GTA Online: Here’s How To Increase Nightclub Storage

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Grand Theft Auto includes many additional activities and content for players, especially regarding GTA Online. Players can embark on their business ventures by investing in numerous properties, such as Nightclubs, but many players still wonder how to increase Nightclub Storage in GTA Online.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players can increase their Nightclub storage by renovating the relevant Nightclub location via the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  • Over time, purchasing subsequent floors will double the storage capacity, resulting in higher passive profits for GTA Online players.

Nightclubs in GTA Online

Players have access to numerous properties in GTA Online and a massive array of incredible vehicles. These properties open up a new world of fun, excitement, entertainment, and challenges, enabling players to start their own businesses in GTA Online and make some extra income in-game.

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In addition to other properties that support business functions, such as bunkers in GTA Online, players can also choose to buy a Nightclub. Nightclubs were initially introduced to GTA Online by an unsolicited phone call from Tony Prince until The Contract update. They were only officially released as a part of the After Hours update.

Multiple Nightclub locations are situated throughout the city, namely in Del Perro, Vespucci Canals, Strawberry, LSIA, Mission Row, La Mesa, Cypress Flats, West Vinewood, Downtown Vinewood, and Elysian Island. The location of each Nightclub can be seen on the map below.

nightclub locations in gta

Each Nightclub has a base value of over a million, with the most affordable location being $1,080,000 and the most expensive location being $1,700,000. However, since Nightclubs can be one of the best money-makers in GTA Online at higher levels, they are worth the price for many GTA Online players.

Much like other business locations and properties in GTA Online, players will first have to conduct Setup work before being able to start up their Nightclub business. From there, the Nightclub will be filled with staff, equipment, and much more – topped off with decorations, furnishings, and everything the business needs to operate smoothly.

How to Increase Nightclub Storage in GTA Online

Players also have the option to upgrade the amount of storage space available in each of their Nightclubs’ warehouses and storage facilities, which will afford numerous benefits to just about every GTA Online player who owns a Nightclub. Quite a few players assumed that they could simply head over to the computer on the desk within the owned Nightclub and navigate to the “Warehouse Management” tab to buy more storage.

However, the process is actually even simpler, as all players need to use is their character’s iFruit device. Follow the steps below to upgrade the storage facility space in your NIghtclub.

  1. Open up the character’s phone in GTA Online.
  2. Head to the “” browser.
  3. Locate the Money and Services tab.
  4. Click on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  5. This will automatically bring up all of the available Nightclub locations and display some of the other property locations in-game.
  6. Players will need to select the location of their owned Nightclub before going ahead.
  7. From there, select the “Renovate” button.
  8. Select “Storage”, located in the panel on the left-hand side.
  9. Players will get the option to add more storage to their Nightclub in this section. Adding more storage will result in the renovation cost being more expensive.
  10. Continue to purchase more storage in the form of Nightclub floors as needed.

Additional add-ons, such as dancers, dry ice, lighting, and more, are also available.

This process can be repeated for each Nightclub location, as purchasing one upgrade will only apply to the selected location. Players are also given the option to buy renovations for the garage space that’s available in their Nightclub in this section, although this will come at an additional cost.

What is the Maximum Storage Allowed for Nightclubs?

The Nightclub initially starts off as an “Underground Nightclub” based on the level of the property. Players must upgrade and increase their Nightclub storage space by adding more floors to the business.

nightclub floors

Players can add up to 4 floors to their owned Nightclub in GTA Online, bringing the total number of levels up to 5. Purchasing each new floor will come at a different cost, gradually becoming more expensive with each renovation.

What Does Nightclub Storage Do in GTA Online?

Players who purchase Nightclubs in GTA Online will find that it only has one storage facility or warehouse by default. Purchasing any additional floors will automatically double the prior storage capacity.

The main benefit of increasing the Nightclub storage facility is the total profits players can make. However, this is more beneficial for players who already have relevant MC businesses, as these focus more on passive income – when compared to some business types that require players to be more active.

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With the right setup, players can make millions’ worth of sales every couple of days when this income is combined with the profits that the Nightclub collects overnight. This is because the Nightclub storage facility will accumulate more stock passively.

That’s everything there is to know about upgrading your Nightclub’s storage space in GTA Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Despite the fact that quite a few players may overlook extra Nightclub storage in-game, this can be a super simple and quick way to instantly increase your overall profits in-game.

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