50 Most Powerful Ships in the Star Wars Universe (Ranked)

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They wouldn’t call it ‘Star Wars’ if they actually didn’t have wars in space. That means that the Star Wars universe is full of different ships that the various factions use for battling. While the Star Wars ships come in all shapes and sizes, there are those that tend to be more powerful than the others. That is why we are here to rank the most powerful ships in the Star Wars universe.

50. A-Wing Fighter

A wing DICE

We start our list of the most powerful ships in the Star Wars with A-Wing Fighter. The A-Wing Fighter is probably the starfighter that gets the least attention when it comes to the Rebel ships. However, this is actually a pretty strong ship that is often said to be similar to the Empire’s TIE Interceptor in terms of its performance. That means that this should be a pretty fast fighter that is meant to blitz other ships, even though it may lack size and firepower.

If you look at the mechanical aspects of the A-Wing Fighter, it is quite similar to the ever-popular X-Wing. However, it doesn’t have the same number of lasers, as it only has two. Nevertheless, the purpose of this ship is to make sure that it blitzes opposing ships with its speed, and that’s its biggest advantage.

49. Vulture Droid

228 2282325 sa vd star wars vulture droid png.png

The Vulture Droid is quite arguably one of the most annoying ships in the entire Star Wars galaxy, as it has seen its fair share of frustrating moments throughout the Star Wars movies and shows. And the main reason why Vulture Droids are annoying is that they are unmanned and are completely piloted by droids.

Vulture Droids saw their biggest moments during the events of the Clone Wars, as the Trade Federation often used them. They are smaller than most ships, but the fact that they are capable of transforming into land fighters allows them to become quite versatile.

48. Naboo Royal Starship

Naboo Royal Starship

The Naboo Royal Starship is quite arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing ships in the entire Star Wars universe because of how it was meant to be a personal cruiser for the queen of Naboo, and that’s why we often saw it being used by Padme Amidala throughout the events of the prequel trilogy movies.

Even though this ship is weaponless and is made to function as a personal transportation ship purely, its reputation precedes itself because of how it comes with a design that makes it quite speedy and agile.

47. MC80 Liberty-Type Mon Calamari Star Cruiser


Even though this is a Star Cruiser, this is technically the catch-all ship that the Mon Calamari often used during the era of the Rebellion. The MC80 is a very rugged and capable cruiser because of its overall toughness. That’s why these ships served as backbones of the Rebellion, as they could withstand the firepower of Imperial cruisers.

One of the things that you need to know about the different MC80 cruisers in the Star Wars galaxy is that they are actually modified for battle, as they weren’t originally created for space wars. As such, most of these ships come equipped with plenty of turbo laser cannons and ion cannon batteries.

46. The Ghost

Ghost Fathead

The Ghost is a stealthy ship that is piloted by Hera Syndulla during the events of Star Wars: Rebels. This isn’t the biggest ship, as it was meant to be a ship that was supposed to be a stealth cruiser that the Rebel forces used for different missions.


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At 144-feet, it comes in the right size that allows it to carry an entire crew. Of course, it is also good enough for battle because it does have a 360-degree laser cannon. And the fact that it made a cameo appearance during the events of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker meant that it was able to survive nearly 40 years of space battles since its appearance during the events of Rebels.

45. TIE/rb

heavy tie main 3dd47ac6

The TIE/rb (the rb stands for reinforcement battery) is the more brutish version of the classic TIE fighter that formed the backbone of the Imperial era. And the reason why this was made to be brutish is that it comes with more power and toughness compared to the standard TIE.

Due to being stronger and more rugged than the standard Imperial TIE, the TIE/rb is capable of dealing heavier damage. But the problem is that its bigger and stronger design forces it to sacrifice speed and agility, which are the best attributes of the TIE Fighter.

44. Delta-7B Aethersprite-Class

Jedi Starfighter EpII

One of the most popular ships during the Clone Wars was the Delta-7B Aethersprite-class fighter because of how it was quite prominent as Anakin Skywalker’s preferred ship. It isn’t the biggest and most powerful ship, but it makes up for it with its ability to speed-blitz opposing fighters.

If you look at this ship, it doesn’t look a lot bigger than a regular car because it was made to be quite small. The ship doesn’t even have its own hyperdrive engine as it needs to rely on a hyperdrive attachment to go into hyperspace. However, it is one of the fastest ships in the history of the Star Wars, as it is also very difficult to hit due to its small frame.

