10 Strongest Demigods from Percy Jackson Series (Ranked)

percy jackson demigods

We know for a fact that the entire Percy Jackson storyline revolves around Percy Jackson and other kids that are known as demigods. Percy and the demigods are the children of the Greek gods with mortal parents. As such, the demigods have the properties of the gods but are also as human as their parents are. And you’ll be surprised just how there are a lot of demigods living on Earth during the events of the Percy Jackson book series.

Of course, the thing about Percy and the other demigods is that they are training to be heroes that can help the planet in whatever mess it finds itself in, especially if the mess involves the demigods and their enemies. In that regard, there are demigods that are stronger than some. Meanwhile, some demigods aren’t as strong as others. So, with that said, we are here to rank the strongest demigods from the Percy Jackson book series.

10. Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase Viria

We start this list off with one of the favorite characters among different fans of the Percy Jackson novel series. Annabeth Chase is one of the main characters of the storyline and one of the most loyal allies that Percy has during his journeys. And that’s because Annabeth is actually Percy’s girlfriend, although they didn’t start off on the right foot due to the small rivalry they had when Percy had just arrived in Camp Half-Blood.


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What makes Annabeth worthy of being called one of the strongest demigods is the fact that she is as well-trained as any demigod can be and is one of the smartest and most tactical out of all of the different demigods in Camp Half-Blood. As the daughter of Athena, she is known for her wisdom and tactical intelligence. On top of that, she is also a very capable fighter that trained well in the art of wielding a sword.

9. Piper McLean

Piper McLean

Piper McLean is one of the characters that fans may not entirely love because of the fact that she has an overpowered ability. Nevertheless, she belongs on this list because her abilities allow her to change the outcome of any battle. It is the fact that Piper has the ability to charm the entire planet that gives her a spot on this list. Of course, it is also that ability that actually disappointed a lot of fans due to the fact that it led to a subpar ending.

Nevertheless, Piper is a powerful demigod that can be called a glass canon. She may not have the durability of the other characters on this list, but she is a powerful character who can charm an entire planet using her powers. This gives her a distinct advantage over a lot of enemies as long as they don’t have a way of getting a clean hit on her.

8. Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang is not like the other demigods on this list because he is actually a Roman demigod instead of a Greek one. Still, he belongs on this list because he is still a powerful demigod with abilities that can allow him to turn the tide of battle in his favor. And we are talking about the fact that he can shapeshift.

Due to his ability to shapeshift, he can do a lot of damage in a hurry and is actually quite versatile. In the series, he didn’t showcase his full power, but he was effective in getting rid of some poisonous cows. Nevertheless, as the son of the Roman god of war, he is an immensely powerful demigod that has a ton of potential.

7. Leo Valdez

Leo Valdez Viria

Leo Valdez is the son of Hephaestus, who we know is the greatest blacksmith and inventor among all of the Greek gods. The thing about Leo is that, while he isn’t as overly powerful as the other characters on this list, he does have the ability to turn the tide of a battle in his favor as long as he has enough prep time.


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Think of Leo as an inventor that has the ability to create anything he wants to as long as he has the proper materials. He can even craft an entire helicopter out of pipe cleaners. This gives him a distinct advantage as long as he has enough prep time to create something that he could use to defeat any opponent.

6. Hazel Levesque

Hazel Levesque

Hazel Levesque is a powerful demigod due to the fact that she is the daughter of one of the three strongest Greek gods. She is the daughter of Hades and has incredible powers that allow her to overpower almost any other character on this list. And that’s because she is one of the most versatile demigods in the Percy Jackson storyline.

As the daughter of Hades, Hazel has control over metal, and that means that she is similar to Marvel’s Magneto in that regard. On top of that, she has the ability to control mist. Think of her as the combination of two X-Men characters in Magneto and Storm. That makes her a very powerful demigod.

5. Thalia Grace

Thalia Grace

The top five will always have the children of Zeus, the strongest of all of the Olympian gods. That is why Thalia Grace belongs on this list, as she is the daughter of Zeus and is one of the most important characters of the early part of the Percy Jackson storyline because she was manipulated by Kronos into reviving him. Nevertheless, she found herself fighting on the side of the good guys.

Thalia, like her father, has incredible powers over electricity as she has a great amount of control over electricity and lightning. This allows her to use electric-based attacks that are powerful enough to harm strong demigods and monsters alike. And because she is the daughter of Zeus, she possesses almost the same kind of authority as the king of the Olympian gods.

4. Luke Castellan

Luke Castellan Viria

Luke Castellan was one of the early antagonists of the entire Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series because of the fact that he was allied with Kronos. As the son of the Greek god Hermes, he is one of the fastest demigods in the entire storyline and is quite possibly the most athletic out of all of the demigods.


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While his normal abilities aren’t the most powerful, the reason why Luke is high up on this list is the fact that, at one point in the storyline, his body was possessed by Kronos, and that’s why he became as big and as strong as the Titan. As such, he belongs on the fourth spot on this list, as not a lot of characters were able to match his power when he was still allied with Kronos.

3. Jason Grace

Jason Grace Viria

Jason Grace is another one of the Roman demigods that are on this list, as he is the son of Jupiter, who is the counterpart of Zeus in the Roman pantheon. Interestingly, he is the brother of Thalia Grace, and that makes us wonder why their mother is actually attracted to the kings of both the Greek and the Roman pantheon. Nevertheless, the fact that he is the son of the Roman god of the sky is what makes him powerful.

Like his sister, Jason is able to control electricity and lightning to a great degree. But what sets him apart from Thalia is the fact that he has greater control over air, which allows him to fly and summon blasts of air. This is why he is one of the strongest demigods in the storyline of the Percy Jackson novels, as he has incredible abilities that are quite versatile.

2. Nico Di Angelo


Nico Di Angelo is a fan-favorite in the entire Percy Jackson storyline and is one of the strongest characters due to the fact that he is the son of Hades, who we know is one of the most powerful gods in the Greek pantheon. As such, he is an incredibly powerful character with different powers and abilities that may seem to be overpowered. And during the early part of the storyline, it was his shyness and lack of confidence that actually held him back.


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Nevertheless, Nico eventually learned how to use his powers effectively. As the son of the god of the Underworld, he has control over the dead and can even summon the monsters that his father keeps in the Underworld. This allows him to have an entire army to control, as this would give him a distinct advantage over any opponent. On top of that, Nico can control the earth well enough that he can open large enough fissures that could swallow up entire armies. 

1. Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

There is no doubt that the top place on this list belongs to the star of the entire Percy Jackson novel series. As such, Percy is the strongest demigod in his own novel series due to the fact that he has a lot of powers and abilities at his disposal and is actually one of the best swordsmen in the entire book series. Of course, his talents came as a result of being the son of Poseidon, one of the top three strongest Olympian gods.

As the son of Poseidon, he has the ability to control incredible amounts of water that could drown an entire town. Being the son of one of the Big Three also gives him physical abilities that surpass the other demigods. But his peak moment came when he became invulnerable after he took a dip in the River Styx, as he eventually became unstoppable. And one of his best moments in the storyline was when he learned that he could also control blood, which gave him a distinct advantage over humanoid opponents.

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