GTA Online: Here’s Why the Pursuit Series Is Unavailable & (How To Fix It)

Heres Why the Pursuit Series is Unavailable How to Fix It

Rockstar Games has introduced a flood of new content for avid fans over the years, with GTA Online receiving major updates, including activities, features, events, and much more. Since the Grand Theft Auto saga has always focused on cars and races, the Pursuit Series has become incredibly popular among players – but many fans are eager to find out why the Pursuit Series is unavailable and how to fix it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players need to have an LS Car Meet membership and must have reached Level 5 Reputation (550 reputation points) in order to unlock the Pursuit Series in GTA Online.
  • The Pursuit Series races are available for between 4 and 16 players, and they can be found from the Race Organizer or via “Rockstar Created” races in the Start Menu.

The Pursuit Series Races in GTA Online

GTA Online introduced the Pursuit Series along with the Los Santos Tuners update, which took place on July 20th, 2021. The update included many new car-focused missions, races, challenges, properties, and more.

gta online lost santos tuners

Pursuit Series races are classified as Land Races with Point-to-Point Route Types, and they take place at various locations. The races are available for between 4 and 16 players at a time, and the Pursuit Series includes seven different Pursuit Races.

  1. A Real Education
  2. Get Trucked
  3. Good Bet
  4. Groving
  5. Industrial Action
  6. It’s Terminal
  7. Join the Club

Hosts of Pursuit Series races can choose to include custom vehicles or not – however, only vehicles from the Tuner Race Class may be selected. Some permanent restrictions are unusual compared to other race types, such as the Time of Day being set to Night and the radio station being the Media Player.

How to Unlock the Pursuit Series

The LS Car Meet comprises the basement and roof of the disused Pißwasser warehouse, situated opposite the Pißwasser Factory on Popular Street in La Mesa, Los Santos. Coronas are present at various garage doors for vehicular access, in addition to several pedestrian access doors.

gta ls car meet

All players who have purchased an LS Car Meet Membership from Mimi can participate in Pursuit Series races after they have reached Level 5 reputation, which requires 550 Reputation Points. Reputation can be earned by participating in LS Car Meet activities and events or passively.

Players who are new to the lS Car Meet can follow the steps below to reach Level 5 reputation quickly, to unlock the Pursuit Series races.

  1. Take a personal vehicle to the test track inside the LS Car Meet building.
  2. Do one timed lap on the test track.
  3. Take a test vehicle on the test track.
  4. Take your vehicle to the mod shop inside the LS Car Meet and make any changes to it.
  5. Buy the first three unlocked clothing items from the Merch Vendor at the car meet.
  6. Do a Sprint race or street race.

Completing these tasks should get players to Level 5, even if it’s only the first day. Alternatively, players can also just hang out at the LS Car Meet until they reach Level 5 as well – this is since being inside the LS Car Meet building will earn players 150 Reputation Points per hour passively.

gta car 3

From this point, players should be met with a pop-up notice (a text from Hao) that reads: “LS Car Meet Race Unlocked: Pursuit Series. Your increased reputation with the LS Car Meet now gives you access to the Pursuit Series by speaking to the Race Organizer.”

Players can simply choose to start the Pursuit Series races from the Race Organizer. He can be found inside the LS car Meet building, and the available races will appear by talking to him.

Why is the Pursuit Series Unavailable?

Some players have found that starting the races can be trickier than expected. Even players who have reached Level 5 and unlocked the Pursuit Series races may experience issues trying to find and start the races from the Race Organizer.

These fans have stated that finding, hosting, and starting a Pursuit Series race is possible by following the steps below.

  1. Open up the Start Menu.
  2. Navigate to the Online tab.
  3. Select Rockstar Created.
  4. Find the Races section.
  5. Locate Pursuit Series races.

How to Complete the Pursuit Series in GTA Online

To start a Pursuit Series race, the player can open their map and scroll through the icons on the right side until they reach the race icon. From there, simply click on the Pursuit Series in order to highlight all of the race locations on the map.

gta race

Find a Pursuit Race and set it as your waypoint, then head over to the location given to get ready for your race. When players initiate a Pursuit Series race, the lobby will open for other players to join.

Since the minimum number of participants is 4, many GTA Online players have found that it can take ages for the lobby to fill up – which can be pretty frustrating for solo players. The race will only begin once the lobby is filled up, or the countdown has run down, but it will be unsuccessful with too few participants.

The specifics of these races are similar to normal Point-to-Point races in-game, with a few exceptions. A wanted level (3 – 5 stars) is triggered shortly after players make their way to the track, which will become progressively more difficult after passing each checkpoint until the finish line.

Pursuit Series Rewards

One of the best benefits of the Pursuit Series races is how much reputation it rewards players. Participating in a Pursuit Race will reward the player 50 LS Car Meet reputation points (75 reputation points for the first time), although this has a 24-hour cooldown before it is awarded again.

gta cars 1 1

Players will also receive reputation points based on their finishing position and the number of participants, as seen below.

Pursuit Series
Race Position
(9 – 16 Players)
(5 – 8 Players)
(4 Players)
11th – 16th5

Reputation levels can unlock clothing, vehicle trade prices, modifications, or jobs in GTA Online. There are 1000 levels, and every level will award the player $5,000 up until they reach Level 100 – from 100 to 200, every level will award $10,000.

From 200 to 250, every level will award $20,000, while every level after 250 will award $50,000 – finally, reaching Level 1000 will award players a whopping $1,000,000. Based on how amazing earning reputation points can be, it’s no surprise that so many GTA Online players are eager to participate in as many Pursuit Series races as possible.

That’s everything there is to know about the Pursuit Series in GTA Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although quite a few players may struggle to start the Pursuit Series, these races can definitely be kicked off with the right setup and steps.

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