Henry Cavill Reveals His Ideas For Superman’s Return In DCEU

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Henry Cavill debuted as the Man of Steel in Zack Snyder’s movie of the same name back in 2013. That movie marked the beginning of DC Extended Universe, which, back in the day, was supposed to be DC’s answer to Marvel at creating the shared universe.

Cavill returned in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which received unfavorable reviews and it was a box-office disappointment despite earning $873 million. Well, that may seem a lot, but for the first movie ever that assembled the main DC trinity – Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman – on the big screen, everyone expected a lot more.

Unfortunately, Batman V Superman turned out to be a success compared to Justice League that was released in 2017. We all know the story about Zack Snyder leaving the project over a family tragedy and Joss Whedon replacing him and changing almost the whole movie in the middle of the production, not for the better. Justice League was a box-office bomb, and it put almost the whole DCEU on ice, forcing WB to change the strategy of building the shared universe, focusing more on solo movies. Snyder managed to finish his cut and release it exclusively on HBOMax earlier this year. His cut was received a lot better from the fans, but considering that WB isn’t planning to continue with Snyder’s vision, Snyder Cut turned out to be only a consolation.

Henry Cavill, who didn’t wear the cape ever since his last filming day of Justice League back in 2016, said a few times that he’d love to return as Superman again, but who knows if WB plans to call him again. In the meantime, Cavill joined Netflix’s show The Witcher and starred in a lot of new projects, and became one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, all while the cape was in the closet. Many fans are calling for his return. Some want Man of Steel 2, some want Justice League 2, some would take literally anything just to see him as Superman again, but all of them agree that the so-called SnyderVerse should be restored.

Now, Cavill revealed that he has some ideas about how he’d like to do Superman if he ever gets the chance again:

“I was very keen on really fleshing out Superman’s early stages of his journey first. We had Man of Steel, and then we went quite a bit darker with Batman v Superman. And if he were to succumb to the Anti-Life Equation and become bad Superman [in Justice League sequels], I really wanted to make sure that we saw the hero Superman and we saw the true symbol of hope, the beacon of light, before we went down the path of darkness and then redemption.”

“It’s still something that I’m very keen to flesh out.”

Henry Cavill for GQ Spain

There are some reports that Cavill could reappear in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, which is set to be released next July, but we’re not gonna raise our hopes until we get some legit reports. Are we hoping to see Henry Cavill as Superman again? Absolutely! Are you?

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