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For the average Joe or Jane, Minecraft commands can get a bit confusing, so we opt to copy-paste commands we search for on the web. Most of the time, this method of writing commands will suffice, but if you actually want to learn and apply the commands without having to check the Internet every once in a while, you’ll need to learn about all the signs that can be applied in such a setting. Some of these signs, like the § or section sign, can be hard to execute on a keyboard, so how do you type the sections sign in Minecraft?

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  • There are numerous ways to type the section sign or § in Minecraft. The easiest one is to hold ALT while the Num Lock is turned on and type in the numbers 21 or 0167.
  • Another way to execute it is to copy-paste it or use a Character Map on a Windows computer which can be accessed from the taskbar search bar.

Double S is used for technical stuff in Minecraft

Although you won’t encounter using the § section sign in your singleplayer or even multiplayer worlds using the command/chat box, you might end up using it while setting up your server. The section sign § is used as a formatting code, also known as color code, and it’s pretty self-explanatory what it does.

It can change the color of the text in the game. You can use them in the server.properties file that you can access when you create a multiplayer server, the pack.mcmeta file, splashes.text file, world titles, and server names. In Java Edition, you can use mods that allow you to use it in other places.

World titles and server names are self-explanatory, but what about the files I mentioned, and what are these files used for? The server.properties file stores all of the settings for a multiplayer Minecraft server. It is formatted as world-property = value (false, true, numbered value). It can be edited in any editor, and in Bedrock Edition, you even get #text explaining what a change to each property does.

The splashes.text file changes allow you to change the text and color of the text in the splash screen. You would use the § to change the color in this instance. Finally, the pack.mcmeta file is a file every resource pack has and is used to describe the contents of a resource pack. Resource packs can be anything from shaders to mods.

Section Sign Article

Now that you know in what instances you would be allowed to use the § section sign. The next natural step to understanding this sign is how exactly the code is used to change the color of the text and what options are available.


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In Bedrock Edition, you can use the sign to change text color anywhere you can input text, which means you can use it in chat and writing Minecraft books. You can choose between a total of 17 color combinations, and you also have six options to edit text without changing color. To change the text color or shape, you must write the § followed by a number or letter that identifies what you’re trying to do with the text and followed by the text you wish to change.

The color codes are as follows and display these colors. The third column shows codes for formatting codes.

  • §0 – black
  • §1 – dark blue
  • §2 – dark green
  • §3 – dark aqua
  • §4 – dark red
  • §5 – dark purple
  • §6 – gold
  • §7 – gray
  • §8 – dark gray
  • §9 – blue
  • §a – green
  • §b – aqua
  • §c – red
  • §d – light purple
  • §e – yellow
  • §f – white
  • §g – mine-coin gold – not available in Java Edition
  • §k – obfuscated
  • §l – bold
  • §m – strikethrough – not available in Bedrock Edition
  • §n – underline – not available in Bedrock Edition
  • §o – italic
  • §r – reset

The world problem of keyboards

There are thousands of available keyboard types worldwide, and the only way for you to write the § and other special characters as someone else does is if you have the keyboard set to Unicode.

Furthermore, about the § section sign, the only way to write the symbol on a keyboard with the Windows operating system is if your keyboard has the Numpad. The keyboard on my laptop doesn’t have one, so the only way for me to type the § is to copy-paste it or access it using the Character Map.

Windows users

To type the § with a US or UK keyboard with a numpad, you have several options: Alt + NUMPAD2 + NUMPAD1, ALT + NUMPAD7 + NUMPAD8 + NUMPAD9. Users using other keyboards (not US or UK) ALT + NUMPAD0 + NUMPAD1 + NUMPAD6 + NUMPAD7.

Mac users

Mac users typing on US keyboards can use Option + 6 or Option + 5. Other keyboards use Option + 00a7. Mac users certainly have it easiest when it comes to typing the section sign.

Linux users

Linux users can, if the compose key is activated, type in Compose so, or you can use a Unicode shortcut and press Ctrl + Shits + u00a7.

All about special signs in Minecraft

Some signs in Minecraft may be used more often than others, but the average Joe still won’t be able to use them without the proper guidance. When I first started playing Minecraft, I had trouble typing even the simplest of symbols, like a tilde or various types of brackets. Here is how to type some of them.


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Tilde ~ – You’ll write the tilde by pressing Ctrl + Alt + 1 or by pressing Shift + the button right next to the 1 on your keyboard.
Brace Brackets { } – using the numpad, you press Alt + 123 for { and Alt +125 for }. On a Mac, you could type it using Shit + Alt + 8 for{ and Shift + Alt + 9 for }.
Box Brackets [ ] For box brackets using a numlock press Alt + 091 for [ and Alt + 093 for ]. For keyboards without a numpad, press Alt Gr + F for [ and Alt Gr + G for ]. On a Mac, press Alt ⌥ + Shift + ( for a [ and Alt ⌥ + Shift + ) for a ].

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