GTA V: Did Trevor Kill Floyd and Debra? Here’s What Happened

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Grand Theft Auto is infamous for its endless list of fascinating characters, all of which have varying personality traits and abilities. Trevor, the most controversial yet oddly loveable main character in GTA, seems to have taken the blame for the deaths of two side characters – many fans still wonder if Trevor really killed Floyd and Debra and what really happened.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • While many GTA 5 fans still believe that Trevor killed Floyd with a gun and killed Debra with a knife in the mission Hang Ten, many pieces of information simply don’t add up.
  • It’s more likely that Debra shot Floyd and killed him, after which Trevor immediately avenged Floyd’s death by killing Debra with a knife.

Hang Ten Mission: Trevor, Floyd, and Debra’s Confrontation

GTA 5 has many interesting and oddball characters, and Trevor is possibly the most iconic face within the GTA franchise. He is infamous for his fits of blind rage, his creepy quirks, as well as his endless string of bad choices – but Trevor is also well-known for his psychotic tendencies and occasional killing sprees.

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Still, many fans argue that while Trevor can kill without question, he does not necessarily seek these instances. More often than not, Trevor has a reason for killing any of his victims – whether it be related to personal motives or gain or as a result of anger and betrayal.

Fans were quick to question the mysterious yet clearly violent confrontation between Trevor, Floyd, and Debra in Hang Ten – primarily since the GTA 5 creators did not show exactly what happened. All fans know is that they got into a heated debate surrounding the relationships between the three characters, and it all ended with Debra and Floyd both pulling out weapons.

The encounter began when Trevor decided to visit Floyd’s home. After Trevor barged into the home where he came face to face with a shocked and off-guard Debra. The three characters began discussing tense topics, including Debra cheating on Floyd with a man named Bob.

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Even though she did not deny any of the allegations, Debra became enraged by Trevor’s words. She then pulls out a gun stating that she’s not afraid to use it, and she points it at Trevor and Floyd.

While Trevor automatically sticks his hands up to help deescalate the situation, Floyd, in turn, pulls out a knife – swearing for the first time and clearly upset about Bob and Debra’s now confirmed affair. The cutscene then ends with Trevor stating that Floyd and Debra aren’t exactly “nice,” and the rest is left for players’ imaginations.

Fans are not given any other glimpses of the events that occur after this moment, which has sparked much debate and speculation.

Once Trevor finally leaves the apartment, he is covered in blood from head to toe and visibly shaken and gloomy about whatever happened inside the home. He then meets Wade, Floyd’s wholesome yet clueless cousin, and he convinces Wade that he should not go inside to see the couple as planned.

The substance on Trevor’s clothing is confirmed to be blood, as seen when Wade “licks” Trevor, thinking it is syrup. Trevor and Wade then search for a Strip Club while chatting about wild memories from their pasts.

What Really Happened to Floyd and Debra? All Theories Explained

Fans are still unsure about what happened inside that apartment, although there are a few theories that could solve the mystery. Some of the most dedicated GTA 5 players have analyzed numerous details from both during and after the event in order to narrow down the most likely scenario.

The key information here involves a news report on the radio stating that a couple was killed in their home (referring to Floyd and Debra). The news report explained that a man was found shot in the head and a woman was found stabbed to death.

Floyd and Debra’s bodies were discovered by some fans who managed to break back into the apartment immediately after the cutscene. However, the apartment appears to be clean when fans glitch their way in after the area is already covered by police and crime scene tape.

Trevor’s conversation with Wade also gives us insight into what really happened to the couple. Additional details also include the fact that the apartment was found with numerous bullet holes in the walls, implying that multiple shots had been fired during the confrontation.

1. Trevor Killed Floyd and Debra (Canon Theory)

The most obvious theory dictates that Trevor killed both Floyd and Debra, although fans are still uncertain how this would have occurred. While this is the “official” theory according to canon sources, there are simply too many things that do not add up.

Debra had a gun and was ready to pull the trigger, while Floyd had a knife for self-defense. But Trevor did not have any weapon in hand and had the appearance of someone who wasn’t looking for a fight – in fact, he had just told Floyd and Debra that he loved them only a few seconds before this took place.

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Although Trevor is known for killing armed opponents with or without a weapon, many fans believe he wouldn’t have had the motive or the heart to kill Floyd or Debra. Trevor was not the biggest fan of Debra, particularly after learning that she actually was cheating on Floyd, but it appears he did not have the intention of killing either character.

If Trevor did kill both Floyd and Trevor, the only fitting scenario would involve Trevor going into a fit of blind rage – which is when Trevor essentially becomes invincible. Debra may have fired a few shots a missed all of them, after which he may have disarmed her and shot Floyd in the head.

Trevor would have grabbed the knife instead and stabbed her to death for some reason. Even in this case, the logic behind Trevor’s actions would not make sense, which is why most fans believe Trevor did not kill Floyd and Debra.

2. Trevor and Floyd Killed Debra Together (Fan Theory)

This theory is impossible after assessing the facts, although speculating is quite interesting. Trevor states that Floyd will be joining himself and Wade at the Strip Club, which questions whether or not Floyd was actually killed.

According to some fans, messages still appear in Floyd’s profile on LifeInvader, which is the online social networking service and company in GTA V and GTA Online. Fans have noted that LifeInvader posts do change based on main and minor characters’ whereabouts as well as GTA 5 Story Mode events, which may imply that he is still alive – still, these LifeInvader posts may involve his death as well.

While many fans enjoy speculating that Floyd is still alive, this is unfortunately not the case, especially considering that Trevor was seen emotionally at the Strip Club – Trevor may have told Wade that Floyd would join them as well as a way of coping with the loss. This theory was ruled out once some tech-savvy GTA fans accessed the couple’s apartment immediately after Trevor left.

floyd teddy

Floyd also owned a teddy bear called Mr. Raspberry Jam, and it was attached to Trevor’s truck as a unique grille ornament after Hang Ten. This would indicate that Floyd was killed off-screen and that Trevor tries to remember him.

3. Debra Killed Floyd and Trevor Killed Debra (Most Likely Theory)

The more likely scenario is that Debra shot Floyd in the head, killing him instantly. Debra would have likely tried to kill Trevor as well after this point, either due to anger or to cover up her crimes, but Trevor would have dodged these shots as he had no wounds by the end of the encounter.

He would have then gone on to grab the knife from a now deceased Floyd and stab Debra to death, explaining the blood splatters on the kitchen window where she was standing only moments before.

Such a scenario would explain the multiple bullet holes found in the apartment and why Trevor stated that Debra would not be able to join himself and Wade at the Strip Club – implying that she was actually dead. This is by far the most believable theory at the time of writing.

That’s everything there is to know about the confrontation between Trevor, Floyd, and Debra. A handful of fans still believe that Trevor killed both of these characters in a fit of rage, but it’s far more likely that Trevor only killed Debra due to her killing Floyd.

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