GTA Online: Timer Explained (How Long Until Inactivity & How To Earn Money?)

GTA Online Timer Explained How Long Until Inactivity How to Earn Money

Grand Theft Auto includes many realistic concepts, and time is an incredibly important factor when it comes to GTA Online. Many players struggle to get the hang of GTA Online time and how to earn money without getting kicked for inactivity.

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  • Players can go AFK without getting kicked for inactivity after 15 minutes by having their GTA Online character watch CCTV cameras (if accessible) or watch TV inside an owned apartment/house.
  • It’s possible to use DIY approaches to ensure that the character remains active as well, but these methods can cause issues for controllers later down the line.

GTA Online Timer Explained

GTA 5 Story Mode involved time in a far more crucial way, with players often having to wait until a certain time in order to trigger a mission. Unlike the other releases, GTA Online is based around a universal time – topped off with continuous time progression.

The time will always correspond with the in-game timer displayed for every GTA Online player in that session. For example, if the time in a player’s session is 23:15, the in-game time for every player in that session will automatically be 23:15 as well.

In-game time will also remain “Live,” with time continuing to progress irrespective of who is active in a session or not. Players have the option to alter the time of day in GTA Online missions, races, captures, or in an LTS, but the time remains linear for the most part, as well as in certain missions.

How Long Is 1 GTA Online Hour in Real-Time?

Based on the ratio between GTA Online time and real-world time, 1 hour in GTA Online would equate to 2 minutes in real-time.

How Long is 1 GTA Online Day in Real-Time?

Based on the ratio between GTA Online time and real-world time, one day in GTA Online would equate to 48 minutes in real time.

How Long Does it Take to Be Kicked for Inactivity in GTA Online?

Considering just how many people play GTA Online, it’s no surprise that Rockstar Games automatically ends the session for idle players. Players can remain inactive for 15 minutes before they are kicked from the server due to inactivity – which equates to about 7.5 hours in-game.

AFK GTA Online Methods

Gamers have always found unique ways to go AFK (“away from keyboard”), even if it’s just to step out for a quick bite. Getting kicked after only 15 minutes can be frustrating – especially since some players experience issues simply trying to get back into a session, such as the loading screen getting stuck during the process.

Since the cause of getting kicked is inactivity, the main approach is to ensure that the player’s character is always busy with something, even if it means simply walking around in circles (in a safe place, of course). Players can use any of the classic AFK approaches to prevent their character from getting kicked in GTA Online, such as.

  • Using rubber bands to keep the controller joystick in a certain direction will result in the character continuously moving.
  • PC players may be able to use programs on their computer that have a “mouse clicking” function that will prevent inactivity.

With that being said, some of the simplest methods involve players finding an in-game activity for their GTA Online characters, such as watching TV inside their apartment or house. Players can also choose to watch CCTV cameras if they can access this activity.

Since this is considered “active,” Rockstar Games will likely not kick the player. However, PC players should always avoid minimizing the game window, as this counts as being inactive as well.

Players may still be kicked after a prolonged period of time. In these cases, players are met with an “error” notice (shown below, thanks to fans on Quora) that states the player has to start another GTA Online session in order to continue.

error alert gta

Another method involves heading to the Los Santos Car Meet, and simply leaving the screen on the menu after entering – (Tip: Wearing the Racer Suit while AFK at the LS car Meet will grant extra reputation points as well). This method works since players are still active in the lobby even though their character isn’t doing anything.

AFK GTA Online Money-Making Methods

Players can earn money while AFK by owning a Nightclub, Arcade, and Agency – profits will be increased with upgrades, such as by buying more Nightclub storage. While daily fees will be incurred, these properties should pay out money every in-game day, meaning AFK players will get paid every 48 minutes.

The Acid Lab, Bunker, and other businesses in GTA Online can also be used, although the Nightclub is considered the best for profits after all the necessary investments.

Risks of Going AFK in GTA Online

Going AFK in GTA Online can be super helpful for odd moments where it’s needed, but it does come with some potential risks. Players who do not have access to an apartment or house can try switching to Passive Mode temporarily to ensure other players cannot kill their character, after which a different location can be used.

Players who go AFK with high-end jobs like being a CEO could get charged business expenses every 48 minutes. If this is not what you’re looking for, this can be avoided by starting solo jobs, such as “Blow Up,” as players will not be charged as long as the job is active.

That’s everything there is to know about GTA Online time and AFK money-making methods. Although it can be annoying to find that the game session has ended due to inactivity, there are many ways for players to trick the system and remain online for much longer than expected.

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