Minecraft: Here’s How To Shrink Yourself

Heres How to Shrink Yourself in Minecraft

Since we’re so used to being able to do almost anything in our Minecraft worlds some limits still do apply. Many players have had the idea of shrinking themselves or mobs in Minecraft and have succeeded, as seen by plenty of YouTube videos where players are divided into giants and dwarfs. Can you do that in your own Minecraft world, and how do you shrink yourself in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • As of 1.20, there is no official way to shrink yourself in Minecraft.
  • You can’t use commands to do this, as this would require a significant update to be released for a minuscule thing that doesn’t add too much to the game.
  • You can use mods, however, to bring that experience to life.

Is there a shrinking command in Minecraft?

Although there is no official shrinking command in Minecraft, some players came up with the idea to utilize a shrinking command. If the command were to be implemented into the game, you would simply type /size <yourplayername> X number to either shrink yourself or other mobs. Of course, this is just an idea, and easier said than done.

On the Minecraft feedback forum, many players agreed that this would be a cool feature, but it would be a huge update, and the development team would likely have to put in a lot of hours to make it work. Since it concerns cheats/commands, probably, this update will never happen because it’s just not worth investing that much time and resources into it.


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Is there a shrink potion in Minecraft

It would be a lot easier if Mojang came up with a solution to put a shrinking potion into Minecraft that gave you some perks along with some flaws when drinking it, but of course, this is just an idea and is not an official part of Minecraft either. There is a but to the whole story, though, and it comes in the form of a Minecraft add-on.

Add-ons are different from mods because you have to pay real-world money to get them. You buy mine coins and exchange them for skins, texture packs, mini-games, and maps. Everbloom Games came up with the idea of a custom Minecraft map called ‘The Shrinking Potion.’ In it, you’re faced with a shrunken village that needs your help.

You’ll have to go through a series of dungeons to help the villagers but to help them; you need to stoop to their level by drinking a shrinking potion. With it, you’ll become smaller than a silverfish. It features funny voiceovers (since everything is smaller), and you’ll have to use your wits and skills to advance through all the dungeons.

The adventure map costs 990 mine coins which equals 5.75 USD. Not a lot, but it would be great if you could get a similar experience for free, right? Introducing to your Minecraft Java Edition mods that the wonderful people of the Minecraft community create to bring a whole new world of excitement to our gameplay experience.

What Minecraft mods let you shrink?

Many Minecraft mods let you shrink nowadays, and each has something that separates them from the rest, so I’ll give you a couple of mods, explain them in varying amounts of detail, and then decide for yourself which one you like the best.

Before I start, I only suggest you download mods from trusted websites. This means that the mods should have a lot of downloads and preferably comments saying that the mod is excellent and doesn’t contain any malware. To be safe, though, it would be best if you owned a paid antivirus software that’ll protect you from malware altogether.

1. Shrink

Shrink mod

The shrink mod has over 10 million downloads and is considered a small mod. This means that it won’t take a beast of a computer to run it, and it won’t make your game laggy. It adds an item called a personal shrinking device and using it with the shift + right click will cause you to shrink down to the size of a quarter of a block.

This will allow you to pass through spaces you otherwise wouldn’t be able to without using things like trapdoors or shulker boxes. It’s updated frequently and even runs on version 1.19.3.

2. Pehkui

The Pehkui mod allows you to enlarge or shrink almost all if not all, entities in the game by using commands. The list of commands that the mod uses is available on the mod page and will take some getting used to but imagine being able to fight an enlarged skeleton or, worse, the wither. You can also shrink yourself and make yourself grow larger. You can also modify the block-breaking speed and attack speed.


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3. Resizing Potion

If you feel like you don’t want to use commands to shrink yourself, you can use this mod that adds two new potions into the game, a shrinking potion and a growth potion. Although it’s one of the first mods you see on the CurseForge website, it’s unfortunately dead, and the creator recommends you either use the Pehkui mod or the Extra Alchemy mod. The mod will still work in versions below 1.16, though.

4. Size Shifting Potions

If you’re feeling like using potions to shrink yourself or grow larger in size in newer versions of Minecraft, instead of using the Resizing Potion mod, you can use the Size Shifting Potions mod. It would be best if you had the Pehkui mod installed that I already mentioned for the mod to work. Apart from adding the growth and shrinking potion, it also adds a widening and thinning potion to the game.

The mod works with Fabric and Forge, but it appears that the Forge version is laggy or doesn’t work entirely in the newer updates of the game, which include the 1.20.

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