Han or Luke? Here’s Who Kissed Princess Leia First


The entire storyline of Star Wars started with the introduction of its original Big Three of Luke, Leia, and Han. These characters ended up having great relationships as allies, but we all knew Leia and Han had a thing for one another. It was also late during the original trilogy that it was finally revealed that Luke and Leia were siblings even though they kissed before. So, who between Luke and Han kissed Princess Leia first?

Luke actually kissed Leia before Han ever did. That’s because he had three kisses on the cheek during the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Leia also kissed Luke on the lips during the events of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back to make Han jealous.

Even though Leia had feelings for Han, she kissed Luke first before giving one to Solo. Of course, this all sounds weird right now because we know the truth about the relationship between Luke and Leia. It’s safe to say that Star Wars wasn’t exactly planned from the moment George Lucas thought of the first movie’s story. Now, let’s look at who kissed Leia first.

Luke Kissed Leia First

It was never a secret that the storyline of the original Star Wars trilogy revolved around the trio of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo. Of course, Leia was introduced as the damsel in distress, while Luke was the hero forced to rise up to the occasion. Meanwhile, Han was the morally grey character allowed to develop into a true hero.

The fact that Leia was the so-called damsel in distress initially made the Star Wars storyline look like a love triangle involving Luke and Han. But it was clear during the start of the storyline that Leia and Han had a very tense relationship that seemed to indicate that they were both attracted to one in the classic good-girl-meets-bad-boy cliché. While that may be true, it was also clear that Leia cared a lot for Luke and liked (probably not in a romantic way) him the moment they first met.


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That was why Luke was the one that had the opportunity to kiss Leia first as he came in as a knight in shining armor to the princess that was in danger. Of course, in the first movie, there were no kisses on the lips because all of the kisses Leia gave Luke were on the cheek.

There were three kisses in A New Hope, and all of them seem to be friendly, allowing us to see that Leia kissed Luke for good luck or as a sweet gesture for his valiant efforts in helping the Rebellion. Meanwhile, Han didn’t get a single kiss from Leia in the first movie, as it was clear that the princess was somewhat playing hard to get.

Luke’s first real kiss from Leia happens during the events of The Empire Strikes Back when he is in the medical bay after surviving what could have been a fatal encounter in the snow. Before that, Leia and Han were bickering with one another as the sexual tension between them became even more obvious. To make Solo jealous, Organa kissed Skywalker on the lips in what was the first real kiss we saw involving the Big Three of the Star Wars universe.

How Many Times Did Luke and Leia Kiss?

Eventually, we found out that Luke and Leia were siblings. That made things weird because we know that siblings don’t kiss each other on the lips. After all, this has always been indicative of incest. Nevertheless, we know that the Star Wars storyline wasn’t exactly planned, as they didn’t initially decide that Luke and Leia were siblings.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen Luke and Leia kissing each other quite a few times during the events of Star Wars. In A New Hope, they shared three kisses, as all of them were on the cheek. These kisses were for good luck or were rewards for his bravery as a hero. Then, in Empire Strikes Back, Leia kissed Luke twice, including the infamous kiss on the cheek.

As such, in the original trilogy, Luke and Leia kissed five times, with one being on the lips. The other four kisses were on the cheek, as they were friendly, allowing us to see the affection and respect shared between the two characters.

Did Luke Know Leia Was His Sister When Kissed?

Now, here comes the kicker. As mentioned, George Lucas and his team of writers somewhat didn’t plan ahead of time for Luke and Leia to be siblings. In fact, while Leia’s identity as a Force-sensitive individual was already established in The Empire Strikes Back, indications point to the possibility that she was never meant to be Luke’s twin sister, or else Lucas wouldn’t have allowed them to kiss. As such, it is possible that they were originally meant to be part of a love triangle involving Han.

This opens up the possibility that Luke only realized that he and Leia were siblings during the events of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. There was never a point in the storyline wherein he may have known deep inside that they were related. As such, when Leia kissed him, Luke seemed to have enjoyed it because he didn’t know that she was his sister.


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However, we can’t say the same for Leia because of what she said in Return of the Jedi. When Luke opened up about the possibility of them being siblings, Leia told Luke that some of her always knew they were siblings. That means Leia must have already known from the start that Luke was her brother but only stayed blind to it until she could confirm it. This makes things weirder because she kisses Luke even though something inside her knows they are siblings.

When Did Han First Kiss Leia?

Of course, Han eventually got to kiss Leia, but it happened much later in the movie when they shared a passionate kiss inside the Millennium Falcon. This was the first kiss the two shared, and Luke already received four kisses from Leia before Han even got to kiss her. After that, Leia and Han kissed in the infamous “I know” scene right before Solo got frozen in carbonite.

Han Leia 1.jpg

Leia and Han eventually got together after Leia confirmed her hunches about her relationship with Luke. That means that Leia and Han, of course, shared more than just a few kisses while sharing a married life after the events of the original trilogy.

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