GTA V: Here’s How to Access Free Play Mode

How to Access Free Play Mode in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto is infamous for just how much freedom players have overall, making free play extremely popular among GTA fans. However, since GTA 5 differs from previous releases in numerous ways, a clear “Free Play Mode” seems to be unavailable – many fans are eager to find out how to access Free Play mode in GTA 5 as a result.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players cannot access an official “Free Play Mode” in GTA 5, as GTA Online is generally seen as the game’s Free Play mode.
  • However, players can still enjoy GTA V Story Mode in free roam in between missions after completing the prologue, tutorials, and the first mission.

Free Play Mode in GTA

The Free Mode in GTA was initially released with GTA IV, where players gained access to the entire single-player map of Liberty City. While some areas, specifically interiors, were not included in this Free Play mode to protect Free Play fans from Story mode spoilers, there were still tons of amazing locations that could be explored and interacted with.

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GTA is iconic for its open-world style map and environment, offering endless hours of fun and content for players to enjoy. Players can do just about anything they could imagine in GTA, from exploring various locations while leveling up skills in GTA to robbing convenience stores around the city, and much more.

“Freemode is the live and open world of Los Santos and Blaine County. It’s where you’ll find everything from mission givers and businesses to social hubs and properties, and much more. Refer to the right-hand side of your Map in the Pause Menu to browse all available locations and set a Waypoint.”

Rockstar Games

To top it off, many fans who enjoy GTA single players also love using GTA mods, depending on the chosen gaming platform, which can open up a whole new world of Free Play possibilities as well. It’s no surprise that fans adore this type of freedom, although GTA’s Story Mode is undeniably entertaining and crucial for understanding the game’s very nature.

Does GTA 5 Have a Free Play Mode?

GTA fans adored the inclusion of this Free Play mode, and were hoping to see it introduced within GTA 5 – hopefully, in a much more grand and expanded manner. However, quite a few GTA fans were shocked and baffled to see that there was no official “Free Play mode” in GTA 5 at all.

That being said, this is not necessarily a cause for any concern or disappointment, as GTA’s “Free Play mode” is naturally built-in. While GTA 5 is based on its renowned Story Mode, players can enjoy a similar Free Play experience between missions.

How to Access Free Play in GTA 5

Since GTA 5 does not have an official Free Play mode, players can enjoy roaming around the city and its various environments whenever they are not participating in any heists or missions that are involved within the game’s Story Mode. However, there are a couple of things players will need to get through before they are able to explore GTA 5’s open world freely.

Complete the Prologue & First Mission

Whenever players start a new game in GTA 5’s Story Mode, they will be met with tutorials and some basic missions. Players will need to get through this first section, as this cannot necessarily be skipped, and it will serve as the sole requirement for accessing a Free Play experience in GTA 5.

To start off, players will need to get through the entire prologue in GTA 5 and complete the first mission. From this point, players should gain access to Franklin as their character, after which they can freely explore the world of GTA 5.

Players can always continue completing missions as they’d like after this point, but these first few missions are necessary for all players. That being said, continuing in “Free Play mode” will be fairly challenging at such an early stage, as players will not have much money or the means for expansion – which will be necessary for getting amazing vehicles, investing in properties such as GTA garages used for storing cars safely, or starting your own business in GTA 5 for some extra income.

If players would like to use Micheal or Trevor as the main character during Free Play exploration, they will need to continue further into the game’s Story Mode since more missions are required to unlock these characters. There are also a lot of additional “hobby” activities that players can participate in as well after progressing in the game, including training through flight school or gun ranges and even golf or yoga.

As a result, it’s always advised to have a decent balance between GTA 5’s Story Mode and “Free Play Mode.” You’ll be able to enjoy the game’s background and lore while having way more fun in Free Play by benefitting from the Story Mode mission’s rewards.

Free Play Mode in GTA Online

GTA Online is the closest thing to an official “Free Play mode” that GTA 5 players have, as much of the Free Play mode concept featured in GTA IV has been reintroduced – the main reason why many gamers believe that Free Play is “built-in” to GTA 5 as a whole. However, players will still need to get through to the end of the prologue in GTA 5.

Once players have completed the initial stages of GTA 5 Story Mode, they will be able to head to GTA Online. GTA Online is the best option available for players who simply want to mess around and have some classic GTA fun – whether it be blowing up vehicles, harassing NPCs and pedestrians, or wreaking havoc on GTA 5’s streets.

Apart from other potential requirements for playing GTA Online (such as having a PlayStation Plus membership), players can switch to GTA Online after completing the prologue – which is indicated by the GTA V logo popping up after the player is tasked with changing their clothes. Players simply have to open the Pause Menu and navigate to the Online tab, where they will be given the option to enter GTA Online and create their GTA Online character.

That’s everything there is to know about enjoying Free Play mode in GTA 5. Despite the fact that there is no official Free Play ‘mode’ in GTA 5, players can still get up to all of the mischiefs they’d like by exploring GTA 5’s open world freely after completing the first stages of the game.

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