Here’s How Many People Play ‘Fallout 4’ in 2024 (User & Growth Stats)

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The Fallout franchise gave us some of the best post-apocalyptic games in the history of gaming. Their interesting world-building and immersive open-ended gameplay managed to accrue quite the following. When Fallout 4 was announced, the world of gaming exploded with excitement. Ultimately, the game was received with more criticism than success. Graphics were criticized, and changes were made to the established systems as well. Plenty of players felt let down, and the fandom somewhat died down. Now, more than seven years from the game’s original release, it’s time to revisit its success and see how many people play Fallout 4 in 2024?  

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Currently, Fallout 4 is played by around 12,686 players. The average number over the last 30 days goes to around 15,095 players per day, according to the data provided by Steam Charts.
  • It’s quite a success for such an old game, but it’s still a far cry from the all-time peak that the game had seen in November 2015 when 471,955 players were playing the game.
  • Despite all the negative reviews, it seems that Fallout 4 still retains its steady fanbase of loyal fans enjoying the game even after all these years. 

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in January 2024 with the latest numbers related to Playerbase.

Why was Fallout 4 so popular?

When Fallout 4 was first announced, the world of gaming turned upside down. Fans had been begging for a sequel for years at the time and were eager with anticipation of the worthy successor to Fallout: New Vegas, which was ultimately given critical acclaim.

Considering the success of Bethesda’s other franchise at the time, The Elder Scrolls, fans were expecting a mind-blowing experience. Instead, they got a game made with an outdated engine, a relatively nonsensical story, and poor graphics. The game was bombarded with negative reviews, and perhaps, the fans judged the game too harshly. They were simply expecting more due to the hype generated online. If we move away from that hype and look at the game with a clear head and rationally, it’s a pretty decent game, made even better with mods. Still, as time passed and the Fallout franchise was hit with another fiasco – Fallout 76, everyone forgot about Fallout 4, or did they? 

It turns out that Fallout 4 still has a solid fanbase, especially for a game that was considered to be “so bad” at release. Subsequent DLC releases for the game and modding community did much to improve the game, but that’s what Bethesda always did best, ensuring the immortality of their games with the help of the modding community. 

How many people play Fallout 4 in 2023?

At the moment of writing this post, 12,686 players are playing the game on Steam alone. This number is nowhere near the all-time high that the game saw in November 2015, when 471,955 players were enjoying the game. Over the last 30 days, Fallout 4 had 15,095.6 players per day on average, peaking at 24,668 players in a single day. You can see more detailed data for the last six months in the table below. 

MonthAvg. playersGain/lossPeak players
Last 30 days15,095.6+5.24%24,668
December 202314,343.4+7.56%22,408
November 202313,335.9+11.62%20,753
October 202311,947.0-12.60%21,318
September 202313,668.9-21.89%22,953
August 202317,499.5-2.17%27,730
July 202317,888.3+18.74%27,022

As you can see, Fallout 4 alternates between losing a good portion of its players and regaining them.

fallout 4 player stats for 2023 2024

The game came nowhere near to emulating the initial success that followed its release, with the line of interest being mostly straight in the last more than seven years. The good thing, however, is that the player base is maintaining more or less the same numbers. 

How many people stream Fallout 4?

At the moment of writing this post, Fallout 4 has 522 live viewers on Twitch, according to the data provided by Twitch Tracker. In the period of the last seven days, the game has seen an average of 1,830 viewers across an average of 88 channels. 304,410 hours of content have been watched in the last seven days. Currently, the game ranks #116 on Twitch based on popularity. 


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At its peak, which happened on December 31, 2017, Fallout 4-related content was watched by 27,278 people on the same day. Interestingly enough, the record number of channels streaming the game was recorded on June 13, 2018. You can see more detailed stats in the table below. 

MonthConcurrent viewers averageGain/lossConcurrent streams averageGain/lossHours watchedGain/Loss
January 20241.6K+256%87+17.6%404K+25.1%
December 2023436+3.6%74+1.4%323K+6.8%
November 2023421+1.7%73+15.9%303K-1.2%
October 2023414-15.2%63-18.2%306K-12.4%
September 2023488-15.6%77-23%350K-18.3%
August 2023578-11.8%100+1%428K-11.7%
July 2023578-11.8%+6.5%+14.8%484K-9.6%

More in-depth data shows us that Fallout 4 occasionally sees a massive spike in interest, only to lose it again. The interest is likely caused by new announcements related to the series and popular streamers revisiting the game. 


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Will Fallout 4 be popular again?

It’s highly unlikely that Fallout 4 will ever generate as much interest as it did in the months following its release. The game is quite old, and people are moving on to better, newer games. Fallout 76 is in the play as well, which means that the community is divided between the latest release in the franchise and keeping an older game alive. The interest might spike once again when some concrete piece of news related to the sequel, Fallout 5, arrives. But for now, it seems that Fallout 4 will retain the exact same number as it did for the past few years.

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