GTA Online: Here’s How to Recruit Crew Members

How to Recruit Crew Members in GTA Online

The Grand Theft Auto saga has tons of adventures awaiting fans, many of which require some much-needed teamwork. It’s far more fun playing GTA Online with friends, as this title flaunts a natural “Free Play” mode style topped with numerous multiplayer features, but many fans are curious to find out how to recruit crew members in GTA Online.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players can unlock NPC crew members by completing certain tasks or recruit other players as crew members by ensuring that the crew is set up and active in GTA Online.
  • Crew members can be selected via the “Friends” tab, the list of players in the lobby, or the players online in other crews, and they can be recruited via the “Invite to Crew” option, which appears alongside each player’s profile.

Creating a Crew in GTA Online

There are tons of thrilling missions and tasks that players need to get through in GTA Online, from bank robberies and heists to more complex masterplans with intricate tactics. Players can choose to create or join a crew when heading out for these challenges in order to help smooth out the overall process.

What is the Point of Joining a Crew in GTA Online?

Being on a crew in GTA Online can have surprising benefits in addition to the overall experience with avid fans. Players who complete tasks with fellow fans in crews will gain reputation points and will level up much faster than solo players.

Players can perform several business administration activities, such as selling and purchasing, bringing Vehicle and Air Freight Cargo, stealing supplies, selling weapons, managing staff, and more. Members will access a neat ‘glimpsing car’ logo and receive cosmetic bonuses at different levels, as seen below.

Crew LevelReward
1Crew color and emblem on cloth
20The black pig mask
28The Bonus skull mask
30Setting parachute smoke to crew color
35Setting the tire smoke from cars to crew colors
36White carnival mask
44White Monster mask

It’s pretty easy for players to keep track of their crew’s level as they go along. Simply select “My Crews” to see the crew’s current level, or Pause the game and select the “Online” tab and navigate to “Players,” after which selecting your own character should show the crew level.

How to Recruit Crew Members in GTA Online

Players can recruit members that are actually NPCs in some cases. The Diamond Casino Heist update initially introduced minor characters to GTA Online. But players can also choose to recruit other GTA Online players to create a custom team of their own.

Recruiting NPC Heist Crew Members

Players can recruit certain NPCs as crew members for specific heists, including a variety of hackers, gunmen, and drivers. These crew members will take a percentage of the profits as a cut, in addition to fencing fees where needed, and crew members with higher stats will result in better performance and results.

crew members gta 1

Two potential crew members can be unlocked by completing side missions. Others require players to purchase an Arena Worksop, a Bunker, or a Hangar and complete the business setup missions.

Patrick McReary (a skilled gunman) can be hired if rescued from a Police Transporter during a random event. Avi Schwartzman (an expert hacker and former colleague of Lester Crest) can be hired after destroying all 50 Signal Jammers throughout the state of San Andreas.

Recruiting GTA Online Players as Crew Members

Players who want to create a crew with other GTA Online players must ensure they have a Social Club account. Players who do not already have Social Club accounts can create one of their own by following the steps below.

  1. Visit the Rockstar Social Club website.
  2. Click the yellow sign-up, and accept the Terms and Policies.
  3. Add the information, create a strong login password, and solve the captcha.

This online platform allows players to communicate, acting as a central hub for every GTA Online player involved. It’ll definitely make the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable. From there, players must create a crew by following the steps below.

  1. Login to your Social Club account.
  2. Press the “Crew” tab in the top row.
  3. Select “My Crews”.
  4. Choose “Create a Crew”.
  5. Click the invite-only button for a private crew, or leave the box empty for free access to all players.
  6. After setting up the crew and making the necessary changes, click the “Save the Crew button” located at the bottom.

The Administrator/ Leader of the crew can assign internal roles to the different members – Commissioners, Lieutenants, and Representatives of the crew will have the authority to promote teammates at lower ranks and invite new members to the squad. Muscle crew members are only allowed to request new members to join, but the leader is the only player with full control over who joins the crew.

Once the crew has been created, make sure that the crew is Active – this can be done by navigating to the “My Crews” tab, selecting the crew players will be invited to, and setting it to “active.” Doing so will kick players out of the current session, requiring a new session.

crews ins gta

Players can then start inviting other players to join the crew using any of the methods below.

  1. Head to the Friends list and find a friend’s profile. Select the player’s name and scroll down to “Invite to Crew.”
  2. Head to “Online” and navigate to “Players” to view the list of players in the lobby. Simply scroll through these players and select them as needed using the “Invite to Crew” button.
  3. Head to an existing Crew and select “View Members.” Online players within that crew can be invited by selecting “Invite to Crew.”

All online players should automatically receive the crew invite and will need to respond before being added.

To join an existing crew in GTA Online, players can simply respond to invites or open the “Online” tab and click on “Crews.” From there, players can select the “Suggested Crews” tab and choose one of them, after which they should select the “Join the Crew” button.

Why Isn’t My Crew Showing Up in GTA Online?

Some players experience delays when creating a crew, and it can sometimes take a couple of days (up to 72 hours) for crews to reflect in-game. Fans have suggested unlinking and relinking to the player’s Social Club account and then reloading the game – but any further issues should always be reported to Rockstar Games.

That’s everything there is to know about creating a crew and recruiting members in GTA Online, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although some missions and heists can be done solo in-game, most players have found that taking on challenges with others can be as rewarding as it is entertaining.

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