43. Naboo Starfighter

N 1 BF2

The Naboo Starfighter is the Naboo version of the X-Wing, but it is smaller. There aren’t a lot of Naboo Starfighters in the Galaxy because of the fact that it was only made to be the escort and defense force of the rulers of the Naboo.

These fighters saw their limelight during the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, wherein we were able to see a group of pilots and a young Anakin Skywalker piloting their Naboo Starfighters to destroy the Trade Federation ship just outside of Naboo.

42. The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest

RazorCrest TSWB

The Mandalorian named Din Djarin piloted a Razor Crest ship that he used during the events of The Mandalorian series. He relied on this ship because of its capability of hauling different cargo and people, as Djarin worked as a bounty hunter.

Regular Razor Crest ships are meant to be gunships that are capable of dishing out hits while taking a few of them as well. That means that these ships weren’t meant for speed or any kind of specialized combat. But under the right hands, such as Din Djarin, it can be a pretty capable ship in its own right.

41. The Mandalorian’s Naboo Starfighter

maxresdefault 10

During the events of The Book of Boba Fett, Din Djarin acquired his own Naboo Starfighter after his Razor Crest got destroyed during the events of The Mandalorian. His Naboo Starfighter started out as a piece of junk, but with the help of Peli Mott, the Mandalorian was able to heavily modify his own Naboo Starfighter.

Din Djarin’s Naboo Starfighter is a lot faster than the regular variant because it was heavily modified by removing a few useless components. That’s why it can fly at blinding speeds that make it fast enough to the point that it looks like it is going into hyperspace. 

40. The Marauder

marauder main b64030c9

The Marauder is an Omicron-class Attack Shuttle that the main characters of Star Wars: The Bad Batch use throughout the series. As an attack shuttle, this ship wasn’t meant for space combats. However, it is a very capable ship in situations wherein the Bad Batch needed to fight under atmospheric pressure.

Ships like the Marauder are great for handling multiple crew members. This is why it works to the Bad Batch’s advantage, as every member of the crew has their own specialty. Of course, the Marauder is a unique ship that not a lot of people in the galaxy recognize, and that’s why the Bad Batch often used it for covert and undercover missions.

39. TIE Striker

tie striker 21f90de5

The TIKE Striker is one of the most aesthetically pleasing TIE Fighter in the entire history of Star Wars, as its look is similar to that of a winged predator. At 56 feet long, it is quite a big ship compared to the usual smaller TIE Fighters. And it was able to use its amazing capabilities during the events of Rogue One when it did damage to the Rebellion’s X-Wing squadron.

Unlike the standard TIE Fighter, the TIE Striker is said to be an experimental air-superiority fighter. That means that it might be better off fighting in atmospheres compared to space. Then again, it should still prove to be quite the capable ship compared to the regular TIE.

38. Xanadu Blood

XanaduBlood TCWs2BR1 1

The Xanadu Blood is a modified Rogue-class Porax-38 starfighter that was given as a gift to Cad Bane, one of the greatest bounty hunters in Star Wars history, by Darth Sidious during the events of Clone Wars.

Piloting the Xanadu Blood, Cad Bane was incredibly dangerous, as the ship was able to give the Jedi some problems. Then again, for some reason, he replaced the Xanadu Blood with a new ship called the Justifier during the events of The Bad Batch. It might be possible that this ship was destroyed, but its aesthetic look and menacing name allow it to have a place on this list.

37. Y-Wing Fighter


The Y-Wing Fighter is one of the staple starfighters that the Rebels used during the events of the Rebellion. Based on its abilities, it might even be the counterpart of the TIE bomber. And that’s because the Y-Wing Fighter is usually slower so that it can become more powerful compared to the other ships.

Due to how it was made to be a bomber ship that’s capable of delivering a lot of damage, the Y-Wing has a heavier shield. It can also fire ion bursts that can disable ships. However, it isn’t as reliable as the faster and more versatile X-Wing.

36. B-Wing Fighter

Resistance B wing fighter

The B-Wing Fighter is sort of the better version of the Y-Wing because of the fact that it has some of the advantages that the Y-Wing has without its weaknesses. And that’s why it is the better ship compared to the Y-Wing.

