GTA Online: “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” Meaning & Fix

GTA Online Mechanic Otherwise Occupied Meaning How to Fix It

Mechanics benefit all Grand Theft Auto players, particularly when it comes to GTA Online. However, players have found that they cannot always get the services they request, instead being met with a notice that reads “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied,” and many are curious to find out what it means as well as how to fix it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players will receive the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” notice when the mechanic cannot offer services in GTA Online.
  • This issue is commonly due to the mechanic not being paid, the player being inside certain Jobs or Heists, or the player being in an unreachable location.
  • However, players may also experience this issue due to bugs and errors requiring alternative approaches.

Mechanics in GTA Online

GTA Online offers a vast range of amazing features, including its natural “Free Play” mode style and countless opportunities for playing GTA in multiplayer mode. However, this infamous title also flaunts the addition of the mechanic as a supporting character, typically ready to take on new jobs around the clock.

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Players need to hire the mechanic upon their first purchase of a GTA garage, or the purchase of a property that automatically comes with a garage – such as a house or an apartment. He will be available as a contact within the character’s phone after the player officially employs him topped off with a contact image depicting the Los Santos Customs logo.

The mechanic in GTA Online will repair the player’s vehicles, and he can deliver vehicles to players whenever this service is requested. However, there are a few terms and conditions for using the mechanic’s services in GTA Online, which can cause problems for some players later down the line.

What Does “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” Mean?

If a GTA Online player receives a notice that reads “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” when trying to call the mechanic and request services, it means that the mechanic cannot provide services as a whole. This could be temporary based on situational aspects, or it may require players to take action for it to be resolved.


Most of these cases involve some simple causes and relative fixes, although others are more complex and may result from bugs, glitches, and errors. Below are the most common causes for the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” issue in GTA Online.

1. Unpaid Daily Fees for Mechanic Services

Forgetting to pay the mechanic daily is the most common reason for receiving the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” pop-up notice. This issue is also quite common for players who are focused on completing missions, tasks, and time-sensitive events such as the Prize Ride Challenge.

At first, players will need to pay the mechanic a daily fee of $50 per property with a garage prior to The Contract, after which the fee will be lowered to $10. But, he will not be paid if the player doesn’t have enough funds in their character’s Maze Bank account.

The mechanic needs to be paid each day to remain employed – if left unpaid, he will not answer the player’s calls and will simply suspend his services until he is paid again. To avoid this issue, it’s always advised to keep enough funds on hand for multiple days.

2. Mechanics Cannot Be Used During Certain Jobs

Another common cause for receiving the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” notice involves the job that the player’s character is in at the time of the request. This is because the mechanic cannot simply deliver vehicles in all situations.

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The mechanic in GTA Online cannot deliver vehicles during specific jobs in GTA Online, such as Survivals as well as numerous Heists. Instead, the mechanic will not answer the player’s call, and players will be met with the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” notice.

3. Players in an Inaccessible Location

In some cases, the mechanic may not be able to provide delivery services to the player due to the player’s location. The mechanic will only be able to deliver vehicles if the player is near a road, and players may be met with the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” notice if the player is in an inaccessible location.

4. Mechanic Delivery Service Bugs & Glitches

As with almost every gaming title out there, GTA Online is home to glitches, bugs, and errors. Unfortunately, quite a few fans have experienced varying issues with the mechanic in GTA Online as well, many of which have led to them receiving the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” notice.

There are a handful of known bugs regarding the mechanic’s delivery service in particular. Quite a few GTA Online players have experienced relative issues, with some cases going on for multiple days or even over a week.

Most of these bugs have not been directly targeted and fixed by the creators. Instead, since update 1.10, the requested vehicle will be delivered to the player’s location utilizing spawning – rather than having the mechanic deliver the vehicle to the player’s location in person.

How to Fix “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” in GTA Online

Many players may find that the issue resolves itself after changing the player’s location or situation. Players may be successful in requesting mechanic services once they have left the relative job or heist or once they have moved their character to an accessible location near a road.

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However, other instances may require some additional steps and alternative methods. Below are some of the players’ best approaches to fix the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” issue in GTA Online.

1. Paying the Mechanic

The most common way to try and resolve the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied’ issue is to ensure that the terms and conditions of the mechanic’s employment contract are met. If the mechanic is simply not working due to not being paid, players will need to make sure that he gets paid the amount of money he’s due.

Follow the steps below to secure funds for the mechanic and gain access to his services as soon as possible.

  1. Open the character’s Phone.
  2. Navigate to the Web Browser.
  3. Go to Money and Services.
  4. Navigate to the Maze Bank website.
  5. The character’s account balance should be displayed in the top right corner. The number displayed at the top details the amount of available funds, while the bottom number reflects the total amount of funds the player has in the bank.
  6. Head to the Main Menu within the Maze Bank website and select “Withdraw Money.”
  7. Players will need to ensure they have enough funds reflected within the top section to pay the mechanic every day. This figure will vary between players, depending on the number of owned garages or properties with garages.
  8. Click “Yes” to confirm the transaction.
  9. The funds should then be reflected at the top of the balances section.
  10. Use the funds to pay the mechanic, which a pop-up notice should confirm. It will take 24 hours in-game (about 30 minutes in real-time) for the funds to transfer to the mechanic, meaning that players will have to wait for some time before being able to use his services again.

2. Fixing “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” Bugs

When it comes to cases caused by bugs, glitches, or errors, things become significantly more problematic and complex to resolve. Rockstar Games has responded to some of these reports, stating that players can try either unplugging the console and restarting it again, or deleting the cache and resetting the game using the following steps.

PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Application Saved Data Management.
  3. Select either System Storage, Online Storage, or USB Storage.
  4. Select Delete.
  5. Select Grand Theft Auto V and place ticks next to the game data files (NOT save files).
  6. Select Delete and then OK to confirm your decision.
  7. Restart the game while holding the L1 + R1 buttons on your controller.

Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

  1. Clear your system cache by holding the power button on your console until the system fully shuts off.
  2. Power on the system and launch the game.


  1. In your PC’s Documents folder (C:\Users[USERNAME]\Documents by default), delete or rename the Social Club folder.
  2. Restart the game.
  3. Allow the files to finish reinstalling.

That being said, these approaches do not always work to resolve the bugs and errors leading to the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” notice. Unfortunately, far too many GTA Online players have been spending their in-game time on foot due to this issue.

If you find that your mechanic issue is caused by a glitch, error, or bug, it’s always advised to contact Rockstar Games directly. Hopefully, the developers can address and resolve the issue via patches and updates or provide more tailored advice.

That’s everything there is to know about the “Mechanic Otherwise Occupied” issue in GTA Online, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. While fans may get stuck trying to resolve this issue when caused by numerous bugs, it can be fixed with simple approaches in most cases.

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