GTA V: Here’s How To Skill up Story Mode and Go Straight to GTA Online

Heres How to Skill Up Story Mode in GTA V and Go Straight to GTA Online

Fans adore just how much content the Grand Theft Auto saga offers, with GTA V and GTA Online being the two most popular GTA titles in recent years. However, many players are still curious to find out how to skill Story Mode in GTA V and go straight to GTA Online.

Although getting through GTA Story Mode by enhancing all of the character’s skills can seem daunting, you can get through it quickly and efficiently in order to proceed to GTA Online as soon as possible. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about skilling Story Mode in GTA V, including a layout of each of the skills as well as some nifty tips on how to level them fast.

Skills in GTA V

GTA V allows players to do tons of things in its open-world city, from cruising around in sports cars and stealing cars off GTA V’s streets, to robbing banks and completing some challenging heists for amazing rewards. However, players will need much more than wits and strategy to get through GTA V – they will need to spend some time working on their character’s numerous skills as well.

The skills in GTA V are seen as the three main protagonists’ unique stats, and they work similarly when compared to the skills seen in previous GTA releases. These skills are adjustable based on how each player approaches their playthrough.

Players can choose to work on any of the skills in GTA V, and having higher skills in certain areas will grant advantages as you progress in the game. As a result, some skills are far more worthwhile when compared to others, although all of the available skills can be beneficial depending on play style.

How to Level Up Skills Fast in GTA V

Each of the 8 skills in GTA V will afford benefits and help the player get through GTA V more quickly and smoothly overall. Below is an overview of each of the skills in GTA V, how they work, and the rates they level at – topped off with some methods for leveling each skill quickly.

1. Special Ability

The Special Ability skill dictates how long a Special Ability will remain active whenever it’s fully charged, as players will be able to store more charge for a longer duration as the skill is leveled up. However, increasing this skill is specific to each of the three main protagonists since they all have different Special Abilities, as seen below.

GTA Main CharacterSpecial AbilityHow to Level the Special Ability Skill
MichaelArea KillIncrease this Special Ability by scoring headshots, executing stealth takedowns, doing yoga sessions, drinking wheatgrass in his safehouse, letting his health drop down to 25%, and maintaining high speeds in vehicles while playing as Michael.
FranklinImproved Driving HandlingIncrease this Special Ability by driving against the flow of traffic, narrowly avoiding collisions, and maintaining high speeds in vehicles while playing as Franklin.
TrevorInvulnerabilityIncrease this Special Ability by performing things that will make him furious like taking damage, falling over, running into pedestrians, getting hit by vehicles on the road, killing enemies, scoring headshots, and maintaining high speeds in vehicles while playing as Trevor.

2. Stamina

The Stamina skill will affect how long the player can run, swim, or cycle at full speed before they begin losing health due to overexertion. This skill is crucial for just about any player, as the character will have some insane stamina after it’s maxed out.

Stamina will increase by 1% for every 190 yards (175 meters) the player covers on foot, while the skill will increase for every minute the player spends swimming. Players have found that participating in triathlons can be a great way to level up Stamina fast, although players should note that the character needs to be moving fast in order to see progress.

3. Shooting

The Shooting skill impacts the player’s skill in handling firearms by dampening the recoil, reducing reload time, heightening accuracy, and increasing ammo capacity. There are many ways to improve this skill, all of which require combat instances.

gta shooting range

Players can level up Shooting by landing hits on enemies and scoring headshots. However, the best way is to successfully complete Shooting Range challenges, since this will raise Shooting by 3% for earning Gold medals, 2% for Silver medals, and 1% for Bronze medals.

4. Strength

The Strength skill will influence physical power and resilience, boost melee damage, speed up ladder climbing, improve sporting agility, and reduce damage taken from various sources – including damage to armor. However, the Strength skill takes a considerable amount of time to work on, and it can be quite frustrating for many GTA V fans as a result.

Players can increase their Strength by scoring hits in melee combat and practicing sports – Strength will increase by 1% for every 20 punches the player lands on an opponent (or victim). Some players have found that punching cows on the Grapeseed Farms can be beneficial, as it gives the player almost the same increase, and it does not attract cops.

gta golf

Others have found that visiting Gyms and playing Golf or Tennis will also aid the process. However, the most interesting method involves beating on an unoccupied car with the character’s bare hands or stomping on the roof of an occupied bus – some players feel that this is an easy way to gain Strength, and it can take less time overall.

5. Stealth

The Stealth skill affects the player’s ability to remain undetected, as they can move more quickly and quietly when in stealth mode. Players can increase this skill by remaining undetected and performing silent takedowns when in stealth mode – for every two stealth takedowns, Stealth will heighten by 1.5%, while it will increase by 1% for every 40 yards the player covers in stealth mode.

However, there are a few other ways to level up Stealth as well, such as walking in stealth mode down a steep hill since players naturally walk downhill more quickly but will cover the same distance. Some players have reported that the pier with the Ferris wheel can be a great spot, since there are many unassuming victims – plus, the environment can make it tricky for cops to catch you.

6. Flying

Although players cannot technically fly planes in-game, the Flying skill is still important as it impacts the player’s ability in the cockpit of various aircraft models – such as helicopters. It affects the takeoff and landing while managing turbulence more easily for players.

gta flight school

The Flying skill will raise by 1% for every 10 minutes in the air, and flying under a bridge will increase the Flying skill by 1% as well. But, players can increase this skill faster by completing flight school challenges at the Los Santos airport, as detailed below, and completing the Helicopter speed run training increases the stats by 6%, 4%, or 3%.

Flight School ChallengesFlying Skill Increase
Training takeoff
Runway landing
Inverted flight
Knife flight
Flat hatting
Loop the loop
Sky diving
Drop zone.
Gold medal (3%)
Silver medal (2%)
Bronze medal (1%)
Touch down
Helicopter course.
Gold medal (5%)
Silver medal (3%)
Bronze medal (2%)

7. Driving

The Driving skill affects the player’s ability behind the wheel or handlebars, allowing them to retain more control over their vehicle. Players can increase this skill by holding wheelies for 10 seconds and getting perfect landings out of big jumps.

Driving will raise by 1% for every second spent in the air while handling a four-wheeled vehicle, and successful Stunt Jumps increase the player by around 2 or 3%. Players can also increase this skill by driving vehicles without hitting anything, getting “near misses” by driving close to other cars very fast, driving offroad or on uneven terrain instead of on regular roads, and driving through oncoming traffic without hitting any cars.

8. Lung Capacity

The Lung Capacity skill impacts how long the character can hold their breath underwater before they begin losing health, allowing them to remain underwater for much longer once it’s maxed out. Players can increase this skill by diving, swimming, and practicing yoga.

gta yoga 1

Lung Capacity skill will raise by 2% for every minute spent underwater, and every 20% milestone allows the character to hold their breath for 5 extra seconds. Using a Scuba Suit while underwater will help level up Lung Capacity, and players who have started the Strangers and Freaks mission with the Sonar Collections Dock purchased can just swim around after getting diving gear from the submarine or dingy.

It’s also possible to train many of your character’s skills in one location, which can cut down on the time needed for traveling.

That’s everything there is to know about skilling Story Mode in GTA V in order to go straight to GTA Online, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although many players can get stuck trying to level more time-consuming skills, there are still a few ways to speed up the entire process.

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