Goku VS Saitama: Who Would Win?

Goku VS Saitama: Who Would Win?

“Can he beat Goku though?” This is one of the questions that a lot of Dragonball fans kept on asking like crazy when someone posts an overpowered character over social media and forums. Well-known powerful anime characters such as Uchiha Madara, Whitebeard, Gol D. Roger, Gildarts, and Escanor have been analyzed thoroughly by fans but failed to see if they can beat Goku though. But Saitama, A.K.A. One-Punch Man, has been a long-running contender in this endless battle of anime character power measurement to finally beat everyone’s favorite Saiyan.

Based on Saitama’s power, he can beat Goku. However, knowing how Goku’s potential can get, some fans say that Saitama might not be able to defeat Goku with his signature single, instant-killing punch. On the other hand, Goku’s latest, most powerful form might not land a scratch on Saitama.

This is a crazy battle that every fan would love to watch if only there’s a means for authors of Dragonball and One-Punch Man to make a one-shot out of it. But since there’s none at the moment, let’s just go ahead and analyze these two extremely powerful beings to see which one would win, or if it’s just going to be a stalemate instead. That way, we can run our imagination once more, like we always do when power-scaling some of the most overpowered characters in anime history.

Goku And His Powers

Goku VS Saitama: Who Would Win?

Goku is known to have superhuman strength because he is a Saiyan, a race superior to humans in terms of strength. Goku is also a determined fighter to regularly trains very hard to ensure that he can beat whatever enemy he faces. His training sessions are oftentimes intense, to the point where he gained the strength close or almost equal to the gods themselves.

His superhuman strength also comes with superhuman speed, making him quickly react even against Beerus, a god that’s as quick as the speed of light. He also gained superhuman resilience, which makes him powerful enough to withstand even the energy of the Universe itself.

But take note that Goku can still receive damage. Throughout all his battles, we have seen Goku get hurt and even bleed as well. Since he oftentimes battles opponents stronger than him, he is always prone to ending the battle severely beaten up. He can also take damage from guns, but only when off-guard. However, catching Goku off-guard seems to be impossible now because he has already perfected Ultra Instinct.

Goku’s genes as a Saiyan also granted him heightened senses compared to humans. Because of his, he is capable of sensing quickly, which is just suited for his role as a fighter of his home planet, Earth. Goku is also known to have immense willpower, which is often observed when fighting his major battles before he ultimately wins.

Goku is also known to be very smart when it comes to combat, whereas fans treat him as a genius. He is capable of analyzing his opponents quickly to the point of adapting in the battle, even if the enemy is stronger at first. This is one of the key factors that gradually made him gradually stronger against his opponent as the battle rages on.

Aside from his physical and mental power, Goku also mastered a higher level of Ki called Godly Ki in the recent chapters. This granted him access to two extremely powerful forms, the Super Saiyan God and the Super Saiyan God Blue. Another notable feat that he learned was Ultra Instinct, which heightens further his reflexes, and also gives him a godlike form that’s not considered “Super Saiyan” anymore.

As for his miscellaneous moves, Goku can sense and transfer Ki, spirit control for Instant Transmission, and nullification of energy.

Saitama And His Powers

Goku VS Saitama: Who Would Win?

Saitama is not like most anime heroes who have access to special powers like chakra, magic, or Goku’s Godly Ki. Saitama is the perfect example of pure, raw strength. He did not achieve his signature punch (though it’s only a normal punch) through special training or by acquiring some item or monster that got inside his body. The way he attained it is just funny as it seems. Also, take note that Saitama is just an ordinary human being living a very simple life.

Saitama achieved his power through sheer training only. His resolve to train started ever since he encountered a monster, which typically invades the cities near Saitama’s house. According to him, he achieved his superhuman prowess by doing 100 push-ups, squats, and sit-ups, along with 10 kilometers of running – all these done every single day for 1 year and 6 months! Though there are speculations where Saitama might have achieved his mysterious power elsewhere.

Aside from his destructive punch that can instantly kill almost everyone, he also has immense durability. In the whole One-Punch man series, almost none has ever injured or laid a scratch on Saitama. Also, almost no one was able to survive a punch from him either, except for humans he has hit so far and Boros. Take note that Boros kicked him towards the moon, but did not cause any damage to him. His body is so resilient, that even the vacuum of space can destroy him.

Aside from his superhuman strength, he also has extremely powerful leg strength that can make him jump towards atmospheric heights and distances. This strength of his legs makes up for his inability to fly, which some of his hero friends can do. Aside from this, he also has godly reflexes and speed, which can outmatch Sonic’s superhuman speed and Genos’s highly advanced tracking system. His speed can also produce afterimages to confuse his enemies.

His other notable abilities are his capability to use pure intimidation to stun his enemies, his high willpower which helped through his intense training, his perception that’s keen enough to know the motives of others, and his capability to interact with non-tangible beings as well. This is why some fans speculate that Saitama is God in human form.

In the case of the battle against Boros, Saitama held his strength back simply because he wants to experience the thrill of fighting since he felt all his fights are boring because of his immense strength. Saitama’s goal was to find someone who can give him an exciting fight, to the point where he must be defeated as well since his extraordinary power made fighting way too boring for him. But with Goku fighting him, Saitama has the potential to meet that goal.

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Goku VS Saitama: Who Would Win?

Goku VS Saitama: Who Would Win?

For sure you already know very well that base Goku will never stand with Saitama. When it comes to taking forms, Saitama already has the upper hand as he does not need to have a power boost. Also, we are going to assume at this point that they are going to fight with their morals aside since they are the type who does not want to kill humans. Thus, the battle will be analyzed if Goku uses all of his other forms.

The reason why the Ultra Instinct form is needed is that using the regular Super Saiyan Forms 1 to 3 will never work against Saitama. No matter how fast those forms are, Saitama’s godly reflexes, which even a cyborg with highly advanced supercomputer tracking features can’t even catch up against, will just block all of Goku’s attacks. Take note that even using a Senzu Bean at this point won’t thrill Saitama at all. What’s worse is that Saitama might kill Goku in the aforementioned forms in just one punch.

If ever Goku uses his Godly Ki to enter the Super Saiyan God Blue, he will still have a hard time beating the One-Punch Man. Take note that Saitama is almost invulnerable, and can still block some of Goku’s godlike speed when using the Godly Ki. Even if Goku manages to punch him towards the moon as Boros did, Saitama will just do the same thing when he fought the latter. In this form of Goku, and in my opinion, it may take two or three successful punches to obliterate the Saiyan.

Saitama might not get hurt but will surely have a hard time beating Goku once he uses the Mastered Ultra Instinct Form. This time, Saitama is surely excited about the current state of the battle. This is where Goku might get surprised because Saitama can still keep up despite Goku’s godly power and speed. If anything is going to get destroyed once Goku uses the Kamehameha in this form, it’s only Saitama’s signature costume for sure! After all, his suit does not have any special properties and is just a plain handmade suit to make him look like a superhero.

Lastly, take note that the Spirit Bomb will never work on Saitama since he also has a pure heart. Therefore, the outcome of the battle is very clear, and Saitama will be able to land some punches on Goku before he ultimately defeats him. And to be honest, Saitama will only need to land his consecutive punches technique to defeat Goku in his Mastered Ultra Instinct Form. This just shows that Saitama has lived up to his title, as he is the only one who can surely beat Goku though!

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