Are Minecraft Worlds Really Infinite? Here Is the Truth!

Are Minecraft Worlds Infinite

Minecraft is said to have infinite worlds that you can explore endlessly. That’s partially the whole fun of the game’s concept; you never know what beautiful creation you’ll stumble upon and what you’ll find. There seems to be a debate on whether or not this is true so we’re here to finally answer the question. Are Minecraft worlds truly infinite?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft worlds are technically not infinite. They do spawn infinitely, though, and if you ever reach the world border, you’ll still be able to see terrain past it.
  • Given the actual size of a world, you can consider it infinite as it’s extremely hard to reach the border unless you use cheats.

How big are the Minecraft worlds?

The size of a world in Minecraft depends solely on your device’s hardware. This helps prevent the game from crashing or slowing down if your device just can’t handle that much.

Technically speaking, every Minecraft world is 30.000.000 blocks big in each direction from your spawn point. Each block is equivalent to 1 real-world meter which makes the entirety of the world 5x bigger than the diameter of the earth.

Since it’s hard for us humans to even comprehend the diameter and size of our earth, the same goes for your device of choice when it tries to render a world that large.

The difference in size between the Nether and Overworld

The only difference in size between the two is that Overworld is 320 blocks high while Nether is 127 blocks high. Once you reach the border in Overworld, you’ll be faced with the Far Lands, while in the Nether, you’ll face Bedrock.

How do we reach the end of the world?

If you went with the traditional way – walking to the world border, it would take you 54 days to reach it. The average speed you can walk is 5.6 blocks/1 second, which means that you would have to walk for 54 real-world days assuming that you’re only walking on flat terrain and don’t encounter any mountains, etc…

I’m assuming you don’t have the time for that kind of endeavor, so you can get by with the use of cheats as well. The command will only work if you allow the use of cheats. The command is /tp 29999999 256 29999999 or /teleport 29999999 256 29999999.

World Border

Passing the border

If you pass the border in Adventure or Survival mode, you’ll gradually lose health until you return within the walls of the border, or you die. This is disabled if you play in Creative or Spectator modes.


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Integer limits

Integer Limits are the sole reason why you’re not able to pass the border and load more of your world. Minecraft Java Edition was built on a 32-bit engine, so its integer limit is 32-bits. This is an unsurpassable border in the code of the game that prevents you from going any further. But, people have gone past the border, and the reason they went so far is due to the 64-bit integer limit.

What people did was break Minecraft’s code to support the number set by the 64- bit integer limit so that you could go further. But enter the 1024-bit integer limit. This is the true border of Minecraft, and the number is so big that it hasn’t even been factored in yet. It’s likely that we may never go to this point since the game would get so laggy and crash instantly, but if you were to ever reach this point, you would not be able to go any further.

2011-2018 Far Lands

These lands were part of the Beta version of Minecraft from 2011 to 2018, so with newer versions, you’ll not be able to experience these lands. They all occurred on the 32-bit integer limit.

  • The Far Lands – These lands had corrupted and stagnated terrain generation. It would happen after you reached 12.5 million blocks from spawn point 0.0
  • The Farther Lands – The terrain generation became even more corrupted here
  • The Stripe Lands – This was a bug that would occur within the Far Lands but was only available in the Bedrock Edition. It would happen at around 16 million blocks from spawn 0.0
The Stripe Lands 1

Going Further

The maximum number Java can handle is 1.8 x 10 to the power of 308, and if you were to ever teleport or reach this point in the game, if you checked the XYZ counter, it would say ”infinity.”

Why aren’t worlds infinite?

There’s no need for worlds to be infinite, and it would likely be impossible to code and program. The world you get in Minecraft is always going to be enough for you to build in and explore – I mean, it’s 5x the diameter of the Earth, so why wouldn’t it be? Lastly, if you want to have fun with the border, people have been experimenting with it for quite some time now, so who knows, maybe you’ll break Minecraft one day.

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