Similar to the Y-Wing, the B-Wing is known to have a heavy shield that is capable of allowing it to handle different types of attacks. It also comes with a host of different armaments, such as proton torpedoes and ion canons. And the fact that it is faster than the Y-Wing makes it a better ship.

35. Slave I/Firespray Gunship

slave 1 main 81d5c1c7

This ship used to be called the Slave I, but it was simply called by its catch-all ship name the Firespray Gunship during the events of The Book of Boba Fett because of how the word “slave” is quite controversial in today’s more politically correct world. Then again, a name change doesn’t change the fact that this is a menacing ship.


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Piloted by Jango Fett, who passed the ship down to his son Boba Fett, the Firespray Gunship is a devastating and versatile ship that fits the style of a bounty hunter. It produces an unsettling sound that can be menacing and comes with a host of different armaments that allowed it to dominate Obi-Wan’s own starfighter during the events of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

34. Imperial TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter 25397c64

The Imperial TIE (Twin Ion Engine) Fighter was the backbone of the Empire’s fighter squadron, as these smaller yet very capable fighters were capable of surrounding any fleet to methodically destroy the Rebel ships. Of course, we often see the TIE Fighters squaring off with the X-Wings of the Rebels.

While the regular TIE Fighters lack their own hyperdrive engines, they are very capable fighters because they are built for speed and maneuverability. The fact that they are also smaller and faster than most other ships made them very difficult to target for even the best pilots. As such, the Empire relied a lot on these ships in any kind of fleet battle.

33. Hammerhead Corvette

hammerhead corvette rogue update 453ce60b

The Hammerhead Corvette certainly isn’t pleasing to the eyes, just like a lot of the other ships in the Rebel fleet. However, it isn’t entirely bad when it comes to its overall abilities because it does have a host of different capabilities that made it quite useful during the events of Rogue One.

As the name suggests, the Hammerhead Corvette has a hammerhead that it utilizes to basically ram into bigger and more powerful ships. During Rogue One, it used its capabilities to literally ram an Imperial Star Destroyer into another Star Destroyer to take out two ships all at once.

32. Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter

vaders tie fighter 8bcb92e1

Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter made its debut during the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It is a modified version of the regular TIE Fighter and was able to make life difficult for Luke Skywalker during the events of the Battle of Yavin.

The reason why Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter belongs on this list is that it was specifically modified to the Sith Lord’s preferences. And we know for a fact that Vader is one of the greatest pilots in the history of the Star Wars galaxy. So, in his hands, this TIE Fighter is one of the most menacing starfighters you will ever find in Star Wars.

31. TIE Silencer

TIE Silencer BF2

The TIE Silencer is the bigger version of the TIE Interceptor, which is another variant of the regular TIE Fighter. And like Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter, this ship was actually the personal starfighter of the Dark Jedi Kylo Ren during the events of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

At 55 feet long, it is bigger than most TIE fighters, and it uses its size to its advantage. Of course, the size it comes with doesn’t make it any slower, as this is a ship that is quite fast. It looks like a ship that slices through space whenever it appears on the screen.

30. Finalizer

Finalizer Over Jakku

The Finalizer is one of the most prominent ships that were featured during the events of the sequel trilogy movies. However, while it does have the imposing look and power that should allow it to have a higher place on this list, the fact that it spent most of the entire movie chasing the Resistance means that it doesn’t have the best feats.

Nevertheless, at 9,500 feet long, the Finalizer is a huge ship that became Kylo Ren’s flagship during Force Awakens and Last Jedi. It has a host of weapons, such as 1,500 turbo lasers and ion cannons combined.

29. T-65 X-Wing Fighter

X wing Fathead

The T-65 X-Wing Fighter is one of the most prominent ships in the history of the Star Wars galaxy, as this is the fighter that was responsible for destroying the first-ever Death Star. And this is why the X-Wing has a special place in Star Wars history, as it is the backbone of the Rebel forces.

After its time in the hands of the Rebels, the T-65 X-Wing found itself becoming one of the staple ships employed by the New Republic. It comes with a slim frame, a host of torpedoes, and deflector shields that allow it to stay versatile in the middle of a dogfight. Of course, the multiple cannons and the speed and maneuverability that it has made it one of the most capable starfighters in the entire Star Wars galaxy.

28. TIE Defender

tie defender elite aefde184

The TIE Defender comes with a third wing that regular TIE Fighters don’t have. As such, the third wing allows it to have its own hyperdrive and deflector shields that make it just as capable as any starfighter in the galaxy. However, this also makes it heavier yet more robust.

