Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson: Who Would Win in a Fight?

harry potter vs percy

There are a lot of different fictional books that were introduced as novels for younger audiences but eventually allowed the readers to grow together with the characters. The ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Percy Jackson’ novels are some of those books, and fans were able to grow alongside the main characters of these storylines. Of course, both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are very different from one another despite their importance to the grander narrative of their novels. So, in a fight between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, who would win?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Except for his ability to use magic, Harry Potter is not too different from an ordinary human being in terms of his physical attributes and combat abilities.
  • On the other hand, Percy Jackson is literally the son of one of the strongest Greek gods and comes with the physical abilities and powers that demigods are supposed to have.
  • Percy is the hands-down winner in this fight due to how he comes with more advantages compared to Harry Potter.

Physical attributes

While the wizards and witches of Harry Potter are taught some of the basics of magic and how to evade them, the curriculum of most of the schools for wizards and witches doesn’t include classes that allow them to become stronger and faster. Of course, learning how to fly a broom, evade spells, and do all sorts of physically demanding things can improve their physical abilities. However, there was never a point wherein it was described that Harry Potter was physically superior compared to a regular human.


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As a demigod and the son of one of the greatest Olympian gods of all time, Percy Jackson is a lot faster and stronger than most human beings, as he is capable of overpowering grown humans and even powerful monsters when he was still just a young teenager. Even as a child, he was already strong enough to strangle a snake barehanded. While he isn’t near the strength level of an actual god, Percy is still a lot stronger than humans.

percy 3

There is no question that Percy is physically superior compared to Harry, considering that one is the son of a god while the other one is no different from a human being in terms of his physical attributes.

Points: Harry 0, Percy 1

Combat skills

The combat training of wizards and witches in Harry Potter is almost restricted to the use of wands and magical spells, and that’s why they aren’t known to be able to handle themselves well in a straight-up fight without magic. Harry Potter may have done well in the past in using the Sword of Gryffindor, but his combat experience has almost always been limited to the use of magic, making him inexperienced in other forms of combat.

Harry Potter Spells

Percy Jackson, on the other hand, is a natural-born combatant who has experience and training in many different types of fighting styles. He can fight well without a sword, but he is better off with a blade in his hands as he is known as one of the best swordsmen in the entire storyline. When fighting with his sword, Percy appears as a blur to even the most experienced fighters in ‘Percy Jackson,’ making him an excellent fighter.

While Harry may find a way to use his spells and magic to make life difficult for Percy, the son of Poseidon’s combat skills are far too advanced for someone like Harry Potter. 

Points: Harry 0, Percy 2


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Like many different wizards and witches in ‘Harry Potter,’ Harry’s body isn’t stronger than a regular human being’s own body. This means that a well-timed attack can hurt Harry and keep him out of commission. Swords, spells, and conventional weapons are able to hurt and even kill Harry, even though he does have a “second life” due to his status as a Horcrux. However, he is basically just as durable as any other ordinary person.

harry holds hedwig

Due to his godly physical attributes, Percy Jackson is incredibly durable and is able to survive attacks from some of the strongest gods and monsters in the game. He can brush off attacks from giants and gods alike and is able to recover fast enough to mount his own counterattack. Running water also gives him an advantage because he can heal his wounds. Percy was even able to withstand attacks from Kronos.

The thing here is that Harry can be hurt and killed by ordinary weapons, whereas Percy is able to withstand attacks from gods and other beings who are far stronger than regular humans. Being a demigod also gives Percy resistance to magic to some extent.

Points: Harry 0, Percy 3

Powers and abilities

Harry Potter’s primary mode of combat is his magical abilities. He is a natural talent when it comes to casting spells, as he excels in going up against monsters and dark wizards and witches alike. In fact, by the end of the storyline, Harry was already strong enough to take on some of the strongest villains, matching Lord Voldemort in their duel. He eventually became one of the greatest dark wizard hunters in the storyline and was able to use a host of different magical spells that were meant to disarm and defeat threats.

Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon, has the power to control water, being able to lift up to 10,000 gallons of water and use all sorts of different water-based attacks to his advantage. He can even solidify or harden water to turn it into a weapon or use it in a lot of different versatile ways. Eventually, Percy even acquired different powers and abilities outside of his natural powers as Poseidon’s son. This includes the Curse of Achilles, the Eye of Horus Symbol, and the powers of Nekhbet.


It may be true that Harry Potter became a master of magical spells meant for combat, but it is also true that Percy’s powers are godly in terms of their nature. This gives Percy a distinct advantage over Harry.

Points: Harry 0, Percy 4


Harry Potter’s feats are some of the best in the entire ‘Harry Potter’ narrative as he was already able to take down monsters and powerful enemies since the first book. He defeated powerful creatures throughout the entire storyline and was able to fight on par with Voldemort at the conclusion of the original ‘Harry Potter’ novels. It is likely that Harry was almost at the level of Voldemort, the strongest wizard at that time, due to his ability to match the dark lord’s powers.


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Percy Jackson’s feats are so incredible that they dwarf the feats of any other character in the world of young fantasy novels. He was able to fight Ares, the god of war, on par and defeat and kill numerous monsters, including the Minotaur. Percy was also able to fight Kronos on par and defeat the recently awakened Titan without the use of the Curse of Achilles. This makes Percy one of the most heroic and accomplished characters in his novels.

percy riptide

Defeating Voldemort is one thing, but defeating a Titan is an entirely different thing. This means that Percy’s feats are superior compared to Harry’s own feats.

Points: Harry 0, Percy 5

Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson – Who wins?

At this point, it is easy to say that Percy Jackson really is far stronger and more accomplished than Harry Potter. Even Harry’s greatest weapon, his magic, probably won’t hurt Percy, who has shown the ability to dodge or deflect bullets using his speed and quickness. Of course, Percy is literally a demigod, making him far more powerful compared to Harry, who is basically a human with the ability to use magical spells.

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