What Does Respiration Do in Minecraft? & How to Get It?

What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

Many of the best game worlds feature large bodies of water, whether they’re flat terrain or gargantuan cliffs. Therefore, many players are so interested in Minecraft’s respiration. So what does respiration in Minecraft do?

Respiration extends underwater breathing time through an enchantment on a helmet.  As a result of respiration, underwater breathing time is increased by 15 seconds per enchantment level in addition to the default time of 15 seconds.

The ability to breathe underwater may not be on your list of must-have skills, but the community helps fellow players find easier and more efficient ways to make the most of their time in lakes, rivers, and oceans. So let’s find out how to get respiration in Minecraft universe and many more in the following article.

Where to use respiration?

What is one popular destination? Seeds, villagers, and strongholds appear on the Survival Islands in 2021. The result is loot, exploration, and interaction with mobs.

Several of these islands are situated in deep ocean tiles, while others, like a mushroom-shaped island, are surrounded by ice. Every island has its own unique characteristics, even those with irregular shapes, in Minecraft, no matter what version you’re playing.

However, you cannot swim indefinitely in Minecraft, nor can you always find a boat. You would still be missing out on fully exploring the water- and all it has to offer, even if both were true.

What Does The Minecraft Enchantment Respiration Do?

What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

By level / (level + 1), you have a chance to avoid taking drowning damage every second. Level 3 is the highest level accessible without commands, resulting in a total underwater time of 60 seconds before drowning occurs. This time is extended by 10 seconds when a turtle shell is worn. Other armor pieces can be modified using commands.

At level 3, the maximum time underwater is 60 seconds before drowning begins. Turtle shells add 10 seconds to this time.

Underwater breathing is extended with the Respiration enchantment. Additionally, it makes it easier to see underwater.  An enchanting table, anvil, or game command can be used to apply the Respiration enchantment to a helmet. For extended underwater breathing time, you’ll need to put on the enchanted helmet.

The achievement of maxing out armor and tools in Minecraft is an incredible accomplishment. In the world of Minecraft, every enchantment is meant to assist the player in a different way: protection, attack, speed, and even breathing.

Players work hard to obtain respiration enchantments for their helmets in order to maximize their armor. We’ll take a look at what respiration enchants are, what they do, and why players are eager to enchant their overpowered armor with them.

Respiration extends the duration for which you can breathe underwater. You can also see better underwater with it.

The Respiration enchantment has a maximum level of 3. You can enchant an item with Respiration III or higher. The higher the level, the better the enchantment.

How Rare Is Respiration Minecraft?

You are resistant to drowning damage for a longer period of time when wearing the respiration helmet enchantment. It is not the rarest enchantment in Minecraft. You can obtain it through many different methods such as an enchanting table, trading with villagers, or through loot.

With the Respiration Enchantment, players can remain underwater without ever losing their breath- but they can also see underwater while underwater, which makes it beneficial for underwater exploration, which is why it’s one of the most popular ways to navigate underwater regions in Minecraft.

By gaining experience through the orbs system, you will be able to unlock more enchantments and higher levels. Orbs are primarily dropped when you defeat mobs. In general, the higher the level of enchantment, the stronger, more effective, and ultimately useful it is.

Three levels of enchantment are available, with Respiration 3 a good choice if you want the longest duration for breathing underwater. You can breathe underwater for 15 seconds for every enchantment level.

If your enchantment level is three or greater, you will have 45 seconds more underwater breathing.

Even though it’s not a lot of time, those 45 seconds can really make a difference.


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How To Get Respiration In Minecraft?

What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

An enchanting table, anvil, or game command can be used to apply the Respiration enchantment to a helmet. Below is a process for adding respiration to an enchantment table.

You can access your enchanting screen by right-clicking the enchantment table:

It will display the above menu with options to place items and 3 buttons. Select a turtle shell or helmet to enchant

Enchant the table with lapis lazuli: 

Upon placing the item, three randomized options appear on the right. 

Here, glyphs do not affect enchantments, but hovering over an enchantment illustrates the enchantment to be applied.

Select the Respiration option:  

The only available options have a level requirement equal to or below the player’s current level, and a lapis lazuli requirement equal to or below the number of lapis lazuli placed on the table. Based on the number of experience levels needed, each option enchants the item with a different set of enchantments. By clicking one of the enchantments you like, your tool’s appearance will change, symbolizing the imbued attachment.

Interestingly, you do not enchant yourself directly, but instead the items you carry in your inventory. Helmets, caps, and tortoise shells can all be enchanted with Respiration.

Upon collecting five materials (iron for an iron helmet, etc.) you can craft a helmet or cap, or you can find one in chests.


It is necessary to access an enchanting table (made from a gold book, obsidian, and diamonds) in order to enchant a helmet or cap. After that, enchanting is simple – just place the item you want to enchant into the first slot.

Wearing the Enchanted Helmet/ Cap

In order to benefit from Respiration Enchantment, you’ll need to wear the enchanted helmet while wearing the enchanted cap. Place the newly enchanted helmet or cap in your inventory in the helmet slot. Your avatar must be wearing the helmet.

From then on, you’ll be able to breathe underwater as well as benefit from improved vision.


Looting is the only other way to get the Respiration Enchantment. In some cases, the helmets you find through chests or by attacking mobs already have enchantments.

This method, however, is not one I would trust. It’s not uncommon to find damaged helmets in the game, or for mobs to drop them. Further, not only can it take a while to find an enchanted helmet, but finding the specific enchantment you’re looking for is also difficult.

If you plan to use Respiration Enchantment soon, however, you would do better to use the Enchantment Table and enchant your own helmet or cap.


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Is Respiration Good In Minecraft?

What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

 Regardless of what you’re doing, your respiration enchantment could be extremely useful. Though it’s not overpowered like Frost Walker, I prefer it a lot.  With a level 3 respiration enchanted helmet, you can breathe underwater for an additional 45 seconds.

It is sometimes the simplest things that are the most enjoyable.

In Minecraft, what is the purpose of the respiration enchantment? You breathe more when you are underwater, so each level increases your breathing time by 15 seconds of enchantment. Three levels of enchantment are possible. With a level 3 respiration enchanted helmet, underwater breathing time is extended by 45 seconds.

Level 3 is the highest level accessible without commands, resulting in a total underwater time of 60 seconds before drowning occurs. This time is extended by 10 seconds when a turtle shell is worn.

Respiration enchantments in Minecraft are divided into three tiers: I, II, and III. Underwater time is extended by 15 seconds with each level of the enchantment. Thus, if the player uses only Respiration I, they are able to stay underwater for 30 seconds, rather than 15.


You might not be familiar with Respiration, and it’s fairly insignificant history, so here are some facts and logic.

A minute of underwater time is available in Respiration II, and 45 seconds in Respiration III.

Additionally, the aqua affinity enchantment, which also helps players breathe underwater, can be added to the respiration enchantment. You can even apply these enchantments to a turtle shell helmet to maximize their effects.

The enchantment table can be used to gain Respiration III, but most players find it easier to level up their armor by combining Respiration I and II books or enchants.

The player must use an anvil and combine two enchantments of the same level to merge them. In other words, merging two Respiration I books together will result in Respiration II. Then, merging that Respiration II book with another of its level will result in Respiration III.

As many players may claim, Respiration in Enchantment is worthwhile. By combining it with other smart gameplay strategies, you can explore areas you might not have otherwise explored, expand your mining capabilities, and even be inspired to become more creative.

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