Due to its bigger and heavier frame, the TIE Defender is better off as a frontline fighter that can withstand damage and can deal damage to an enormous area. It saw itself utilized well enough under Grand Admiral Thrawn’s command during the events of Star Wars: Rebels. And the Rebels themselves feared that TIE Defenders could possibly spell the end of the Rebellion.

27. First Order TIE Fighter

first order tie fighter a795ceaf

One of the most notable things about the sequel movies is that they actually just carried on some of the elements of the earlier films and improved them. The First Order TIE Fighter is one of the elements that was brought into the sequel trilogy and was improved.

The First Order TIE Fighter innovated the older design of the classic TIE while offering it shielding. Meanwhile, it also has a lot of newer weapons that make it just as dangerous as any starfighter in the galaxy. And like the regular TIE, it focuses more on speed.

26. Resistance Bomber

resistance bomber a2df9e03

The Resistance Bomber is one of the newest fighters introduced during the events of the sequel trilogy. And one of the most notable things about the Resistance Bomber is that it has a design and a capability that is actually very unique in the sense that it doesn’t rely on speed and laser guns.


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Instead, the Resistance Bomber is quite literally a bomber that makes use of bombs that it drops to destroy ships that are much larger than it is. Despite not being quite as big as the other capital ships, a few Resistance Bombers that are placed in the proper spot can destroy an entire fleet. And that’s why it is a very dangerous ship.

25. Resistance X-Wing Fighter

resistance x wing 9433981f

Again, while the sequel trilogy movies may be great in their own right, they aren’t entirely original because they simply took some of the best elements of the older movies and improved them. The same goes for the Resistance X-Wing, which is simply a modified and upgraded version of the older X-Wing models such as the T-70 and the T-85.

In short, a lot of the things that make the X-Wing so popular and incredible are simply carried over to the Resistance X-Wing. We’re talking about the shields, torpedo launchers, and laser guns. But the technology has been improved to make it better than the older X-Wing.

24. Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon Fathead TROS

No list of Star Wars ships will ever be complete without the Millennium Falcon, which is arguably the greatest Star Wars ship of all time if we didn’t factor in sheer power and size. And the reason why it’s the greatest is that it has the feats to back it up, all while surviving some of the most dangerous battles the galaxy has to offer.

Often called a piece of junk due to how old and how outdated its design is, the Millennium Falcon has the speed of a regular starfighter and the maneuverability of a TIE Fighter. It is also capable of taking damage, and that’s probably the reason why it has survived through many battles through the events of Episode IV all the way to Episode IX.

23. Corellian Corvette/Alderaanian Cruiser

SunderedHeart RotS

The Corellian Corvette, also known as the Alderaanian Cruiser, has the honor of being the first-ever Star Wars ship to be shown on-screen during the events of A New Hope. That means that it deserves a place on this list.


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Even though it didn’t do too much during its first appearance, the Alderaanian Cruiser is actually a very versatile ship when properly utilized by the Rebellion. It has seen its fair share as a capital ship and is quite fast. It might not be as big as the other cruisers in the galaxy, but it is fast enough to nearly escape Vader’s Star Destroyer.

22. Trade Federation Battleship

databank tradefederationbattleship 01 169 fc5458ce

The Trade Federation Battleship is a huge circular ship that the Trade Federation often used as a command station for the droids that they control. This is why the destruction of this ship in The Phantom Menace rendered the droids over at Naboo useless.

Nevertheless, the sheer size of this structure and its amazing shields allow it to strike terror into the hearts of the opponents of the Separatists. The only reason why the Naboo forces were able to destroy it was that Anakin accidentally found himself inside the huge battleship and destroyed it from the inside.

21. Luke’s X-Wing

RedFive X wing SWB

Luke’s X-Wing is simply an X-Wing Fighter that was modified for Luke Skywalker. It has all of the features of a regular X-Wing but is piloted by one of the greatest Jedi of all time. Of course, it also has R2-D2, the greatest astromech droid, assisting Luke in his piloting and battles.


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Of course, what makes this classic X-Wing as good as it is can be attributed to its longevity. It has stood the test of time and has been through many battles throughout its history. There aren’t a lot of fighters that can boast how long they have been around in the Star Wars galaxy, and that means that Luke’s X-Wing deserves a good spot on our list.

