Harry Potter vs. Luke Skywalker: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

harry vs luke

There are a lot of popular fictional characters in the history of the world, and two of them come from two fictional universes that are incredibly popular. We are talking about Harry Potter, who is the main character of the series of novels named after him, and Luke Skywalker, who was introduced as the main character of the original Star Wars movies. Both of these characters are powerful in their own universes. But who would win in a fight between Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker?

Luke Skywalker is likely to win a fight against Harry Potter because he is superior in every physical aspect and is an incredibly well-trained fighter. Of course, Harry’s magical talents and weapons could prove to be useful in a fight against Luke. But Luke’s lightsaber skills and gifts with the Force would outmatch Harry.

Harry Potter fans might not like the fact that we are giving this round to Star Wars. However, we can’t help but say that Jedi are simply on an entirely different level compared to the wizards and witches of Harry Potter. Then again, Harry’s magical abilities could prove to be a problem for Luke. So, with that said, let’s look at this fictional battle in greater detail.


Harry Potter and most of the wizards and witches of the world of Harry Potter aren’t really known for being physical powerhouses. Of course, some wizards and witches are naturally gifted in terms of their physical strength, but that aspect was never the focus of a wizard or witch in this magical world. As such, Harry is likely to be just as strong as an average person due to his lack of strength training.


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Like most Jedi, Luke needed to undergo rigorous physical training to improve his strength and fitness level. That’s because the Jedi are required to be incredibly talented in terms of their physical abilities, as they often engage in close-combat situations using their lightsabers. This means that Luke Skywalker is likely to be as strong as a well-trained and fit fighter but is unlikely to be superhuman in terms of his strength. Then again, he does have a cybernetic hand, which is likely to be stronger than a regular human hand.

Luke Skywalker Darth Vader Duel

The fact that Harry Potter’s physical training isn’t on par with Luke’s physical training means that he is not as strong in terms of physical strength. That is why Luke and probably all of the other Jedi have the advantage over wizards and witches in terms of physical strength.

Harry 0, Luke 1


While wizards and witches need to be quick enough to be able to react to opposing magical spells, the fact is that they aren’t trained well enough in physical fitness to be able to match the speeds of other fictional characters from different fictional universes. Physical fitness has never been a major point of focus for Hogwarts, as there aren’t a lot of characters that excel in this category. Of course, Harry Potter has shown a certain level of fitness, but his speed has never been impressive unless he is riding his broom.

Jedi undergo rigorous training that requires them to become strong, fit, and quick enough. That means that Jedi Masters like Luke Skywalker are faster than the average man and are capable of reacting to attacks faster than most people. Of course, the Force helps them in terms of their speed and reaction speeds, but it takes a certain degree of speed and quickness to react to a blaster bolt that we can presume is as fast as a real-life bullet.

luke deflecting blaster

It’s difficult to see how Harry Potter could match the speed of a man that could dodge and deflect blaster bolts that travel at speeds similar to real-life bullets. In that regard, Luke takes this round once more.

Harry 0, Luke 2


Like all wizards and witches in his universe, Harry Potter is particularly gifted in the use of magic and is far stronger than the regular wizard and witch due to his bloodline and his connection to Voldemort. In that regard, he is capable of magical spells that are stronger than some of the spells that regular wizards and witches are capable of. He even knows powerful spells that are combat-oriented and capable of killing people. And as hinted in one of the books/movies, he knows how to perform the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra), which can kill a person instantly upon contact.

harry magic.jpg

The Jedi in the Star Wars universe have a connection with a cosmic power called the Force, which exists in all living creatures. However, the Jedi are sensitive to the Force. They are capable of using its powers to perform incredible acts, such as lifting things with their minds, pushing things without direct contact, enhancing physical acts (such as jumping), and predicting attacks. Luke, being one of the most Force-sensitive individuals in Star Wars, has Force gifts that are stronger than most Jedi, and that was how he was able to defeat his own father, who was supposedly one of the strongest Force-sensitive individuals in history.


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No matter how strong the Force may be, it is tough for us to overlook the fact that the magical spells that Harry Potter has in his arsenal are very versatile and can be used in a lot of different situations. And it is possible for him to suddenly pop out of nowhere and then hit Luke with a spell that could kill or immobilize him.

Harry 1, Luke 2

Weapons and Equipment

Harry Potter, at his peak, had a lot of weapons and equipment at his disposal. Of course, his wand is a given, but he actually has one of the fastest brooms in the Harry Potter universe. On top of that, he wielded all three of the Deathly Hallows at one point in time, and the one that he used the most was the Invisibility Cloak, which allowed him to stay invisible as long as he was under it. In that regard, he has a host of magical items that can be useful in a lot of different situations.

harry flying

Luke Skywalker relied mostly on two weapons—his lightsaber and a blaster. While he focused more on using his lightsaber during the latter portion of his life, he started out using a blaster that he could use quite effectively. Of course, his lightsaber is his greatest weapon as this is a weapon that can deflect blaster bolts and can cut through almost any material in the Star Wars universe. In fact, one hit from his lightsaber or even his blaster is all Luke needs to defeat an opponent.

While Luke’s lightsaber and blaster are formidable weapons, Harry Potter has the edge in terms of versatility because his weapons and equipment are pretty handy in many different situations.

Harry 2, Luke 2

Fighting Abilities

The wizards and witches of Harry Potter are only trained in the art of defending themselves using magic, and that means that they aren’t really equipped with fighting abilities that aren’t related to the use of magic. As such, without his wand and the use of magic, Harry Potter hardly has any useful skills in a fight. Nevertheless, if he has his wand, he is more than capable of defending himself against any attacker.


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While Jedi are highly trained in the art of using a lightsaber, they are also trained in unarmed combat as well as a lot of different Jedi are incredibly gifted hand-to-hand fighters that are able to defeat opponents without the use of any weapon. We can say for certain that Luke, to some extent, also received the same kind of training. Of course, he is much more dangerous when he has his lightsaber, as he is one of the strongest duelists we’ve seen in the Star Wars universe.

A man gifted in the use of a laser sword and well-trained in the art of unarmed combat should be able to handle a teenage boy that received little to no unarmed combat training. And that’s why Luke takes this round.

Harry 2, Luke 3


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Harry Potter vs. Luke Skywalker: Who Would Win In A Fight & Why?

Harry Potter should give Luke Skywalker a lot of trouble due to the fact that his magic will always be a wild card in any kind of fight, especially if the Force and a lightsaber are not able to deflect magic. However, the truth is that Luke is simply a lot more well-trained compared to Harry and is superior to him in every physical aspect imaginable. So, while Harry should be more than a match if the fight starts off from a considerable distance, Luke should be able to handle him well enough with a combination of his Force powers and lightsaber skills.

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