‘Glitch’ Ending Explained: Does Ji-Hyo Find Her Boyfriend Again?

cuando se estrena el nuevo k drama netflix glitch

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Glitch, the latest South Korean Netflix TV series. The show tells the story of Ji-hyo, a young woman who has been living her life without ever trying to go against the current. She has followed the path that she is supposed to have been following, but there is something wrong with her. Ji-hyo has absolutely no joy in life. However, when her boyfriend gets kidnapped by aliens, she is sent on a journey that will change her life forever.

Glitch is a science fiction show that ends up dealing more with the issues of the mind than with aliens and future technology. The series is really focused on delivering a quality story that serves as an exploration of what we want in life and what we want to get from life. The show even deals with themes such as faith and mental health. It is really an outstanding show. It might be suffering from some pacing issues, especially towards the middle of the season, but it is definitely quite wholesome and very well-made.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Glitch. Read at your own risk.

Is Ji-Hyo Truly the Messiah?

The series starts by introducing us to Ji-hyo as a young girl. It is during this time that Ji-hyo is kidnapped by Aliens, and this creates a powerful trauma that follows her for the rest of her life. She is a woman without passion or joy; she just follows her life’s flow without even thinking about it. We are told she had to go to therapy when she was a kid to deal with her belief that she was kidnapped. In the present, she starts seeing little alien men around the street all the time, but apparently, it is something only she can see.

Is Ji-hyo going crazy? Or is she actually seeing something? The series pushes this subject many times, but it becomes clear very quickly that there are really aliens, and they have been visiting Earth. Siguk, Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, is kidnapped by aliens near the place where Ji-hyo was kidnapped when she was a kid. This sends Ji-hyo to look for him. She knows there is something wrong, and that something might be related to the aliens and the reality that she has been trying to forget.

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Ji-hyo ends up joining forces with Bora, an old classmate of hers who has been following the alien sightings for years. Bora truly believes that aliens are coming. However, not all people who believe in aliens are as innocent and harmless as Bora. Ji-hyo crosses paths with a cult led by a man called Father. He makes Ji-hyo believe that she was actually kidnapped by aliens when she was a kid and that she was chosen to be their Messiah. However, when the time comes to deliver salvation to the believers, Father reveals that everything is a scam.

She tells Ji-hyo that he was only manipulating her into believing she was the Messiah because she actually wanted to believe that she was right about being kidnapped as a kid. His cult has reached a boiling point, and Father begs Ji-hyo to become the Messiah the believers need. They are preparing a mass suicide, and he wants that all believers die happily, even when everything is a lie. Ji-hyo is distraught and full of sadness. She is alone, and so she accepts the role of the false Messiah.

Does Ji-Hyo Find Her Boyfriend Again?

Siguk does return from his kidnapping by aliens, and he joins forces with other characters that have become Ji-hyo’s allies in her journey. They go to the place where the mass suicide is about to happen, and they hope they can find her there. Meanwhile, Bora is following the signal from the aliens but discovers that the alien ship is just a drone. Bora feels completely invalidated, and Abigail, one of Father’s disciples, also feels like she has been completely manipulated.

Bora reunites with her team, and together they go to try to stop the mass suicide. Ji-hyo is set on stage, ready to perform the ritual where hundreds of people will die in front of her. All of it, so that Father can save face, as he cannot deliver proper salvation to his followers because everything is fake. Ji-hyo changes her opinion in the middle of the ritual and tries to stop it, but she fails. A gas is released at the place and everybody becomes very easy to manipulate as they drink the poison that will kill them.

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Ji-hyo speaks the truth to the believers and breaks their trance. They realize that they have been played by their father and become hostile towards Ji-hyo and Bora. However, Abigail brings a gun and starts shooting her father. In the distraction, Ji-hyo and Bora manage to escape. However, the entire event is interrupted by an actual alien ship. The ship takes Ji-hyo and Bora and in there Ji-hyo sees the aliens in full flesh. The aliens remove something that they had implanted in Ji-hyo as a kid and then leave.


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Everything returns to normal, but only Ji-hyo remembers the ship and the alien once again. However, when she tells the truth to everyone else, Siguk is the only one who believes her. Implying that because he was also kidnapped, he was also able to see the ship just like Ji-hyo did. Father is killed, and the entire cult falls apart. The series ends with Ji-hyo talking about how they are not actually separated. And we see how Siguk is starting to see the same little alien men that Ji-hyo used to see before the aliens took the chip from her head.

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