Gojo Vs. Saitama: Who Would Win and Why?

Gojo vs Saitama: Who Would Win?

Gojo is probably the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen character. But who does his strength compares to Saitama from One-Punch Man? If there was to ever be a fight between the two, who would win: Gojo or Saitama?

If Gojo’s abilities truly affect Saitama, it is possible that Gojo would have a slight advantage, as he can attack Saitama from a distance, whereas Saitama actually has to hit Gojo to defeat him, and we know that Gojo is a very capable fighter, meaning that he could evade Saitama long enough for him to defeat him. It is very difficult to determine the winner between Satoru Gojo and Saitama.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why we think that Satoru Gojo might have a slight advantage over Saitama.

Satoru Gojo and His Powers

Satoru Gojo is the teacher of the first-year class of the Tokyo school of magic, which consists of the three main characters from the series, Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki. Despite being considered the strongest sorcerer, he is portrayed as a fool who has little respect for his superiors.

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Gojo’s cursed technique (Jujutsu) is known as the infinite curse technique. It is an inherited technique among the members of the Gojo clan. It has a number of forms, and based on these forms, it rises in level, allowing for precise manipulation of space on an atomic level, leading to multiple results and subsequent techniques within the general capacity.

Fighting Skills and Physical Powers

He is able to tear off limbs, very easily exert force on others, and with simple blows hurl his opponent several yards. His strength enables him to withstand curses, even of special magnitude, without much trouble, and with his powerful blows he is able to inflict severe injuries on his opponents.


To this superhuman speed must be added his reflexes, which enable him to avoid situations that threaten his life without making any great effort. When he is subjected to his fits of madness, both his speed and reflexes are beyond logic. He is then able to move through the space around him as if he were a part of it.


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Saitama and His Powers

Saitama is a young inactive person who’s lost interest in life and who frequently fights mysterious beings to become a powerful hero. His main attack is the famous “One Punch”, a simple punch that can defeat very powerful enemies like the King of the Seas, Ashura Rhino, the King of the Underworld, a gigantic meteorite, and many more.

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Physical abilities

Saitama is blessed with spectacular speed. A ninja like Thundering Sonic looks slow next to him. He is able to complete a 1,500-meter course in an instant; even Genos’ computerized targeting systems have a hard time tracking him. He can use his speed to run vertically along a building to save a piece of salmon he intended to eat for lunch.

Even Boros in Meteoric Boost is slower than him. His basic speed is already sufficient to avoid the saber attacks of the famous ninja Flashy Flash.

Saitama can take all kinds of impacts or flames and without taking a single bruise. When Genos created a huge explosion by his Incineration to kill Mousmétique’s mosquitoes, Saitama stood beside him completely unscathed and unperturbed despite the heat of the flames.

To make him move, as soon as he decides to stay still, even a man as powerful as Suiryû has a hard time managing to make him move back a few meters with his Nebulous Fist of the Rabid Tiger.

When he was still a weak human, Saitama was as tough as an ordinary human. As an adult, he was able to get up with a nip from Crabotaur, a Tiger level monster, and then attack him.

Fighting Abilities

Saitama doesn’t aim better than an ordinary person. In particular, he has been wrong in his estimations, such as when he unintentionally punched Sonic in the genitals instead of only intimidating him.

Saitama puts a little more effort into his techniques when using the Worship Streak Series. According to Boros, even so he only shows a small part of his power. Still, the power at this stage is enough to outsmart a Dragon-level or even God-level scourge very easily.


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Satoru Gojo Vs. Saitama: Who Wins?

Although one could draw a lot of parallels between Jujutsu Kaisen and One-Punch Man, it is a fact that the characters fight very differently in these two series. In One-Punch Man, the focus is more on hand-to-hand combat and the whole series is much more a standard superhero flick than anything else.

On the other hand, in Jujutsu Kaisen, the characters more often rely on their supernatural abilities, and in that aspect, the series is more similar to Bleach and the likes. This is why we couldn’t directly compare the two as we usually do.

But, seeing how we’ve given you an introduction to them, we can still give our opinion and supplement the answer we’ve given above. Namely, if we were to compare the strongest techniques that each of these two has – Gojo’s Unlimited Void and Infinity, and Saitama’s punch – we’d come to the inevitable conclusion that these two are almost equally overpowered within their own worlds. This means that we cannot really determine a winner without a more thorough analysis.

Now, Gojo is an excellent fighter but he cannot defeat Saitama in direct combat, mostly because Saitama would be able to defeat him with one punch.

On the other hand, Saitama would be very limited in a long-range fight against Gojo, simply because Gojo would use his powers to his advantage; this is, of course, under the assumption that Gojo’s powers would have some effect on Saitama.

So, in a direct clash between the two, there seemingly is not a clear winner and although that might be true for the most part, we think that Gojo could have an edge here. Namely, Gojo’s fighting and physical skills are good enough for him to avoid Saitama for a certain amount of time and to reach enough distance to avoid Saitama’s punch. From there, he could launch his Jujutsu technique and actually defeat Saitama.

This is not necessarily true as there are a lot of factors that might go against Gojo in such a battle, but if anyone had an edge here, it would be him and under such conditions as we have described them above.

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