GTA V: Here’s How To Make Stolen Cars Yours

Heres How to Make Stolen Cars Yours in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto fans adore the huge variety of content that the title brings, but the massive selection of incredible rides is definitely a major selling point. Quite a lot of the cars that players obtain in-game will end up being stolen off the streets rather than purchased officially, leaving many fans curious to find out how to make stolen cars your own in GTA 5.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players cannot make a stolen car their own in GTA 5 Story Mode, and they will need to make sure the car is parked in a garage and protected as much as possible – provided that it’s not a “Hot” high-end car that cannot be saved inside a garage.
  • In GTA Online, players can use purchasable Tracking and Insurance features to make a stolen car their own.

Which Stolen Cars Can Be Kept?

So you’ve spotted an amazing car while out exploring the streets in GTA 5, and you’ve managed to steal the car and get away with it successfully. There’s nothing quite like getting a brand-new vehicle for you to use on missions or even a racing car that can be used as an incredible getaway vehicle during hot pursuits.

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However, the feeling of success can be relatively short-lived once one realizes that this new, stolen car can theoretically disappear at any moment. Many GTA 5 players have encountered issues in this regard and are wondering if there are ways to make stolen cars truly personalized and protected.

While there are ways to prevent stolen cars from being lost in-game and even a couple of methods that will make a stolen car your own in GTA 5, these approaches do not apply to every car out there. Generally speaking, the more valuable the car, the lower the chance of players being able to safely store, upgrade, or customize it – let alone use methods that will make it your own.

High-end cars can be finicky in terms of these methods, and they often cannot be parked inside GTA 5 garages. An easy way to check is to take the high-end car to Pay and Spray, as you should receive a notice saying that the car is too “Hot.”

If you do not receive the notice, it means it’s a car you can park inside garages and theoretically keep in-game. Generally speaking, any car that is not on the luxury auto website and has a value of less than $100,000 can be kept with the right steps – sports cars, high-end vehicles, and racing cars often cannot be kept altogether (but they can still be protected for as long as possible in many cases).

Can You Make a Stolen Car Your Own in GTA?

Making a stolen car your own in GTA 5 can be tricky, as the same methods will not apply to every scenario. As mentioned above, the first step will be to make sure that you can actually make adaptations to the vehicle in question and can park it inside a garage – after which you can go ahead with the next measures for your stolen car, which are similar to saving and storing all cars in GTA 5.

From this point, the available approaches will depend on whether you are playing GTA 5 single-player Story Mode or GTA Online. There is a range of differences between GTA Story Mode and GTA Online, many of which concern the overall storyline, the environment, and the gaming experience. Still, there is a range of features that are unique to GTA Online – which comes into play when trying to save and keep stolen cars.

Keeping a Stolen Car in GTA 5 Story Mode

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a stolen car your own in GTA 5’s single-player Story Mode. Story Mode is well-known for having a fairly poor ‘car collecting’ system, and players rarely get the chance to hold onto every car they obtain (or steal).

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The only way to ‘keep’ stolen cars in GTA 5 is to park them inside garages, where they will be saved and protected until they are taken out again. Players can either purchase a property that has garages or make use of the main three characters’ garage spaces in different locations.

Make sure to stay near your stolen car if you decide to take it out for a ride, as there is a chance it could disappear off the map or get stolen if you go too far. Since there is no way to save stolen cars altogether, the car will be lost if it gets destroyed.

Cars that get towed can often be retrieved from the Impound Lot for a fee. If you can use GTA V mods, depending on your chosen platform, you could also consider using a tow truck via a Simple Trainer, Menyoo, or a similar modding program, as this will allow your stolen car to be towed and taken back to your chosen storage spot for safekeeping.

Keeping a Stolen Car in GTA Online

When it comes to GTA Online, players will be able to make a stolen car their own, provided that it can be parked inside a garage – the only cars that are permanent are those purchased with Shark Cash Cards. Often, high-end cars and racing cars can still be stolen off the street, but GTA Online players can generally make stolen cars their own by adding Tracking and Insurance features to them.

Getting Tracking and Insurance on your stolen car will be the best way to ensure that you do not lose the car over time. This can be done by going to Los Santos Customs with a car you stole from the streets of San Andreas or Los Santos, navigating to Loss and Theft Protection, and purchasing the available features.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on it on the map when it’s not parked safely inside your garage, and you can reclaim it after it’s destroyed for a fraction of the initial value. This benefit is one of the major reasons why many long-term fans prefer GTA Online over GTA 5 (apart from the iconic experience and lore, of course, as GTA Online is far more enjoyable after playing GTA 5).

That’s everything there is to know about making a stolen car yours in GTA 5. While GTA 5 Story Mode does not allow players to officially make a stolen car their own, players enjoying GTA Online can benefit from added features. Not all of the cars can be made your own, however, as some are too “Hot” and can still be stolen off the street – make sure you keep all of your cars safe and sound, irrespective of whether you play GTA 5 or GTA Online.

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