversial social media posts, including comparing anti-vaxers to Jews and discussing other sensitive topics that clashed with Disney’s image.

In her interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Gina Carano shared her Disney ordeal and how it all began. Disney and Lucasfilm grew worried as controversies surrounded Carano, especially due to her social media posts.

The situation escalated when Carano faced criticism for not sharing her pronouns online in support of the trans rights movement. In response, she added “boop/bop/beep” to her Twitter bio, clarifying it was not meant to mock but to express her frustration, drawing a comparison to R2-D2’s sounds.

However, the move sparked significant backlash. Carano also mentioned being subjected to what she referred to as a “reeducation camp,” which began with a Zoom call involving some trans representatives.

They said, ‘Oh, darling, I’m so sorry you stepped on a land mine.’ I listened to them and they listened to me. It was sweet and it was fun, even.

Lucasfilm asked Gina Carano to apologize, proposing a standard statement crafted by her publicists. Carano volunteered to write her own apology but encountered difficulties in finding a version she deemed satisfactory after several revisions. Eventually, Lucasfilm judged the final statement as not showing enough remorse and decided to drop the idea of an apology altogether. Instead, they decided to put Carano through media training.

She kept her sunglasses on, came into my house and sat all the way across the room, and then we started talking just normally. She said something I found very interesting. She said, ‘It’s not what you say — it’s how it’s interpreted. You’re giving very logical responses to an emotional reaction.’

Gina Carano says she didn’t have any more media training after the first problem. Instead, she was asked to join a Zoom meeting with 45 members from Disney and Lucasfilm’s LGBTQ group, but she said no. Carano suggested having dinner with a few transgender leaders, but they said no. The companies said the meeting would be a “litmus test,” but Carano didn’t really understand what that meant.

Carano also brought up Pedro Pascal, saying he told her to take the easy way out before all of this happened.

He was telling me, ‘Just put #transrights in your feed. Do it and they’ll leave you alone. […] Because that’s not my style, to put hashtag anything, I’m also not going to put #TrumpsRights.

Carano chose to take legal action against Disney for what she perceives as wrongful termination. Elon Musk appears willing to fund her lawsuit, possibly due to his own grievances with Disney and his strong support for free speech. Musk is even offering financial support to others who believe they faced discrimination for their personal beliefs at their workplaces, encouraging them to seek legal recourse.

If you were unfairly treated by your employer due to posting or liking something on this platform, we will fund your legal bill. No limit.

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