30 Best Minecraft YouTubers in 2023

Best minecraft youtubers

There are tons of YouTubers out there creating content for Minecraft. In the last year alone there were 50,000 channels creating content on Minecraft alone. So it’s safe to say that Minecraft on YouTube is thriving.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you the most amazing Minecraft Youtubers in 2023 that’ll blow away your mind with their game sessions. Once you taste their content it’ll be impossible for you to not come back to their channel to watch the exciting game tricks and skills. You can do all this while also enjoying the game. So here’s the list of the 30 best Minecraft Youtubers currently.

Best Minecraft Youtube Channels

1. TheAtlanticCraft

This Minecraft Youtube channel has 3.46 million subscribers from all over the world. An interesting fact is that it’s run by two childhood friends Joey and Cody.

This channel was started in 2012 and has amassed over 1.47 billion views with 2,000 videos on the exciting Minecraft tutorials and sessions.

It has got a lot of videos on different gaming scenarios and skills.

If you want to see the tutorials and valuable sessions, this is a great place to start.

2. Exploding TNT

This channel started on May 8, 2011, and has had 500 videos uploaded on Minecraft since then. The total number of views is 898.11 million.

It has in-depth tutorials on how to play the game and various gaming scenarios that a player can watch and learn from.

For players who would like to watch some learning content, this platform is really unique and provides great content. The creators of this channel may have not put in a lot of videos like other channels but the video count is still a lot to learn from.


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It has got over 5.22 million subscribers which shows the popularity of its content and the trust people show in this channel.

3. iBallisticSquid

David Spencer started iBallisticSquid channel for Minecraft lovers on May 10, 2011. Since then the channel has crossed over 4.21 million subscribers and over 2.08 billion views in total.

For a channel of this caliber, there has to be something that makes it special and David has put a lot of effort into creating such a huge trust among its subscribers.

David does a lot of series videos on his Youtube channel and that has brought a lot of popularity and engagement from the viewers.

Race to the Moon, Crazy Craft, and Attack the B-team are the most common series that David hosts on his Youtube channel. It’s a great channel for Minecraft lovers who’d like to look into more in-depth gaming scenarios that might be not possible to watch on any other Youtube channel.

4. JeromeASF

This channel has uploaded more than 4,000 videos on its Youtube channel and is one of the most popular Youtube Channels (with 5 million subscribers) running Minecraft game sessions online.

Interestingly, Jerome also has a Call of Duty channel that he runs with his friends.

He is clearly a well-trained guy when it comes to running gaming Youtube channels and these two channels are evidence of his dexterity in gaming and content creation both.

This channel’s first video was uploaded on July 11, 2011. And it has gone on garnering a billion views since then.

For players interested in watching a brilliant Youtube channel, this is one of the options available on the web.

5. SSundee

SSundee is one of the older channels on this list having started putting content on Minecraft back on November 27, 2009. It has uploaded more than 1503 videos since then with over 19 million subscribers and has become one of the most-watched Minecraft YouTube channels during that span.

Most of the content on the videos on the channel is about mod reviews, modded Minecraft, and competitor’s reviews.

In comparison to other channels, SSundee has unique content about the competitor’s reviews and this is a great way for viewers to learn about the different ways to set up the Minecraft world, settings, and all sorts of methods to advance in Minecraft levels.

The popularity of this channel is evident in the number of followers it has garnered over the span of 12 years and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

If you’re keen on knowing about the various tricks and tips from different Minecraft gamers, you can get it on SSundee’s channel just by clicking on his playlists.

Enjoy watching.

6. Bajaj Canadian

Garnering more than 5.77 million subscribers, Mitch better known as Bajaj Canadian is an avid Minecraft player. But his expertise doesn’t limit him to just Minecraft. He has various other games on his channels that you can watch and learn from.

With combined views of 1.71 billion views and 3,610 videos, he’s one of the most-watched Minecraft content creators on YouTube.

Watch out for his expert videos of Minecraft survival mode, adventure maps, and park speed runs.

7. StampyLonghead

Created on July 29, 2011, this channel has over 5.45 billion views on 2,000 videos and gathered 10.3 million subscribers. That’s an impressive number if you compare it to other channels.

The quality of Stampy’s videos is amazing and he provides fun and valuable content for Minecraft for viewers all over the world.

Josh Garret started StampyLonghead as a side channel to put vlogs and console play but it soon got popular and became his mainstreaming channel now watched over 5.45 billion times.

On Minecraft Youtuber’s list, it’d be interesting to find out who is going to beat the StampyLonghead’s record of views.

8. PopularMMOs

Patrick the creator of Popular MMOs has interesting content about Minecraft and he not only plays it with his friend but also with his wife. There is regular content of him, his wife, and his bud playing Minecraft together for a fun and exciting game challenge.

Popular MMOs have collected over 6.1 billion views on their videos, breaking the record of Stampylonghead’s viewer numbers. The number of videos on the PopularMMOs channel is 3,255 with 17.3 million viewers.


