God Eater Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

God Eater Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

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God Eater is a Japanese anime television series produced at Ufotable studio by Takayuki Hirao, adapted from the video game God Eater, which had several sequels released over the years. It was broadcast between July 2015 and March 2016 on Tokyo MX in Japan and in simulcast globally through various streaming services. The first season premiered several years ago and in this article, we are going to tell you whether you can expect a second season of God Eater anytime soon.

The second season of God Eater still hasn’t been confirmed or canceled yet. The first season aired six years ago and while there still is some material to adapt from the game series, not counting possible original stories, the second season is still uncertain. Having said all of this, God Eater was a fairly popular and talked-about series, and based on all the known facts, a second season is not impossible. We just don’t know when it could happen.

The rest of this article will bring you all the known and unknown information related to a potential season 2 of God Eater. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this exciting anime series whose future is still somewhat uncertain.

Will God Eater Season 2 happen?

God Eater is a series of action role-playing games from Japanese publisher Bandai Namco. The first title of the same name was developed by the Japanese studio Shift and was first launched in Japan in 2010 and then in Europe in 2011 for the PlayStation Portable mobile game console.

The series depicts a grim future in the year 2071, in which the world has been devastated by monstrous creatures known as the Aragami, and humanity is caught in a desperate struggle for survival. Only a small number of particularly talented fighters, the so-called God Eaters, are able to take on the sometimes huge creatures in battle.

The very first title was compared to Capcom’s Monster Hunter computer game series. With God Eater 3, development switched to the Japanese studio Marvelous, and the game was released in December 2018. Accompanying the game series was a franchise of anime, manga and light novels. In 2015, a 13-part anime series produced by ufotable was released, which was also included in the Netflix offering in 2016.

The production of the God Eater anime was announced in September 2014. The anime was produced within the ufotable studio, known for its achievements for the God Eater video games. It is broadcast from July 12, 20154, on Tokyo MX in Japan and in simulcast on different streaming services around the world. The television broadcast stopped after the broadcast of the first nine episodes and four extra episodes on September 27, 2015. Episodes 10 to 13 were broadcast from March 5, 2016.

The future of the God Eater anime is quite uncertain at this moment, but the good thing is that it is not because there’s no interest or because there’s a lack of material, not counting the possible original stories. The series is very popular and we’ll just have to see whether there is enough interest for a continuation to make any proper predictions about the potential continuation of the series. The original game series is fairly popular, and the first season received solid reviews, but it’s been a while and there has been no news on the show’s future.

In any case, the earliest we could see a potential second season is late 2023, but we’d have to get some confirmation on the future during 2022 or easily 2023; 2024 is also a strong possibility. The fans are demanding a new season, but we’ll just have to see how it goes; as far as things stand now, a cancelation has not been confirmed, but we cannot rule it out either.

What could be the plot of God Eater Season 2?

At this moment, we have absolutely no idea about the content of a potential second season o God Eater. Why? Well, as we’ve said, God Eater is based on a video game and such adaptations are always a bit tricky, so we cannot really predict where the series will go. With that games being only source of the story for the anime series, it’s very difficult to imagine how far the series might go and how original the content is going to be. This is why we can only bring you a recap of the first season to, roughly, prepare you for what you could expect from a potential second season.

In the year 2065, six years before what happened in God Eater Burst, God Eater Soma, the new member of the Fenrir Far East Branch, goes on his first mission to a strategic command base in ancient Russia, accompanied by his teammate Lindow and her older sister Tsubaki. You are tasked with helping the troops lead an Aragami colony to a nuclear fusion reactor, which will explode to wipe them all out.

Shortly after, the Aragami attack the reactor and breach its main defenses. As the reactor still prepares to reach its critical point for an explosion, Soma, Lindow, and Tsubaki battle the Aragami to pin them down and distract them. Although the God Eaters outnumber the Aragami forces, the soldiers retreat at their captain’s request, leaving the trio near the reactor.

The captain then detonates the reactor, but a force of unknown origin absorbs the nuclear blast, preventing it from causing catastrophic damage. Soma, Lindow, and Tsubaki manage to survive and are evacuated by helicopter. When Lindow asks Soma if he’s still willing to come with them to “this fucked up world,” a mysterious figure watches the helicopter take off in the desert below. Amid an attack by Aragami, classmates Lenka Utsugi and Kota Fujiki begin training under Tsubaki.

Hoping to destroy as many Aragami as possible, Lenka volunteers to undergo a rigorous daily training regiment of his own making, but consistently fails in his exercise missions. In hope of cheering him up, Kota takes him to the weapons factory, where he can see his God Arc early. Later, Aragami crosses the settlement from both sides. With low numbers to defend, Lenka volunteers to defeat the Aragami. Although Tsubaki refuses his request, he grabs his God Arc and runs outside, trying to save it from proving useless when he activates his burst mode.

When Lenka reaches the middle of the city, she confronts several Aragami who are attempting to murder another God Eater, but one of them knocks her God Arc out of her hand. He is rescued by the first squad, consisting of the God Eaters Soma, Lindow, and Sakuya, who can easily defeat most of the Aragami. Lenka then notices a remaining Aragami trying to kill a woman.

He retrieves his God Arc, transforms it into its weapon form, and kills it, impressing the first squad members. Lenka and the First Squad members, especially Sakuya, notice Lenka’s Divine Bow transformation before other Aragami arrive. When the first squad sends the Aragami, Lenka wants to help, but Lindow dismisses him and tells him to hide.


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However, Lenka disobeys orders and shoots several Aragami but is injured and taken to a hospital. When he comes back to his senses, he is locked in a holding cell by Tsubaki awaiting a court-martial for insubordination. Fenrir’s superiors eventually decide that Lenka should return his God Arc as punishment.

When Johannes von Destiny tries to convince her to let Lenka keep her God Arc due to the scarcity of new-type users, he learns that another new-type user, Alisa, is on her way from the Russian branch. During a dinner among members of the Defense Unit, Hibari mentions Takeda Lenka’s attempts to fight the Aragami without God Bow.

Lindow mentions that another person shared these abilities but claims not to remember his identity. He then visits Linka and asks her about the incident, where Linka asks Lindow to teach her how to fight. Meanwhile, the planes carrying Alisa are attacked by a swarm of flying Aragami. Tsubaki issues orders for Lindow and Sakuya to be dispatched, but Lindow mentions Lenka as a complement, which Tsubaki accepts. Lenka is freed and joins Lindow and Sakuya on the battlefield.

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