Is A-Train Faster Than Homelander? Supes Speed Compared

A Train and Homelander

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A-Train is one of the most iconic supes in the entire The Boys series because of the fact that his entire gimmick relies on him being the fastest supe in the world. He is capable of speed-blitzing everyone he faces in a battle as no other person is capable of keeping up with his insane speed. Of course, we also know that Homelander, as a Superman expy, is quite fast as well whenever he is flying. But is A-Train actually faster than Homelander?

Homelander is faster than A-Train while he is in flight because he is faster than F-16 Fighter Jets that can reach Mach 2. Meanwhile, A-Train is only faster than Homelander on foot because Homelander doesn’t possess his foot speed. A-Train’s speed is around Mach 1.3, which is slower than Homelander’s flight speed.

While A-Train may be the resident speedster of The Seven, he isn’t even faster than Homelander while in flight. This, other than the fact that Homelander is far stronger than he is, could be the reason why A-Train is so afraid of him, as he cannot outrun him even if he wanted to. That said, let’s look at the speeds of these two supes compared to one another.

A-Train’s Speed

a train

Considering that The Seven is basically a parody of the Justice League, there is a need for the group to have a speedster that is supposed to be able to run faster than anyone else on the team. This is where A-Train comes in as the resident speedster of The Seven, as his powers as a supe basically revolve around his ability to run and move faster than anyone else in the world.

A-Train is so fast that his metabolism needs to be able to keep up with the amount of energy that he expends on a regular basis. That is why he needs to eat 3,000 calories an hour and around 30,000 calories a day. Of course, during his prime, he was able to expend all of those calories because of his incredible speed.

As the self-proclaimed fastest man in the world, A-Train is a fierce competitor trained hard enough to make sure that no one else in the world could run faster than him. He was able to discover his powers when he was just three years old as he was able to outrun a bullet, and that means that he was at least as fast as 820 mph.


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In season 1, Billy Butcher and The Boys captured Translucent, and that was when they made sure that they kept an eye out for A-Train, who they estimated could cover all of Manhattan in only 30 minutes. A-Train himself said that he could run and cover the entire city in just three hours, and that proves just how fast he is. On top of that, he was able to get from New York to Cuba just by running, as it can be presumed that he ran on the water all the way to Havana.

Meanwhile, whenever he runs, A-Train almost always breaks the sound barrier. Cameras also need to be able to capture 5,000 frames per second to be able to track A-Train’s movements. And during the race against Shockwave, A-Train was said to be able to run 1,000 mph or at the speed of Mach 1.3. However, during the race and after injecting himself more Compound V to make himself faster, he was only able to reach 829.9 mph, which is slower than his indicated top speed. Nevertheless, A-Train was still able to defeat Shockwave in that race even though he is no longer in the prime of his athletic form.

A-Train’s greatest feat as a supe came in a battle against Starlight when he was juiced up with Compound V. Starlight’s powers are based on her ability to shoot quick energy beams after absorbing ambient energy from electricity. However, A-Train evaded all of Starlight’s beams to showcase that he was faster than her energy attacks. Still, he ended up suffering a heart attack as a result of pushing his heart and body to the limits while evading all of Starlight’s energy beams.

Homelander’s Speed


Homelander is not only the strongest supe in the world but is also quite fast as well. In fact, one of his powers includes the ability to fly, and it is his ability to fly that makes him very fast, considering that he is an expy and parody of Superman, who himself is also capable of flying at incredibly high speeds.

The best example of Homelander’s speed while he was in flight is the fact that he was able to exceed the speed of F-16 fighter jets that could reach speeds of 1,500 mph or Mach 2. He did so when he flew to the airplane that was about to crash in an attempt to save it. Homelander effortlessly flew past the fighter jets to showcase just how fast he is when he is in flight.


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During the scene when The Boys captured Translucent and were trying to avoid Homelander, Frenchie was able to estimate that Homelander was flying at speeds of around Mach 1.53. He was flying at sea level, and that meant that he needed to slow down so that he wouldn’t end up hitting someone or something while in flight. In that regard, whenever he is flying higher than sea level, it can be estimated that Homelander can fly much faster than Mach 1.53 and can very well exceed the speeds of some of the fastest fighter jets in the world.

Is A-Train Faster Than Homelander?

Now that we know just how fast the fastest supes in The Boys are, does that mean that A-Train is faster than Homelander? Apparently, A-Train is only faster than Homelander if they were to race on foot because Homelander doesn’t have the foot speed that could match A-Train’s running speed.

While there is a good reason to believe that Homelander can run fast as well because of his strong leg muscles, he probably cannot run at the speeds that A-Train can. As such, in a foot race, A-Train is going to beat Homelander every single time.

However, there is a good reason why A-Train fears Homelander despite the fact that he is supposedly the fastest man on the planet. That’s because A-Train cannot outrun Homelander’s flight speed as Homelander has reached speeds that not even A-Train’s top running speed has ever accomplished.


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So, if ever A-Train were to piss Homelander off, he cannot outrun the strongest supe in the world as Homelander can cover more ground at a faster pace if ever he wanted to find A-Train. This is why A-Train is only faster than Homelander when it comes to a foot race but will never be as fast as him whenever Homelander is in flight.           

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