Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

Everyone enjoys watching unlikely supernatural events unravel. It is understandable because I enjoy them as much as the next person. However, It gets even better when there is some romance, mystery, and comedy involved. As a result, viewers might be interested in watching Good Witch movies and series in order.

Hallmark channel gave us all these and more with this fantastic franchise. The franchise, which aired initially on January 18th, 2008, stars Catherine Bell as Cassandra Nightingale, a middle-aged enchantress with supernatural abilities. 

Every movie in the franchise focuses on another incident, but it is all about the life of Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Nightingale, brilliantly portrayed by Catherine Bell. Also, the franchise stars Chris Potter as Police Chief Jake Russell. That said, we shall be talking about Good Witch movies and series in order. 

How Many Good Witch Movies Are There?

Hallmark released seven Good Witch movies along with a Good Witch series, possessing seven seasons.

Below is a list of all the excellent Good Witch movies released by Hallmark. I have a few favorites, and I know you’re going to love the franchise as much as I did. Thus, you should sit tight and prepare to get enchanted.

Good Witch movies in order

1. The Good Witch (2008)

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

The first-ever movie in the franchise introduces us to Middleton’s police chief, Jake Russell. He is seen entering the infamous Grey House at the opening of the movie. While in the Grey house, he meets the bubbly raven-haired Cassie.

Cassie Nightingale has just mysteriously moved to Middleton and taken up residence in the haunted Grey House. So naturally, the townspeople begin to look at her suspiciously.

It doesn’t take her a long time, and maybe with the help of some enchantment,  she quickly brings down the defenses of Middleton police officer Jake Russell and gets to meet his kids; Brandon and Lori.

She did win over the Chief, but it will not be that easy to get the residents of Middleton to trust and accept her, especially Middleton town’s councilwoman Martha Tinsdale. All these notwithstanding, will all the suspicion and distrust send Cassie out of town?

2. The Good Witch’s Garden (2009)

Following the success of the first release: the Good Witch, Hallmark returned with a second movie, “the good witch’s garden,” a sequel to the good witch. Therefore, it is simply a continuation of the events in the good witch. 

Our good witch Cassie decides to stay in Middleton. However, she is working on turning Grey House into a bed and breakfast. However, before she settles in, a stranger arrives and claims ownership of Grey House. 

As things progress, Lori, Jake Russell’s daughter, soon realizes that the stranger named Nick is not who he claims to be. Finally, they uncover the truth that he is a fictional cheat made real over time by the people of Middleton.

Jake arrests Nick when he gets proof that the man is using fake identities to defraud others. But successfully sending him packing, Cassie and Jake take their relationship to the next level at the movie’s very end.

3. The Good Witch’s Gift (2010)

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

Hallmark seemed to know just how much fans enjoy seeing Cassandra Bell take on the image of Catherine “Cassie” Nightingale. Because on November 13th, 2010, the third movie in the franchise was released. 

And with this third release came what myself and I are sure other fans had been hoping for. Police Chief and Cassie’s sweetheart Jake Russell proposes. Therefore, since it is the Christmas season, he decides the best gift for Cassie will be the gift of family.

With only a few days to plan their Christmas Eve wedding, everyone is unnerved. 

4. The Good Witch’s Family (2011)

The fourth Good Witch movie gave precisely what I’d hoped for: a wedding between our good witch Cassie and her heartthrob, Jake Russell. But in the third to the fourth movie, trouble soon comes knocking, wearing the face of Cassie’s long-lost cousin Abigail.

Cassie must face new threats to the well-being of her family, friends, and community. And with Abigail’s arrival comes a truck of problems. 

5. The Good Witch’s Charm (2012)

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

On October 27th, 2012 I was anxiously waiting at the cinema to see what was next for our good witch. But, unfortunately, it would turn out that the fifth movie in the franchise dies not to take it any easier on Cassie, the good witch juggling between her husband, her job as Mayor, and her new daughter. Yes, Cassie has a baby.

Cassie already has plans in motion to get away from it all and take a vacation with Jake when new problems come up. But, first, her stepdaughter Lori is blamed for a series of robberies.

But when a reporter arrives at Middleton looking to destroy Cassie’s reputation, and amid all the drama, Cassie’s estranged mother suddenly enters Middleton.

6. The Good Witch’s Destiny (2013)

Cassandra Nightingale returned to our screens again but this time, the witch has to do some tricks. This is the sixth movie in the franchise. The good witch’s destiny aired on October 23rd, 2013.

It’s Cassie’s birthday, and although her husband offered to treat her to a private dinner,  she would rather spend the day with friends and family at Grey House.

Amidst the bustle of planning a party at the Grey house, Cassie’s stepdaughter Lori discovered that Cassie’s great aunt, known as the Grey lady, mysteriously disappeared on her birthday many years ago.

Lori, the amateur detective, launches an investigation into a long-time disappearance and concludes that it may be a family curse.

With the suspicion that she may be under a curse looming, Cassie has to conjure up more than a bit of magic to remedy the situation.

7. The Good Witch’s Wonder (2014)

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

The next movie in the franchise aired on October 25th, 2014. Again, Cassie Nightingale finds herself bustling around to get everything in place for her stepson, Brandon’s wedding.

With that and also organizing the town fundraiser on the instructions of new Mayor Martha Tinsdale, Cassie is swamped. So when Audrey arrives in Middleton, she accepts her offer to assist at the store.

However, the good witch becomes suspicious when items for the fundraiser go missing. It takes all her witchy intuition and some help from Martha and Jake to arrive at the bottom of the situation.