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The videos are fun to watch and watchers get to know the best Minecraft tactic and strategies on the PopularMMOs channel which makes it a highly desirable channel for Minecraft lovers.

9. Captain Sparkelz

Captain Sparkelz was started on 20 July 2010 and has recorded 3,200 videos since then. It has a viewership of 2.66 billion and subscribers of 11.2 million.

This channel is owned by Jordan Maron who not only loves playing Minecraft but also makes it more fun for his viewers by adding theme music to his Minecraft videos.

H is known for uploading parody music for Minecraft and recently has started creating his own music videos for his content.

This is one of the most entertaining channels on this list and you must take a look at his content at least once.

10. Sky Does Minecraft

Sky Does Minecraft has over 11.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He has over 1590 videos on his channel but has been uploading lesser content recently as he has been ill for a long period of time.

But if you have not watched his videos, you must go and play some of his valuable content on YouTube and learn about different strategies from him.

11. TheDiamondMinecraft

Daniel Middleton is the number one most subscribed Minecraft Youtuber but also the 35th most subscribed YouTuber among all the YouTubers.

He started his YouTube channel on July 14, 2012, and has since gotten 12.8 million subscribers on his channel. Not only that he also has 8.31 billion views on his videos which makes him one of the most-watched Youtubers of all time.

His success with YouTube is precedent through his net worth which is estimated to be around 2 million USD.

DanTDM, more commonly known on the internet as Daniel Middleton, is an English YouTuber who is known for his Minecraft gaming series.

For his gameplay and dedication to Minecraft, Dan has won a few Kids Choice Awards and a Guinness World Record. The Minecraft community has been a fan of his for many years, and he is still a favorite today, making him one of the best Minecraft YouTubers.

His current subscriber count is 25.4 million, making him the most subscribed Minecraft YouTuber.

12. Smallishbeans

Smallishbeans has over 3.3 subscribers on whole and has got 1,000 videos uploaded on his YouTube channel.

He has impressive videos of Minecraft builds on his channel that have helped him garner over 1 billion views on his videos.

13. EthosLab

EthosLab is another impressive Minecraft builder with many excellent builds on Youtube.

He’s currently a member of Hermitserver that’s known for best building coverage.

EthosLab has a total subscriber count of 2.33 million and over 2 billion views on its Youtube videos.

He was a commoner in the old Minecrack server, making him no stranger to fascinating buildings in the Minecraft world.

14. Minecraft Builder Keralis

With a total count of 2.25 million subscribers, Keralis is one of the most famous Minecraft Youtubers out there.

He’s known for his series of ‘Let’s build videos that are spell-binding to watch.

He has many tutorials on building various types of build on his Youtube that a player can learn from and explore the majestic world of amazing Minecraft builders.

15. Magma 

Magma is another amazing builder in Minecraft who is known for designing amazing furniture for Minecraft houses.

His Youtube is the goldmine when it comes to furniture designing with various types of builds and matching interiors that gets along excellent with them.


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Magma has over 5.13 million subscribers on youtube which shows his popularity among Minecraft lovers.

16. Minecraft Builder – Grian

Grian has over 6.58 million subscribers. Grian has over 6.59 million YouTube subscribers which means he’s one of the top YouTubers on this list.

Grian has a series on different Minecraft builds and Hermitcraft which can be watched on the playlist on his channel.

17. Authentic Games

Marco Vieira better known as Authentic games is a Brazillian Youtubers streaming Minecraft and Roblox games.

Most of his videos are about Minecraft animations but some of his videos also stream Minecraft and Roblox games.

He shares his content in Portuguese too and has 19.9 million subscribers to his name, making him the 4th most popular Minecraft Youtuber in the world.

18. Jelly

Known for his Minecraft adventures and challenges videos, Dutch YouTuber Jelly is a Minecraft Youtuber. He is one of the most amazing YouTubers in the world because viewers can learn many strategies from his videos.

YouTube channel dedicated to Minecraft tutorials has grown quickly since it was launched in 2014.

Subscribers to Jelly’s channel total 22.2 million, and the majority of his videos are related to Hide and Seek and Speedrunner. These are the kinds of adventures you can have.

19. Dream

Minecraft videos are the most popular videos on Dream’s YouTube channel, which is also known as Clay.

During a short period of time, the Dreams channel grew to over 26 million subscribers, making it one of YouTube’s fastest-growing channels. 

He has become a household name because of Minecraft Manhunt and his collaborations with other Minecraft YouTubers.

His subscriber count climbs every day, so it is no surprise that he surpasses the #1 spot with 25.3 million subscribers.

20. TrixyBlox

He has over 1.89 million subscribers and 69 videos.

The awe-inspiring, massive Minecraft builds of TrixyBlox are known around the world. The videos are animated timelapse clips that show his creative process while showing hundreds of hours of Minecraft creations hand-built by him. 

Aside from drawing inspiration from film and other games, he also incorporates his own ideas and influences into his builds. 


