Hancock vs. Homelander: Who Would Win & Why?

Hancock vs. Homelander

Homelander is the main antagonist of The Boys. He is the Seven’s leader and is considered to be the most powerful Supe. Hancock is also a very powerful superhero with a drinking problem and often times his methods are considered not so adequate. These two clearly have some issues to deal with but are also very powerful at the same time. So, Hancock vs. Homelander, who would win?

Homelander would win in a fight against Hancock. There is no doubt that Hancock is powerful, but Homelander is on a different level. Homelander has all of the powers like Hancock, plus he has heat vision and more. Hancock might put on a fight, but Homelander would come out on top.

What makes these two so special is the specific charisma they have. Hancock is an alcoholic and has a hard time getting along with people while Homelander is probably the most hated Supe. He is a sociopath that does whatever he wants and doesn’t seem to really care about anyone else. But let’s see how powerful each of them really is.

Strength and durability

Hancock has all of the traditional superhero powers. He has the ability to fly, is super strong, and is almost indestructible. This drunken superhero is so strong that can lift a stranded whale with one hand and throw it way back into the ocean and can also lift cars and put them on top of buildings. He is super durable and can withstand gunshots fired at him from close range and even endure the hit of a train coming at him full-speed.

Homelander is a parody character based on Superman and has all of the traditional Superman powers, so you can guess how strong he is. He is able to punch through the body of some of the most durable Supes like Black Noir and can also lift heavy objects. This Supe is also extremely durable as he can withstand gunfire pointed at him and endure extremely powerful nuclear blasts and heat visions directed at him at the same time.

Homelander is able to fight against some of the most powerful Supes at the same time and still being able to not be defeated. So, a point goes to Homelander.

Hancock 0, Homelander 1.


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Besides having the ability to fly, and the fact that he’s super strong and durable, Hancock doesn’t seem to have any other superpowers. On, the other hand, Homelander, is super strong and durable and also possesses the ability to shoot heat blasts through his eyes which are so powerful that can destroy almost anything they are targeted at. He also has superhearing as he can hear other people’s heartbeats even if they are somewhat far from him.

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The only thing that Hancock’s abilities are more advanced at is the fact that he can fly while carrying extremely heavy objects, while Homelander doesn’t seem to possess that ability. That being said, Homelander’s heat vision gives him a large advantage on the field of battle as it is his main weapon in battling against enemies, so Hancock would have a hard time dealing with that also. Homelander is also incredibly fast.

Hancock 0, Homelander 2.

Combat skills

Hancock has spent thousands of years battling wars and enemies of any kind. He saved many lives throughout history but he lived in a world where he didn’t have opponents strong or powerful enough that would match his abilities. Homelander, on the other hand, spends almost every day battling serious battles and faces dangers to be destroyed very frequently. He fought some of the most furious battles anyone could fight and almost always managed to come victorious.

Hancock 0, Homelander 3.


Hancock is considered to be immortal and indestructible. But that is only the case when he’s not in the presence of Mary. Mary and he are the last ones of their species and were lovers for thousands of years. When they spend more time than they should close to each other they become mortal, vulnerable and their powers get weaker and weaker. When they distance themselves from each other, then they are able to recuperate again and get their powers back. So, in a way, Mary is Hancock’s kryptonite. On the other hand, Homelander doesn’t show any signs of weaknesses, and The Boys’ main mission is still to figure this one out.

Hancock 0, Homelander 4.

Hancock vs. Homelander: Who would win?

Homelander would win. He is on a different level than Hancock and has established himself to be almost invincible. Hancock is a strong superhero, but Homelander has all of the powers he has plus heat vision and more. Hancock might put on a fight, but Homelander would come out on top. The only thing Hancock could use to his advantage is the fact that he could throw heavy objects at Homelander, but that would not be enough to take him down.

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