Good Witch Series In Order

With killer ratings,  immense viewership, and the buzz generated by the excellent Good Witch movies, Hallmark returned in 2015 with a TV show about The Good Witch. Boy was I excited to see some enchantment. It turns out the first season was a success, just like the movies. Hallmark just keeps going.

The series, which ran for seven seasons, ending in 2019, may not have been as good as the movies because of the dragged-out plots and storylines. But it is definitely worth watching.

However, I wasn’t disappointed at all. So here is a list of all the Good Witch series in order of release. Hold on tight; it’s about to get even more magical.

The comedy-fantasy drama series is based on the highly successful franchise, The Good Witch. The series focuses on the vibrant life of Cassandra Nightingale (Catherine Bell), her daughter, and their neighbors, the Radfords, and also some of the residents of Middleton, USA.

 Also, some of them believe that Cassie is a witch. The season premiered in 2015 and ran for seven seasons. However, the show is not returning after the seventh season. 

The show has 75 episodes. So, here we go!

  1. Good witch Halloween: Something Wicked, 2015
  2. Good Witch: The Secrets Of Grey House, 2016
  3. Good Witch: Spellbound, 2017
  4. Good Witch: Tale Of Two Hearts, 2018
  5. Good Witch: Curse From A Rose, 2019
  6. Good Witch: Season Six
  7. Good Witch: Season Seven

1. Good Witch: Season One

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

The first season of the spinoff series aired on October 24th, 2015. The Good Witch returned to our screens.  

The first season in the series has ten episodes in which Nightingale, the magical enchantress, takes her daughter Grace, who also has some of her mother’s magical intuition, on a journey. 

When divorced middle-aged Dr. Sam Radford and his teenage son move next door to the Nightingales, they are overcome and drawn by their unique prowess.

The first season of the spinoff series does not recast Chris Potter for the series, and so his character of police Chief Russell and Cassie’s husband was killed off.

Not to worry, it would seem that we have a new arrival on the scene in the form of Dr. Radford portrayed by James Denton. But, not just that, we also have another witchy love affair.

2. Good Witch: Season Two

The second season of the Good Witch aired on April 17th, 2016, on the Hallmark channel. 

Cassie is still confused about her relationship with Middleton’s prized physician Dr. Sam Radford. Especially with the arrival of John, an old college friend of hers who is more interested in more than just friendship.

The constant meddling of Sam’s ex-wife Linda, a desperate effort to fix her broken family, is not helping either. Although Cassie cannot deny her connection with Sam, she is conflicted. 

However, she manages to brush up, conjure a surprise party for Martha and Tom, and also lights up Middleton with her magic when the Lights festival threatens to go dark.

3. Good Witch: Season Three

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

It appears that the Hallmark channel releases a new part of the Good Witch franchise every year. Because on October 22nd, 2017, Catherine returned with Sam, Grace, and Nick. The gang is back for a 10 episode season, and we couldn’t be more excited.

This time it’s Sam and Cassie trying to navigate the waters of their new relationship. They also have to deal with the reactions of their children, Grace, and Sam.

Cassie organizes a party for Sam to celebrate the anniversary of his move to Middleton. Meanwhile, Grace has some tricks up her sleeve, she keeps using her magic to stage accidental meetings with Noah, but Nick keeps getting in her way.

4. Good Witch: Season Four

October 21st, 2018, and the Good Witch returned, this time with Sam. 

The handsome doctor came, ready to pop the question. But, instead, he enlisted the services of Abigail to help him find the perfect ring for Cassie.

Cassie and Sam become the town’s favorite couple, and they throw all their energy into planning the bicentennial Halloween party. All seemed well until someone stole a 199 carat Ruby known as the heart of Middleton.

5. Good Witch: Season Five

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

Cassie Nightingale met her match when her long-lost college roommate visited Grey House. Sam searches for the location of the fire tree as a gift to his soon-to-be bride.

It seemed that Sam was running out of time to find the tree, and Grace missed her father terribly. With only a day to Cassie and Sam’s wedding, not everything was in place.

However, the wedding is booming, and the couple head to a winery to have their honeymoon. 

6. Good Witch: Season Six

Season six of The Good Witch premiered on May 3rd, 2020. By now, Cassie and Sam have been married for twelve months. As they prepare to celebrate their anniversary, Cassie welcomes another guest, Joy, to Grey House.

She also helps Joy mark her mother’s birthday by planting a tree, and they discover, and they discover a time capsule that Grace buried years ago. Afterward, Joy joins them to browse an estate sale hoping to find a clock for the Mayor’s renovations.

Cassie becomes interested in a temporary art professorship and begins to pursue it. At the same time, Abigail and Donovan realize that maybe the missing diamond from the Middleton treasure may help break their curse.

In the end, Cassie and Martha smudge the Mayor’s housewarming. At the same time, Abigail and Donovan decide to come together and put up a final fight against the Davenport-Merriwick curse.

7. Good Witch: Season Seven

Good Witch Movies And Series In Order

Hallmark announced the release of the seventh season of The Good Witch, which will also be the last season. So that’s it guys, it seems our Good Witch has run out of magic tricks.

Although we enjoyed watching Cassie, Sam, and the Middleton gang, it appears we will have to say goodbye after season seven. Or maybe the showrunners ran out of ideas. 

Either way, there isn’t going to be another season of Good Witch. The final season, however, was no different from the others. At first, Cassie and Abigail need to protect the Merriwick magic from the force over Middleton.

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As we advanced, it seemed that the exercise drained the trio, as strange things began happening to their abilities. 

Cassie appeared to be in double trouble as she disagreed with her husband on his insistence to return to work soon after his injury. In the end, the makeup and plan extended an overdue date.

Their date does not go as planned, however, and they end up stranded on an Island.

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