How Many Items Are in Minecraft in 2024? The Real Numbers

how many items in minecraft

One of the best things about Minecraft is its massive array of unique materials, all topped off with tons of additional decorations and items. With Minecraft featuring such a huge selection of objects and blocks in-game, many Minecraft players wonder just how many items there are in Minecraft .

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There are 1602 tracked ‘main’ items in Minecraft as of version 1.19, although the total figure could reach up to 2455 or more considering all potential variants of the same item and items that are exclusive to certain Editions or events.
  • Of the accounted 1602 items in Minecraft 1.20, 1,438 are obtainable in Survival Mode, 884 are stackable and obtainable in Survival Mode, and 164 can only be obtained in Creative Mode.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on January 10, 2024, and reflects changes made in Minecraft 1.20.

How Many Items Are in Minecraft?

Minecraft players have only been able to record 1602 total Minecraft items for version 1.20 as of January 2024. These figures are being tracked by a handful of dedicated Minecraft fans on Reddit by means of an organized and community-driven online spreadsheet, with more item details being added, changed, or removed with each version and update.

With that being said, some believe there are around 2455 different objects in Minecraft as of 2024, which includes all types – namely materials, items, and block states that can be found in the Minecraft world. Either way, there are variations in terms of what items are accessible as well as how they can be used in-game.

Below is an overview of how many main items there are in Minecraft, which generally come in additional types or versions. The items and blocks below span across both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but do not include all possible variants of the same item type, special items that are only featured in Minecraft Education Edition, items that have been removed, or “Joke Items”.

Minecraft Item/ Block TypeTotal (1.20)
Obtainable Items in Minecraft Survival Mode1438
Stackable & Obtainable Items in Minecraft1005
Items Only Obtainable in Minecraft Creative Mode164
Items Stackable & Only Obtainable in Minecraft Creative Mode104
Total Recorded Main Items/ Blocks in Minecraft1602

An item in Minecraft is classified as any object that can exist within the player’s inventory, can be held within the player character’s hands, or can be displayed in item frames and armor stands. This means that although one might witness certain things around the Minecraft world, they are not necessarily identifiable as items in the game.

There are tons of items in Minecraft, some of which can be found by gathering around the Minecraft overworld, while exploring Minecraft’s vast oceans and structures, or by means of classic crafting methods. Each Minecraft item comes with a specific “Item ID”, unique to its form irrespective of its main type.

Items in Minecraft are grouped into various categories, with the main category making them different in terms of accessibility and usage. Below is everything you need to know about the items in Minecraft and how many items the game has, with images thanks to the Minecraft Wiki.

Items that Create Blocks, Fluids, or Entities

Some items place a block or entity version of themselves when they are placed (meaning that they could be seen as an item or a block depending on the state). The only way such objects can be displayed in item form is to place them into an item frame.

minecraft items


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Items with Direct Uses

When highlighted in a player’s Hotbar, held in the player’s off-hand, or equipped in an armor slot, these items can be used in its traditional sense, be used as a makeshift attack ‘weapon,’ or can serve a specific purpose depending on the item in question – such as offering the player an advantage or disadvantage.

Some of these items can be used in just about any situation, while other objects can only be used when the player is aiming at specific blocks or entities. Below are all of the items that fall within this category:

minecraft item with direct uses
minecraft items with direct uses2
minecraft items with direct uses 4 1
minecraft items with direct use 5

Items with Indirect Uses

Players cannot use or interact with any of the items that fall within this category. However, these items can be used for trading, brewing, enchanting, or crafting ingredients for other items that have direct functions in the Minecraft world – apart from clocks, which are not included in any recipes but serve an informative function in Minecraft.

items with indirect use1

Edition-Specific Items

While most of the items and objects in Minecraft are included across platforms and editions, there are a handful of items that are specific to a certain edition. Some items are only included in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, while there is a vast selection of items that are only featured in Minecraft Education Edition, as seen below

minecraft education edition specific items

Removed & Joke Items

Minecraft has removed certain items – primarily studded items that most players did not find useful. But, although Minecraft has tons of items, players may have seen a handful of more bizarre items over the past few years.


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The Minecraft devs have also featured a variety of Joke items over the years, most of which have been released as part of April Fools day. Such items are not technically part of the game, and include the following:

joker and removed minecraft items

How Many Blocks Are There in Minecraft?

There are around 1003 different blocks that can be used in Minecraft as of January 2024, with more new blocks being added with each version and update. Although, most Minecraft players believe there are only approximately 410 ‘unique’ blocks in the game, and the objects or materials listed as ‘blocks’ can overlap with the objects listed as ‘items’.

Additional blocks can often be variants of a ‘main’ block (such as an oak log being transformed into other forms like a slab, a stripped block, planks, stairs, and more). Blocks can be used for a wide variety of purposes in Minecraft depending on what you’re looking for, but the main uses are as follows:

  • Building
  • Decoration
  • Redstone
  • Transportation

Similarly to other types of items in Minecraft, blocks have a variety of uses in the game, and all of the blocks that have primary purposes are seen as “Technical Blocks”. However, there are also quite a few blocks that are only featured in Minecraft Education Edition, as seen below.

decorative blocks

Removed or Joke Blocks

Like the other types of Minecraft items, the block category has also seen some adaptations over the years. The following blocks were added as a joke, as part of April Fools, and are not technically part of the game.

removed or joke blocks 2

Some blocks have been removed by means of substitution, such as the Grassless Dirt, Potted Rose, and Rose items. However, some items have been completely removed from the game over the years, as seen below:

minecraft removed blocks3

How Many Stackable Items Are in Minecraft?

The vast majority of items or blocks in Minecraft stack up to a total of 64, while others can only stack up to 16 or cannot be stacked in the player’s inventory at all. Minecraft inventories are based on 8-bit systems, and the number “64” was chosen since it seemed to be a perfect middle ground for storing different items.

Stackable items will be automatically sorted into the same inventory slot, provided that the amount does not exceed 64 – in which case, a new inventory slot will be used. According to Minecraft fans on Reddit, there is a total of at least 884 stackable items in Minecraft, although there may be minor differences between 1.18 and 1.19.

Minecraft Items Stackable to 64852
Minecraft Items Stackable to 1632

However, these figures only account for the stackable items in Minecraft that are obtainable in Minecraft survival mode. There are a total of 96 extra stackable items that are only obtainable in Minecraft creative mode.

How Many Obtainable Items Are in Minecraft?

While there are tons of different items and blocks in Minecraft, not all of them can be obtained by players in the same way – whether or not players can obtain these items will depend on which mode they are playing. Of course, all of the items listed under the Minecraft Education Edition are not seen as obtainable unless you are playing this Edition.

Other obtainable items can only be acquired in Minecraft creative mode, and most Minecraft players believe this figure to be at least 1050 items in total as of Minecraft version 1.20. On the other hand, there are around 164 recorded items that cannot be obtained in survival mode.


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Although the total number of items, objects, and blocks in Minecraft can feel overwhelming and only continues to grow with updates, the majority of Minecraft players generally have access to most of the available items in the game. Plus, the massive selection of materials only increases the potential for some incredibly unique creations, allowing you to fashion just about anything you could imagine in your Minecraft world.

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