GTA Online: Here’s How to Fly the Deluxo (PC, Xbox, PS)

GTA Online Heres How to Fly the Deluxo PC Xbox PS

Grand Theft Auto features a range of amazing vehicles for players to use in-game, and introducing the Deluxo has added even more playstyle options for fans. This futuristic vehicle can also hover, but many GTA Online players are still eager to know how to fly the Deluxo on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Deluxo can switch between a driving mode, hovering mode, and flying mode, but GTA Online players will need to activate hover mode before being able to fly with the vehicle.
  • PC and PlayStation users can activate hover mode with the “X” button, while Xbox users can use the “A” button, and continuing to fly mode will require acceleration.

The Deluxo in GTA Online

The concept of flying isn’t new to GTA fans, with the inclusion of the Flight School as well as the ability to fly various aircraft types in-game. The idea of enjoying flying cars is a relatively new concept – making its debut with the Deluxo, which is manufactured by Imponte and sold by Warstock Cache & Carry for the cost of between $4,312,500 and $5,750,000.

deluxo gta

Flying cars have always been infamous among sci-fi fans, often featured in futuristic gaming and movie titles, and the Deluxo has finally made this dream a reality for GTA players. This two-seater sports car is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and GTA Online, being released as a part of The Doomsday Heist update, and it can be enhanced through unlocked car upgrades as well.

Rockstar Games is infamous for drawing inspiration from real-world locations and specific vehicles – as seen with the Terrorbyte and the Kosatka Submarine. The design of the Deluxo was based on the DeLorean DMC-12 and the Lancia Montecarlo, apart from certain features concerning the vehicle’s shape, body, and details.

Does the Deluxo Have the Flying Ability?

While the overall look and feel of the Deluxo are loveable as is, boasting butterfly doors and a unique aesthetic to match, this vehicle truly stands out among the rest is ability to fly. The Deluxo can switch between a classic driving mode, a hover mode, and a flying mode, making it comparable to the infamous DeLorean time machine flaunted within the Back to the Future series.

This hover/fly mode can be transitioned to anytime, anywhere, and it’s super useful as it enables players to fly over terrain and water – making it valuable for evading enemies or aggressive GTA Online players with red Mental States. When transitioning from car to hover/fly mode, the Deluxo’s wheels will fold up in classic high-tech fashion, and a rear hatch will open up to reveal multiple square-shaped thrusters for forward propulsion.

Players will notice “thrust heat” coming from the wheel wells during its flying mode. Four small wings are deployed from the front extender and the side skirts before bending upwards to form winglets whenever the Deluxo is pushed upwards, designed to theoretically provide lift to the vehicle.

How Fast is the Deluxo?

The Deluxo is fast and naturally part of the Sports Classics car class. However, the Deluxo is significantly slower in flight mode, flying at an average speed of around 126.6 kph/ 78.7 mph – slightly slower than a Cargobob.

How to Fly the Deluxo in GTA Online (All Platforms)

Getting the hang of the Deluxo can be tricky for many GTA Online players, but the experience can be simple once players take off. The process primarily concerns whether players use a mouse and keyboard or a console controller – such as PC players who use controllers instead.

deluxo in action grand theft auto

Players will need to press the following buttons to switch to the Deluxo’s hovercraft/ flying mode in GTA Online:

GTA Online PlatformActivate
Hover Mode
Fly Mode
XboxAR2Left Stick Down
PlayStationXR2Left Stick Down

From there, players can activate the Deluxo’s flying mode by accelerating and pushing the vehicle upwards. The steering mechanics are similar to flying a plane or driving a car.

Why Isn’t My Deluxo Flying in GTA Online?

Some players have found issues with flying Deluxo in GTA Online. What’s key to note here is that the Deluxo needs to be switched into hovercraft mode from driving mode first, after which it can be switched to flying mode.

It’s not possible to transition from driving mode directly to flying mode. Players may find that the relevant key is set to another function, such as switching between Missiles and the Machine Gun, which can cause additional problems in some cases.

Landing with a Deluxo

The Deluxo will return to its former state whenever players switch back into driving mode, which can be done by gradually lowering the vehicle. All of the hover/ flying mode components are stored back into their various slots inside the vehicle’s body, and the wheels are simply lined up – ready for the road.

Leaving the Deluxo while it’s hover mode will result in the vehicle switching to driving mode – which will also occur if the Deluxo is flipped upside down during hover mode. From there, it should lower itself until it’s placed on the ground, after which players can simply hop in and continue driving around the city.

If the player decides to bail out of a Deluxo while it’s in flight mode, the vehicle will gradually come to a stop – similar to a regular moving car. It will then slowly descend toward the ground and transition into hover mode once it’s near the ground, after which the player can retrieve it.

deluxo on land

Unlike fully flying vehicles, such as helicopters, players cannot automatically access parachutes. Players will need to stock up on parachutes before taking the Deluxo out for a spin – just in case safe bailing is needed at some point.

That’s everything there is to know about the Deluxo and its flying feature in GTA Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although some fans may struggle to get this car in the air initially, the process can be surprisingly simple.

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