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Watching his videos is truly captivating – and if his videos have sparked your creative urges and you’re ready to start building, he has a video of 50 Building Tips & Tricks to get you started.

21. Pixlriff

PIXLRIFFS has basic videos on Minecraft for beginners showing the in-depth concepts of gaming and how to play.

If you’re a new freelancer then you must go look at his videos to learn the basic concept of Minecraft.

He has videos on everything from old-school tutorials to Let’s play videos on everything. He’s also known as the Encyclopedia of Minecraft as his videos have meticulous details that aren’t available anywhere else on the Internet.

He boasts about 2 million subscribers to his channel making him a popular place for gamers to chill out while learning the concept of Minecraft.

22. Viggoman Plays

Voggoman Plays has only 26.3K subscribers on his Minecraft Youtube channel but that doesn’t match the status he has gained through his channel among the Minecraft community.

He has amazing video tutorials on Minecraft builds for which he is acclaimed by many players. He has one of the best Minecraft build a collection on Youtube that is valuable for other gamers who want to learn and move ahead in life.

23. Mr.Beast Gaming

Mr.Beast is one of the most popular YouTubers in this day and age. He does not focus on gaming primarily as he has different channels as well, but when he does, he’s pretty successful at it. Mr.Beast’s gaming channel has over 30 million subscribers and Minecraft is not the only game he focuses on. He plays Roblox and other games popular with today’s youth.


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The HermitCraft server has been running since 2012, but it’s not a channel per se – it’s a Minecraft server populated with Minecraft YouTubers. 

A small group of ‘Hermits’ has evolved over the years into a YouTube family that streams and uploads videos of their Hermitcraft adventures to their individual channels. 

Mumbo Jumbo and Grian are the most famous HermitCrafters, but all of them are knowledgeable, entertaining, and dedicated to making the HermitCraft server a worthwhile experience for all.

25. MrCrayFish

His videos of his new creations, which he uploads to YouTube, show off his many mods. 

Minecraft furniture mod creator MrCrayfish has made a ton of mods, and he has also created backpacks, vehicles, and perhaps the most intriguing, a mod that allows you to pet a tamed wolf. 

The author has also uploaded tutorials explaining how you can create custom tools yourself – very useful for aspiring modders.

26. IlluminaHD

It is considered to be one of the best Minecraft speedrunners – players who compete to play the game as quickly as possible. 

It’s especially exciting to participate in the any% random seed glitchless speedrun category, as each run generates a different Minecraft seed, which the player must explore and adjust to, constructing strategies on the fly. 

Our 2019 interview with Illumina himself provided more information about his Minecraft speedruns, so check it out if you’re interested

27. PeteZahHutt

He has been publishing Minecraft content on his channel since April 2012, when he was first introduced as Brandon “PeteZahHutt” Clemont.

When it comes to Minecraft championships, he’s incredibly skilled. In addition to being the only competitor to remain on the top five individual leaderboards, he’s one of two competitors who have never left the top ten-person list.

Over the past thirteen tournaments he has participated in, he has also only missed out on the top five once, both individually and overall. His winning teams have also included three different ones.


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His team placed third overall and first individually in the most recent tournament, Minecraft Championship 14. The Minecraft championships have seen him apply his skills in a very well-rounded and proficient manner.

28. Fruitberries

Known for being one of the best Minecraft players when it comes to YouTube and streaming, Josh “Fruitberries” is a Canadian YouTuber and streamer. The Minecraft Championship minigame, “TGTTOSAWAF,” shows his exceptional parkour abilities.

After winning his first-team championship, he went on to win two more individual championships and another team championship.

In addition to holding a previous world record with Illumina, he boasts some respectable speedrunning times.

Fruit berries are the go-to channel for learning some amazing skills on Minecraft and many of his subscribers are fans of his channel for the same reason. 

29. LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady, a YouTube star, and gamer, was born on October 7, 1992, in the UK. Growing up in a challenging environment with an alcoholic mother, she turned to gaming on her computer as an escape. With a passion for Minecraft and other games, LDShadowLady began streaming and playing various titles, eventually building a substantial fanbase and becoming one of the most popular gaming YouTubers today.

30. Technoblade

On the battlefield, the Technoblades are among the most formidable opponents. It was his knowledge of game mechanics and ability to use them effectively that made him an excellent player-versus-player combatant.

A few notable accomplishments have been made by Technoblade in the past. During Minecraft Hardcore Mode, the steering wheel served as his controller. Bedwards holds a record of 1,000 games won on Hypixel, an unbeatable streak.


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The same day, he defeated Dream for the $100,000 prize money in a raw player-versus-player match. He has been respected for his accomplishments as well as feared in combat because of his ability to compete.

He was a formidable opponent both on the general battlefield and in the Minecraft Championships. The top ten finishes have never been lower than his in any tournament he has entered. Additionally, he was part of two winning teams during his championship season.

Technoblade sadly passed away in June 2022 because of metastatic sarcoma after a short battle with the disease. He is survived by his loving community and loyal fans.

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