GTA 5: Here Is How to “Drive” Trains

Here Is How to Drive Trains in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto is infamous for its huge variety of amazing cars, whether they be everyday models, racing cars, luxury sports cars, or even cars stolen from GTA V’s streets. However, a few players have found that it may be possible to take control of subways and locomotives in-game as well – many fans are curious to find out if you can drive trains in GTA V.

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  • There are a couple of “glitches” that allow players to access the train driver’s cabin in GTA V and GTA Online, although these do not impact the way the train is operated, and players will not be able to operate the train itself.
  • Players can only drive a train by using GTA V mods, depending on availability and the player’s preferred gaming platform.

“Driving” a Train in GTA V

Considering that it was possible to drive trains in GTA San Andreas, quite a few fans have been eager to find out if you can drive trains in GTA V. However, for the most part, riding trains in GTA V is not the same as in other releases or situations.

driving train in gta v

Players typically only get the chance to drive a train in GTA V with mission Derailed – but, in free roam, it seems impossible to drive GTA V trains. Many players have also found that trying to shoot their way into the driving cabin or killing the driver does not have the expected results.

GTA V fans have tried numerous approaches to access the driving cabin. Such tactics include trying to stop the train using cars as barriers, trying to stop a tractor-trailer on the tracks from derailing the train, navigating around the engine area to access the door on the right side of the cabin, and much more – all of which were unsuccessful.

gta train 4

The train does not stop anywhere, and there is no simple way to get into the cabin to take control of the train. Players usually cannot get into the driving cabin at all. The train continues to move automatically along its pre-determined course at a stable speed, despite the train’s driver being killed by GTA V players.

Accessing the Train Driver’s Cabin in GTA V & GTA Online

However, some players have seemingly found glitches that grant access to the train driver cabin. To have a look at one of these instances, check out the video below by Glitchy1230.

While the content creator did state that this glitch was found in GTA Online, some users have stated that it works in GTA Online and in GTA V offline as well. For this method, all players need to do is head to a convenience store in GTA V and purchase the maximum number of 10 eColas, which is one of GTA V’s best snacks. From there, players will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Find a train and climb onto the train.
  2. Make your way over to the engine (the front car).
  3. Once you are on top of the engine, pull out a weapon and carefully walk to the front of the windows.
  4. Open up your inventory and select an eCola. As soon as you drink it, immediately press Start, and you will be miraculously teleported into the train cockpit.

This approach will grant access to the train driver’s cabin for a fun, unique tour of the entire city from the train driver’s perspective – a momentous achievement for many GTA V fans. However, the glitch will not impact how the train is operated, and players will still be unable to drive the train.

A curious GTA Online player managed to find a way into the driver’s cabin using another wild method. While this may have appeared to be a small detail in GTA Online, the discovery came as a huge shock to the community as a whole – especially considering that countless players had been trying to get into the cabin for such a long time.

Redditor CaptnCosmic shared this brief experience with fellow fans, explaining that they phased their way through the driver cabin’s roof – rather than using the door and more obvious approaches to the task. The GTA Online player found that positioning your character on the roof of the train car as it exits a tunnel and passes a low-hanging masonry area can result in the character phasing or clipping into the cabin instead of being “Wasted” like so many other players.

To have a look at CaptnCosmic’s experience, check out the video below.

So, apparently this is something that can happen…..
byu/CaptnCosmic ingtaonline

Although this surprised many fans, a few players pointed out that the cabin itself has far more detail for a location that was never meant to be accessed by players. As a result, a few GTA Online players suspect this could have been an intentional inclusion by Rockstar Games, a possible nod to other GTA releases where driving trains was possible for players.

A few other players seem to have known about this ‘glitch,’ as many have used it to escape from other players back in the day – although it seems that this is no longer possible for next-gen consoles. Even so, finding this glitch only grants access to the cockpit, and it does not allow players to drive the train itself.

How to Drive a Train in GTA V?

While a couple of glitches (or potential Easter Eggs) allow players to access the driver’s cabin in GTA V and GTA Online, none of these approaches allow players to drive the train itself. The only way players can take control of the train is by using GTA V mods, depending on your chosen platform.

gta train 2

A couple of GTA V mods involve features for stealing and driving trains, the most notable of which include the [V|REL] Train Driver mod and the Enhanced Train Driver mod. Of the two mods, the [V|REL] Train Driver mod seems to be the most promising, as the Enhanced Train Driver mod comes with some flaws – as well as s bold warning stating that the game shouldn’t be saved while the player is inside the train.

Once players get access to the train’s driving cabin using a relative mod, they can finally drive the train. Although the options are fairly limited from this point, since players can only move forward or backward with the train, it still makes for an incredibly unique and entertaining experience.

That’s everything there is to know about driving trains in GTA V, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although driving a train in GTA V will not get you through the game overall, it’s still a really fun experience – whether you tag along for a ride using a glitch or take control using a GTA mod.

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