Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson – Who Would Win?

Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson – Who Would Win?

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both powerful characters from the magical worlds of young adult novels. If we were to compare the two, only one would be the victor. No matter which one you like more, the facts speak for themselves!

In the fight between Harry and Percy, Percy would win. He is trained for combat including supernatural powers, close combat, and sword fighting – while Harry depends on his wand and mind alone. However, Harry Potter movies were much more successful, while the books, although more popular, are not necessarily better than one of the most famous stories of the generation.

Due to the popularity and the love we all feel towards the original trio, we have to admit the worlds in these two sagas are very different. What works in the world of magic, might not even work in the world of Greek gods. Or magic would not even exist for Harry to use it! However, assuming it would, we are here with the ultimate combat.

Harry Potter and his powers

Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson – Who Would Win?

Magic is a supernatural force that affects the world on a fundamental level. Humans’ ability to use magic is an inherited trait passed down from their forefathers, allowing witches and wizards to practice it.

Magic, rather than being a mystical or unnatural pursuit that defied nature’s rules, merely allowed those who could wield it to exploit them in very particular and imaginative ways that Muggle science could not replicate.

While it is possible to make things out of nothing and duplicate objects, it is much more difficult to produce something that meets a particular specification rather than a broad one.

Furthermore, a magically imitated object would never be as “real” as the actual one, with duplicated meals being less satisfying than the real thing.

It is almost impossible to become fully immortal, only to expand one’s lifespan by strong magical means, such as the Philosopher’s Stone. It is therefore difficult to revive the dead.

Harry had been noticed and had proved himself to be a very formidable and gifted wizard. His ability was obvious from the start: he proved the instant charge of a broomstick and was able to summon a corporeal Patronus at an unusually early age.

He had many run-ins with Lord Voldemort. He also perfected his skill using a hawthorn wand, that should only be placed in the hand of a witch or wizard of proved skill.

Harry was also an exceptional flyer and Quidditch player, being the youngest Seeker in a century. But Harry’s most powerful skill was his gift to love. Despite being raised by a family that treated him with contempt, Harry grew up to be a man capable of intense love.

Harry, for example, sacrificed himself to Lord Voldemort out of love for his friends. This caring sacrificing bestowed some level of protection on his allies, causing Voldemort’s attempts to cast spells on them to soon wear off. Harry’s willingness to love has also shielded and aided him multiple times.

Harry also had a strong inclination for what was right, particularly in challenging and emotional circumstances.

This intuition helped him become a superb Auror. Harry has also been described as a highly accomplished expert in his field. Harry was an expert in Defence Against the Dark Arts, having learned a wide range of spells.

Despite his youth, Harry was a skilled and successful duelist. He was able to destroy several of the most powerful Death Eaters on his own but also endure multiple attacks of Lord Voldemort personally.

Percy Jackson and his powers

Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson – Who Would Win?

Demigod Abilities are the powers that a demigod inherits from their godly parent or, in the particular instance of heritage, an ancestor.

Even though most have at least one (while most have two) ADHD or Dyslexia traits, their skills are reliant on their divine lineage.

The gods have been shown to be capable of influencing what powers their children have in The Lost Hero. They can also see through the Mist, but they may be tricked if it is intricately intertwined. This Clear Sight is not limited to demigods – humans may also have this skill. Percy’s superhuman vigilance and keen senses make him primed for combat to save his own life.

It also allows him to examine his enemy’s fighting style and also pick up small details about an attacker, such as where their muscles tense so he can predict which way they will come from.

Instead of mortal languages, Percy’s brain is “hard-wired” to read divine Ancient Greek. During his time at Camp Jupiter, he started to recognize and potentially speak Latin, which could be attributed to Chiron teaching Percy Latin at the start of The Lightning Thief.

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson: Who would win?

In the battle between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, anything could happen.

However, we do need to weigh the powers both heroes have. While Percy has defeated gods and monsters, can bend water, control it while inside people’s bodies, dodge almost any attack, create tornadoes, breathe underwater, can survive in extreme conditions, is great at close combat, and can kill if there is a need… Harry can barely compete.

He is great at wand magic, potion-making, and flying on a broom, but unfortunately, his powers stop there for the most part. Whatever he managed to do and whoever he defeated, no matter how gifted of a wizard he is, his magic greatly depends on his wand.

If he went against Percy with a wand in his hand, assuming Percy would not be able to dodge an attack, it would be a fair fight. Considering Harry would most likely refuse to use the unforgivable curses due to his personality.

He would stand in his way. Without a wand, Harry is not skilled with a sword-like Percy. He did not train for close combat. During the Horcrux hunt, the trio was staying in the forest but in a magical tent with a magical bag filled with everything they would need.

Percy would be able to manage on his own or with the help of his friends without the means Harry needs to survive nature.

Not to say Harry is weak, he is a very prominent wizard and Auror! However, due to the story and its limitations, Harry depends too much on his emotions and his wand. If the fight took place near a vast body of water, Harry would need to somehow have a „turnip“ that helped him breathe underwater, while Percy can just… jump in!

Percy, on the other hand, has been forced to use a sword since the age of 12 and is regarded as the greatest swordsman in 300 years. He can use his water-controlling abilities as well as his earth-shaking abilities.

We’ve discovered that he doesn’t need to be near water to summon it and that he has the ability to control the liquid in others, or in this case, blood.

Unless we’re talking about a much older Harry who has been educated as an Auror and has a far broader understanding of matters, the fight could go either way. Or could it?

Magic does not work on demigods, as demonstrated by Percy and Carter Kane’s encounter.

Carter’s magic didn’t seem to work on Percy, so presumably, it interacts with the other magic, Harry’s wand, and magic will be ineffective on him.

He may use magic on items around Percy, but it wouldn’t harm Percy directly, or at least not as effectively. As a result, Percy comes out on top.

Which books are better – Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

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On a technical level, Harry Potter is a better character. Most people would say Harry Potter is best written as a whole and JK Rowling is a fantastic author who uses descriptive language to great effect. She is a talented narrator, and her portrayal of the world keeps people interested.

There are far more fights in Percy Jackson than in Harry Potter. Sure, Harry battles something in every book and film, but it’s usually short and lacking in action. Percy Jackson has been battling demons since he was twelve years old.

He is either stalking them or being pursued by them. Even though neither of them actively seeks trouble, it always finds them. It just so happens that Percy has more fights ahead of him.

Percy’s deadly flaw is family loyalty, which means he will go to any length to help those he loves. He struggled to let go of Annabeth’s hand in the Mark of Athena since he loves her. He has saved the gods of Olympus many times because they are his closest.

It is impossible to decide since critics and fans would argue forever. But, since Percy Jackson books are shorter, the story is more saturated and focused. Maybe that is the reason we can say Percy’s books are better in a way. But this is only one factor.

Which movies are better – Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

The timing was critical to the success of the Harry Potter franchise because it was one of the first young adult franchises to successfully turn from page to screen.

Percy Jackson, despite having a book series that is just as powerful and special as Harry Potter’s, sadly came in second: one of the most common critiques leveled at the Percy Jackson films was that they made it feel like a cheap knock of Harry Potter.

Maybe it was the interference, especially studio involvement.

The Harry Potter saga received less interference from studio executives than the Percy Jackson franchise; the prior remained as close to the script as possible and included J.K. Rowling’s guidance, whereas the latter treated Rick Riordan’s advice as unnecessary.

Even if we factored in separate film revenues, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will always defeat Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters every time.