20. Profundity

the profundity main b7347934

The Profundity is a modified MC-75 Mon Calamari Cruiser that was used by the Rebels during the events of the Battle of Scarriff in Rogue One. Because it is a Mon Calamari cruiser, it is expected that it can take heavy damage and dish out some punishment as well due to its point-defense laser cannons, turbo laser cannons, and ion cannons.

Nevertheless, compared to the other Mon Calamari ships, the Profundity was a glass cannon in the sense that it relied mostly on firepower than defense. It was easily beaten by the Devastator in battle, despite the fact that the Profundity has plenty of different weapons at its disposal.

19. Rebel Frigate

nebulon b frigate dce53bc2

The Rebel forces rely on ships that may not be the biggest or strongest but are still quite versatile. In that regard, the Rebel Frigate ship has always been one of the most versatile ships in the Rebel fleet as it has served plenty of different functions throughout the time of the Rebellion.

It might be true that it doesn’t stand out in one area because it really wasn’t a ship made to have a specialty. Nevertheless, the Rebel Frigate has been used as a medical ship, a ship of war, and a transportation ship. It is also more powerful than the Alderaanian Cruiser and is more difficult to target due to its elongated design. That’s why it was a staple in the Rebellion’s fleet.

18. Venator-Class Star Destroyer


The Venator-Class Star Destroyer was the mainline battleship that the Republic used during the Clone Wars, as there were plenty of these ships utilized by the Jedi generals in their fights against the might of the droid army. And the reason why this ship was a staple for the Republic was that it relied on its capability to carry plenty of starfighters.

So, while the Venator-Class wasn’t necessarily the strongest when it came to its firepower, the fact that it could carry plenty of fighters allowed it to have a fleet that could take other ships down using sheer numbers.

17. Raddus

Raddus Ship at DQar

The Raddus is an MC85 Mon Calamari Cruiser that was armed with plenty of armaments that allowed it to dish out a ton of damage. It has 18 turbolasers and 18 ion cannons on top of the 12 point-defense laser canons it is equipped with. As such, it has plenty of firepower that proved to be useful against Imperial Star Destroyers.

On top of its amazing capabilities, it also has a powerful shield that is used to absorb damage. And ships like these were quite popular during the time of the Rebellion when it was known for rebel ships to perform suicide strikes against the Empire’s fleet.

16. Home One


Home One certainly isn’t the most powerful ship on this list in terms of pure firepower, but its sheer size and toughness still make it one of the most powerful ships in the entire galaxy. Of course, it had its moment in the original trilogy movies when Admiral Ackbar uttered his famous “IT’S A TRAP!” line.

At 3,900 feet long, this is a huge ship that resembles a giant whale. Of course, it carries the usual trademark trait that most Mon Calamari ships have in the sense that they are built to be tough. This is why Home One was able to survive a lot of attacks, despite not being one of the most powerful ships in terms of its overall armaments.  

15. Invisible Hand

InvisibleHandStarboard FF

The next powerful Ship from the Star Wars universe is The Invisible Hand. The Invisible Hand has a special place on this list because it played a huge role in the Battle of Coruscant during the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It was the ship that Count Dooku and General Grievous used to keep the Chancellor hostage. Of course, it was also the site of the battle between Dooku and Anakin.


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As one of the flagships of the Separatist army, the Invisible Hand had plenty of turbolasers on top of the 34 dual laser canons it was equipped with. It also has hundreds of proton torpedo launchers that allowed it to become a force to be reckoned with. Then again, it saw its end during the beginning of Revenge of the Sith when Anakin and Obi-Wan had to crash-land it on Coruscant.

14. Malevolence

Mchomeonerear 1

The Malevolence used to be the favored ship that General Grievous used during the events of the Clone Wars. It is a very popular ship because of how it looked quite malevolent, as its appearance was perfect for its name. At five kilometers long, this was a huge ship that was armed with plenty of different weapons.

However, the most powerful weapon that the Malevolence possessed was its experimental mega-ion cannons, which the Republic had no answer for. As such, the cannons were able to destroy entire fleets in one shot. No cruiser during the Clone War could stop it, as only an assault from starfighters could possibly disable such a huge and powerful ship.

13. Imperial Star Destroyer


The Imperial Star Destroyer is the classic symbol of Empire superiority during the events of the Rebellion in the original trilogy. Due to its imposing look as a symbol of power, an Imperial Star Destroyer could easily strike fear into the hearts of any Rebel fleet. Of course, the design also allows it to have a menacing look that was perfect for the Empire.

