Minecraft: Here’s How To Quit Without Saving (Singleplayer & Multiplayer)

How To Quit Without Saving Minecraft

More often than not, we wish to quit a game without having to worry about whether our progress was saved, but in some instances, when it comes to Minecraft, we wish to revert back to the progress we made before we went online and started our gaming session. So, how do you quit Minecraft without saving?

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  • To exit the game without saving, you’ll need to force-stop it. To do so, press ALT + F4 to open the task manager.
  • Make sure you find the Minecraft Launcher and end the task. Another way to do it is to hold F3+C for around 10 seconds, activating the debug crash.

Why would someone want to quit without saving their progress

In Minecraft, we can spend countless hours, days, or even months building out our dream base or something else entirely, only to find out we messed everything up by positioning the whole building one block to the right. Sometimes we learn that the build won’t work in the biome or fit in with the rest of our build.

From that point on, the only thing we can do is destroy the entire part of the building block by block, which is a mundane task that can take hours, depending on what you’re building with and whether or not you have the best enchantments on your tools.

Either way, we want to avoid wasting our time destroying and instead focus on the building, which is where quitting the game without saving comes in handy. Another reason someone wants to quit without saving is if they got lost in the vast Minecraft world and can’t be bothered to find their way back, again spending hours getting back to their base or starting point.

You could even use it to restore lost items if you died while playing out the session. Whatever you want to use this feature for, let’s dive deeply into how saving works in Minecraft.

How saving works in Minecraft

Minecraft frequently saves on its own, like most games, to prevent players from losing their progress if it suddenly crashes. This happens every 45 seconds, but the game is also saved whenever the player pauses the game and enters the game menu.

This means that no matter how hard you try to revert the progress, it’s likely that you won’t be able to pull it off. Your best option is to Alt+F4 right as you mess up, whatever that may be, without pausing the game since that will save it. If you’re desperate, you can still try and force exit, and some of your progress might still be reverted, but it’s not a guarantee.

Of course, you can’t Alt + F4 your way out of trouble on consoles or mobile phones, so how would one approach doing this in Bedrock Edition, whether it is a console or mobile phone?

Quitting without saving Bedrock Edition

On Bedrock Edition, if you’re a console player, the best chance you have of quitting without saving your progress is to turn off the device without actually exiting the game. This will revert the progress you made until the last auto-save, so better make it quick if there’s some specific progress you want to revert.

Luckily, you can turn off autosave if you’re a console player, whereas Java Edition users will have to manage another way, which I’ll get into later.

Turning off the autosave feature

To turn off the autosave feature as a console user, you’ll want to select a world and click on More Options. Once you’re in the new window, you should be able to see the ‘Disable Autosave’ option. Click on it, and once done, the only way to save your world progress will be to manually save it by quitting the game like you normally would.

Backing up world files

If you can’t find the disable autosave feature, you can always revert to the good ol’ trustworthy backup. Of course, this would have to be done every time before you begin your session, so let’s see how you can do that.

To back up your world, click on your world and choose the Edit button. From there, you’ll be able to see the ‘Make Backup’ button. Press it, and the world should back up. If you ever want to revert the progress, you can enter the world’s backup.

Reducing the autosave interval in Java Edition

Although disabling autosave won’t work on Java Edition, you can still make the autosave interval less frequent. It won’t work without Optifine, so before anything, make sure you have OptiFine installed.

Autosave Button Minecraft

Once you’re done, enter your world as you would normally and press ESC to go into the pause menu. From there, click on Video Setting and then Other. You should be able to see the autosave interval button. The most it’ll go is up to 24 minutes without saving which gives you enough time to mess up.

How it works in multiplayer

Although if you own a server, the game will be set to autosave by default, in your server settings, no matter the server provider you chose, you should be able to disable autosave, making it easier to quit without saving.

For example, if you run a Shockbyte server, disabling autosave will be in your multicraft panel under advanced settings. Make sure you give it a thorough search before giving up.

If you’re not the server owner, you’ll have to either ask for permission to change the settings or pray the server owner does it. Quick note, if you disable autosave, the feature will be disabled for all server participants, so make sure you notify them about the changes that took place.

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