GTA V: Here’s How Many Cars You Can Store in a Garage

GTA V Heres How Many Cars You Can Store in a Garage

Grand Theft Auto fans have always adored just how many awesome vehicles the game offers, including hot sports cars, classic everyday vehicles, and even some rough and tough vehicles that can be great for going off-road. However, since garage space is limited in GTA 5, many players are eager to find out just how many cars you can store in a garage in GTA 5.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players can store up to 2 vehicles in each of the garages attached to the main characters’ safehouses and up to 4 vehicles in each of the characters’ purchasable vehicle garages.
  • This would make it possible to safely store up to 18 vehicles inside garages across all characters in GTA 5, excluding the personal vehicles that come with the main characters.

How Many Garages Can Players Have in GTA 5?

Garages have been a classic inclusion within the entire GTA saga for many, many years, offering players a simple way to store and save cars. The garages in GTA 5 are no exception, as these features have returned after GTA IV alongside marinas, hangars, and even helipads for players who want to fly in GTA 5.

GTA V garage 1

Using garages can afford numerous benefits to players, including Vehicle Repair and Vehicle Customization within GTA 5 specifically. There are also Miscellaneous Garages as well, although players typically only have access to these spaces during missions and cannot make use of them whenever they’d like.

Players will naturally gain access to one mini garage when they unlock each of the main three characters, namely Franklin Clinton, Trevor Phillips, and Micheal De Santa. Each of the characters will have some garage space attached to their safehouses, but players can also access additional garage space by buying properties in GTA 5.

Each of the main GTA 5 characters can buy a vehicle garage, which can hold more vehicles when compared to the default garage attached to their safehouses. Below are the locations of the purchasable vehicle garages for each of the main GTA 5 characters.

GTA 5 Main CharacterPurchasable Vehicle Garage Location
Franklin ClintonDavis: an incorporated city in southern Los Santos County, San Andreas.
Trevor PhillipsPillbox Hill: the largest neighborhood in Downtown Los Santos, San Andreas.
Micheal De SantaWest Vinewood: a middle to upper-class neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas.

This would mean that each character can have a safehouse garage and a purchasable garage, bringing the total number of garages to 6. However, players will need to continue on with GTA 5 Story Mode until they unlock each of these characters in order to access all of the available garages in-game – simply enjoying GTA 5 Free Play may not be enough to progress in the game’s early stages.

How Many Cars Can You Store in a Garage in GTA 5?

Players can store anywhere between 2 and 4 vehicles per garage in GTA 5, although this primarily depends on the type of garage. The garages that come with each of the characters’ safehouses are far more limited, with only 2 available parking spots, typically allowing a good starting point for newer players who cannot invest in a proper vehicle garage just yet.

  • Franklin Clinton: The first safehouse offers room for 1 car and 1 bike. It may be possible to force in 2 cars, although some players have reported cases of vehicles disappearing with this method.
  • Trevor Phillips: The trailer offers room for 1 car and 1 bike. However, it may be possible to force in 2 cars.
  • Micheal De Santa: The mansion offers room for 2 vehicles.

Once players can invest in a vehicle garage, they will gain access to far more vehicle space. The purchasable vehicle garages can store up to 4 vehicles at a time, which will make sure that they are saved and safe from damage as long as they are inside the garage.

garage buying

Since these garages work by ensuring that everything within the area is safe, it may be technically possible to squeeze in some extra vehicles or maneuver your cars so that an extra car might fit. That being said, although the majority of the “cars disappearing from garages” issues have been resolved over the years by means of various updates and patches, taking this sort of approach may come with relative risks.

Adding an extra car or vehicle may result in one or more of the cars disappearing from the garage in some cases. For this reason, it’s always recommended to stick to the maximum storage number per garage type.

How Many Cars Can Players Have in GTA 5?

Since players can store 2 vehicles in each of the main characters’ safehouses and 4 vehicles in each of the main characters’ purchasable vehicle garages, each character in GTA 5 will be able to store up to 6 different cars inside garages. As a result, players will be able to safely store a maximum of 18 cars in GTA 5.

gta cars

If we were to include the personal cars, this would bring the total up to 22 cars since these cars do not need to take up a spot within garages – they will naturally respawn for each character. Adding on the free stock versions of the van, Kalahari, BF Bifta, and the Annis Elegy (which are available at the characters’ garages without taking up a spot) will bring the total number of storable cars to 24.

That being said, quite a few fans have stated that this may not work if you take one of these free vehicles out for a ride – returning the vehicle to a garage already housing 4 other cars will prompt the message “Not Enough Space”. For this reason, quite a few fans choose to store their free car and never use them, opting for higher-tiered cars instead – or, players can just make sure that they only store 3 other cars if they’d like to use the free cars.

Garage Alternatives (Parking Spaces)

For players who have even more cars, choosing which vehicles to store inside garages can be quite tricky. Fortunately, players can make use of the available parking spaces in GTA 5 as well – although most fans prefer to make sure their favorites are always locked up in their garages for safety.

vanilla unicorn gta

Parking spaces can technically be used to store cars as well, even though they are not ideal. The Vanilla Unicorn has parking spaces located along its side, which can hold up to 2 vehicles, and it’s also useful for storing large vehicles that may be tricky to park inside a garage, such as the Rhino.

That’s everything there is to know about how many cars you can store inside a garage in GTA 5, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Despite the fact that garages can occasionally cause issues for players, these problems seem to have been patched out over the years for the most part – players can enjoy parking all of their beloved vehicles inside their characters’ garages for convenient and safe storage.

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