We can say a lot about the armaments and the weapons that an Imperial Star Destroyer possesses but the most fearsome part about it was always its size. Its sheer size made one single Star Destroyer a problem for an entire Rebel fleet. And that’s why the rebels needed to work in unison to take out a Star Destroyer.

12. First Order Star Destroyer

main qimg 4a994ed465fa40d2cd1fac63a974755b

Again, the thing about the sequel movies is that they just worked on what the original movies had and improved them. In that case, the Star Destroyer was carried over to the time of the First Order, as they were able to improve the already impressive design that the Imperial Star Destroyer possessed.

Due to its status as an improvement of the classic Star Destroyer, the First Order Star Destroyer had weapons and shields that were more advanced. And that made these ships less vulnerable to attacks coming from a host of starfighters attacking them from all directions.

11. First Order Dreadnought

First Order Dreadnought SWCT

The First Order Dreadnought is one of the biggest and baddest ships in the history of the Star Wars universe. We didn’t see how incredibly fearsome they were during the events of the movies but what we do know is that they are, according to Poe Dameron in the comics, 12 times more powerful than the regular First Order Star Destroyer.

If the First Order Star Destroyer was already menacing as it was, you could just imagine just how destructive a First Order Dreadnought is. Poe also went on to say that a single Dreadnought can destroy an entire fleet, and that means that it was the most powerful type of ship that the First Order had.

10. World Devastators

Nr wd

World Devastators belong in the annals of the Legends storyline, which has plenty of different ships and weapons that are quite ridiculous in terms of what they can do. The World Devastators are some of those weapons, as they are super weapons that the Empire used to try to take control over different planetary systems.

What the World Devastator did was that it used tractor beams that broke a planet’s surface apart steadily while drawing them into a molecular furnace that broke down the planet’s rubble into raw materials. As such, unlike the Death Star that simply destroyed planets, World Devastators both destroyed and recycled planets. And any ship that is capable of destroying a planet belongs on this list.

9. Imperial Super Star Destroyer

Executor TCWBRBD2

An Imperial Super Star Destroyer is the size of Manhattan, as this is one of the biggest ships in Star Wars that the Imperial Navy had to offer. In fact, it is not only one of the biggest ships in the Imperial armada but is actually their flagship. There are actually four of these ships, and the Executor is one of them.

The Imperial Super Star Destroyer was the ultimate symbol of the Empire’s might in terms of its starships, as this is not only a huge ship that has plenty of weapons but is also a carrier that could carry hundreds of TIE Fighters and other support ships that the Empire could utilize to decimate the Republic. A single Imperial Super Star Destroyer alone is more than enough to take on a Rebel fleet.

8. Executor

Executor BF2

The Executor, the Imperial Super Star Destroyer, was Darth Vader’s personal flagship for Death Squadron. This is a ship that is 19 kilometers long, and that means that it is over 62,000 feet long. That goes to show just how huge this ship was, as it was capable of carrying thousands of ships that allowed it to destroy Rebel fleets.


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We saw the Executor during the events of Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader took it to Endor to both hunt the Rebels and protect the construction of the second Death Star. However, it was actually destroyed by a group of fighters, despite the fact that it is one of the most powerful ships in the history of the galaxy.

7. Supremacy


If the Super Star Destroyer was already ridiculously huge it’s almost the largest ship in Star Wars universe, the Supremacy is even more ridiculous in terms of its size. This was the first-ever Mega-Class Star Dreadnought in the First Order’s fleet, and the sheer size of the Supremacy alone makes it a base of operations for Supreme Leader Snoke.

The Supremacy has a wingspan that spans nearly 200,000 feet. Meanwhile, it is also 13 kilometers long. And to make things sillier, the Supremacy alone can fit eight Resurgent-class Star Destroyers that looked like fighters when compared to this massive ship. You can just imagine just how huge this ship was.

6. Eclipse


The Eclipse is another ship that belongs to the Legends storyline, as it was the flagship of Emperor Palpatine himself after he was revived six years after the Battle of Endor. This is a special Super Star Destroyer that is just about as big as any Super Star Destroyer, and that means that it is one of the largest dreadnoughts in the history of the Star Wars galaxy. You can even call it a space station due to its size.


