Here’s How To Breathe Underwater in Minecraft 1.13

How to explore underwater in minecraft

Update 1.13 for Minecraft was released back in 2018 and it was among the most exciting updates in general. The main goal of the update was to revamp oceans completely, as well as the mechanics related to underwater explorations. And speaking of underwater exploration, many things have been added to Minecraft’s improved oceans, and due to that, players recognized the need to stay underwater longer. Since Steve does not have gills, players are forced to find alternative means of breathing underwater, and when it comes to added update 1.13 there are plenty of ways. Having said all of that, let’s see how to breathe underwater in Minecraft 1.13. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can breathe in Minecraft 1.13 by using water-breathing potions, enchantments, conduits, bubble columns, and turtle shells, and by exploiting the game’s mechanics.
  • Some of the mentioned water-breathing features were added by Update Aquatic aka Minecraft 1.13, while some were present in the earlier versions of the game. 

What is in the 1.13 Minecraft Update?

Minecraft Update 1.13 added many exciting new features to the game. Dubbed Update Aquatic brought life and excitement to oceans, intending to overhaul them. Several new items, blocks, effects, mobs, and biomes were added with the update. But the most important feature of all, at least when exploration is concerned were new structures generated underwater. The structures added are

  • Shipwrecks can be commonly found near the coasts and on ocean floors. Often, they can be seen peaking out of the water. They are a great source of chests and are not difficult to explore. 
  • Icebergs are a great addition to frozen biomes. They are meant to increase immersion in the otherwise bleak and seemingly lifeless biomes. 
  • Underwater ruins / Ocean ruins are generated in all ocean variants as well as in the deep oceans. They are mostly made out of stone and are a great source of treasure. They are objectively harder to explore than shipwrecks but in turn, they generate more valuable loot. 
  • Buried treasure, is mostly found on beaches and rarely found on the ocean floor. Loot is extremely valuable. 
  • Coral Reefs, immersion-enhancing structures meant to add life to the ocean floor. 
icebergs and shipwrecks
Shipwrecks & icebergs


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How to breathe underwater in Minecraft 1.13? 

We’ve mentioned new items in the previous paragraphs so we’re going to start by analyzing those. You can breathe underwater in the 1.13 version of the game by making use of the following:

1. Conduits 

Conduits are among the most powerful items added in 1.13, and they are perfect for underwater exploration although they are somewhat difficult to acquire. Conduits provide the player with adequate light and oxygen, they add night vision and increased mining speed, and if there are hostile mobs in a range of 8 blocks around them, conduits will attack those mobs. 

As you can see, a conduit is a must when it comes to underwater exploration. But, there’s a catch. It’s a precious block that requires a lot of rare-ish materials, and once you do manage to craft it, it needs a special set-up as well. 

Crafting conduit 1

To craft conduit, you will need 8x Nautilus Shells and 1x Heart of the Sea. Nautilus Shells are easier to come across. To they can be found while fishing, or trading, or are simply dropped by the drowned, new hostile mobs introduced in the update. Heart of the Sea is altogether a different story, it can only be found within the chests while you’re exploring buried treasures, shipwrecks, and ocean ruins.

2. Bubble columns 

Bubble columns are an almost effortless way to obtain long-term water breathing all you need is magma blocks and soul sand. When magma comes in contact with the water. They can be naturally generated or, created by players by placing a block of sand underwater. As soon as the bubbles appear you can replenish your air supply. Be careful around them though as they can either pull entities down or push them up, this can result in the player being pushed in the direction of magma. 

Bubble columns 1
Bubble columns created by soul sand & magma

3. Turtle Shell 

Turtle Shell is an equipable helmet that provides the player with air. The best part about Turtle Shells is the fact that they can be “recharged” when you’re exposed to air. This means that you can recharge them by making use of the above-mentioned bubble columns and conduits.

4. Respiration enchantment

Respiration enchantment wasn’t added with update 1.13, but it’s still something that can be utilized. You can enchant your helmet (and other items through commands) with Respiration enchantments that allow you to “breathe underwater”. Each level of enchantment adds +15 seconds of water breathing, if you have level 3 that’s 45 seconds of water breathing + 15 seconds of base time till you start to drown. 60 Seconds overall before you start taking drowning damage. Those 60 seconds can be further added too if you wear a turtle shell.

5. Potions of Waterbreathing

Again, this isn’t exactly a new thing but it can still be utilized and most likely, you will use them until you acquire the means to craft new items. you can use your brewing skills to create Potion of Water Breathing. A base water breathing potion gives you 3 minutes of water breathing effect. A single potion of water breathing is created by using 1x nether wart, 1x water bottle, and 1x pufferfish. 

Brewing potion of water breathing

And that’s pretty much it. As you can see as of 1.13 you have plenty of options when it comes to breathing underwater in Minecraft, and if you’re wise while utilizing them they are bound to make it worth your effort. 


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