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Given the fact that it was Palpatine’s flagship, it has a host of different weapons that it used against the enemies of the Empire. On top of that, it can hold 600 TIE Fighters and 100 Imperial Walkers that allowed the entire ship to launch an invasion all on its own without the help of other carriers or Star Destroyers. It even has a laser weapon that is almost as powerful as the one that the Death Star has.

5. Death Star I

open uri20150608 27674 1izkue bc561fd4

Number 5 on our list of most powerful Star Wars ships is at the same time the second superweapon we have on this list. The Death Star I or simply the original Death Star that we saw during the events of A New Hope. The introduction of the Death Star allowed the imagination to see just how fearsome the Empire was because it was powerful enough to instantly vaporize an entire planet with one shot.

Of course, the Death Star I was the largest ship ever built during its existence because it is the sizes of an entire moon. Its sheer size could handle over 250,000 soldiers and over two million crew members that manned and operated the superweapon. On top of that, it could also carry a lot of different capital ships due to the fact that it is so huge. But we do know that it has one fatal flaw that ultimately led to its immediate destruction.

4. Galaxy Gun

large thumbnail

The Legends storyline is full of different superweapons that are quite ridiculous in terms of what they can do. When we thought that the Death Star was already crazy, the Galaxy Gun takes the craziness to an entirely new level, as this seven-kilometer tube-shaped ship could fire warheads that can disintegrate an entire planet several lightyears away due to the fact that these projectiles could travel through hyperspace.

As such, while the Death Star needed to be close to a planet, the Galaxy Gun didn’t even need to move because it can fire shots through hyperspace. This made it an incredibly dangerous weapon that the resurgent Empire used during the time of Emperor Palpatine’s revival in the Legends storyline.

3. Death Star II

Death Star 2.jpg

The next ship on our list of most powerful Star War Ships is The Death Star II. The Death Star II was constructed during the time of Return of the Jedi and was still under construction at that time. However, its weapons were already fully operational, as the structure was several times bigger than the already impressively big Death Star I. It had a diameter of 160 kilometers, and which means that it was also a huge moon in its own right.


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Of course, the second Death Star was also an upgrade of the first model because it was capable of charging its laser faster so that it could fire in quicker succession. Its targeting system was also improved such that it can target fleets instead of just planets. This made it a complete weapon that was destroyed before it could even showcase what it was capable of.

2. Starkiller Base

Starkiller Base

The First Order was not very original, as the group merely took what the Empire had and made it better. Of course, the Death Star was reincarnated in the form of the Starkiller Base, which was basically an entire planet that served as both a ship and a base of operations for the First Order. In many ways, this was also bigger and badder than the Death Star.

What the Starkiller Base did was that it sucked out the power of a nearby sun so that it could utilize the energy to fire a laser blast that could generate enough power to travel through lightyears. The blast is so powerful that it didn’t just destroy one planet but destroyed entire systems. That was why the Starkiller Base was capable of destroying the New Republic capital in an instant. Its only weakness was the fact that it needed power from a nearby sun or star.

1. Sun Crusher

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The most powerful superweapon in Star Wars history comes from the Legends storyline. This superweapon is called the Sun Crusher, which is not as big as the other superweapons because it only has a small frame with a few laser canons. In fact, its cockpit can only fit six people. However, this craft was indestructible and could cause so much destruction that it could make the Death Star look like a toy.

True to its name, the Sun Crusher literally crushed stars. What it did was that it fired torpedoes that could travel through hyperspace. Instead of attacking planets, the torpedoes attacked stars that forced them to go supernova. When a star goes supernova, it can destroy an entire star system. As such, in an instant, the Sun Crusher could destroy entire systems all on its own, and that’s why it is the most powerful ship in the history of the Star Wars galaxy.

What is the largest ship in the Star Wars universe?

The largest ship and superweapon in the Star Wars universe is Starkiller Base. If you consider yourself a purist and do not consider superweapons such as Death Star and Starkiller Base as ships, then the answer is Supremacy, Snoke’s flagship. It is by far the largest spaceship in Star Wars canon.

What is the most famous ship in Star Wars?

The most famous ship in Star Wars would be Millennium Falcon. Millennium Falcon, a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter managed to survive everything thrown at him from Episode IV all the way to Episode IX. It might not be as powerful and as big as the rest of the Star Wars ships from our list, but it definitely is the most iconic.

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