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Without servers, Minecraft wouldn’t be half as fun as it is. This is in large part because servers allow you to play simultaneously with friends and strangers. Another reason why they’re amazing is that they introduce never-before-seen mechanics, mobs, and mini-games into your average Minecraft world. It’s hard work pulling it off successfully, so to honor that, here is how Minecraft servers work.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft servers use data centers that hold the physical computer and the server program needed to keep them up and running.
  • Additionally, these centers have Internet Service Providers that connect them to the internet and keep the connection stable.

What are servers

A server is a computer program or a device that will provide you, the user, and your computer with a service. In this case, the service is a Minecraft server that you and your friends can join to experience Minecraft differently, either with total strangers or with the people you know and love. Quite often, the large physical computer that the program for the server runs on is also referred to as a server, but that’s just me going broad in my explanation.

To get your own Minecraft server, you’ll need to find a server hosting website that you’ll either have to pay for or get for free, depending on how many people you want to join the server, do you want it to be modded, so far, and so forth.

The back-end

The simple explanation is broad and doesn’t detail what’s happening behind the curtains. There are a lot of tech-savvy explanations but let’s make this part simple as well. For a host to provide you with a server, the host first needs to have a data center, reliable network and connection, and high-performance server hardware.

A data center is a place that stores all of the server hosts IT operations and equipment. This is where a hosting site will put its actual physical servers in. Data centers also contain various Internet Service Providers who will be used to get those servers online. Once the hardware and the network are set up, the provider needs to make customizations mostly revolving around the performance and security of the server.

Since Minecraft was coded in Java, the servers also ran off of it. Java is a programming language that will allow the application to run on different devices with minimal effort. Once everything is set up, a command is sent to auto-activate any Minecraft server.


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What makes a server good or bad?

Minecraft Realms is a Microsoft-owned server hosting service that will allow you to join a world with your friends. I mention it because it’s supposed to be the epitome of a quality server since it is Microsoft’s, and you have to pay for it. It turns out that the total opposite is true for Minecraft Realms. Many third-party server hosts do a far better job keeping servers alive and top-notch (Get it?…Notch?…Markus Persson?…No? Okay).

So what exactly makes a server good? Well, it depends on what you need it for, but a good server will allow you to use mods and plugins, allow all of your friends to play on the server at the same time, won’t kick you out frequently, and will allow you to run any version of Minecraft. All of this is limited to Minecraft Realms and Realms Plus.

The whole point of servers is to make the game different without any mods or plugins; how are you supposed to enjoy something unique? That’s why most popular servers rely on their Hosting to deliver you a great experience in-game.

Minecraft server hosting sites

So to get a server, you’ll need to find a server host. There are loads of good Minecraft server hosting websites, and it sometimes seems hard to pick one. Let’s check the best ones out there, both free of charge and paid.

Free servers

  1. Aternos – Aternos is easy to use and has all of the features of a paid server. All you have to do is sign up, enter your Minecraft username, and make a new server. The only issue I’ve personally seen with Aternos is that it sometimes kicks me off the server, but this is my fault because I don’t have a stable internet connection.
  2. ScalaCube – They offer both paid and free server hosting. The free version offers 6GB of RAM and 24/7 support. A lot of people report having no difficulties with crashing and stuttering too.

Are they safe?

Yes, both servers are safe and will not harm your computer. You might receive messages that the files you need to download are unsafe, but I’ve tested them out using paid antivirus software, and they’re completely harmless and reliable.

Paid servers

  1. Bisect Hosting – Bisect Hosting offers both paid Java and Bedrock Edition servers. Their range of services is large, the cheapest being $8 per month, while the most expensive will cost you $239.52 per month with unlimited slots and 64GB of RAM.
  2. BeastNode – BeastNode is a highly popular Minecraft server host, but if you don’t already know, they’re shutting down on the 27th of November, 2022. They offered to transfer all subscriptions to Bisect Hosting, or you can get a refund if you don’t want to do that.
  3. Minecraft Realms/Realms Plus – Your server can have up to 20 people, but only ten can be online simultaneously. Realms and Realms Plus don’t allow for mods and plugins, either. If you’re playing on Bedrock Edition, Realms Plus is your way to go.
  4. Apex Minecraft Hosting – Offer Bedrock and Java servers, free transfers, 24/7 support, premade mini-games, easy-to-install mod packs, and much more.


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Biggest Minecraft servers

  1. Hypixel – Hypixel is said to be the best Minecraft server out there, and it also happens to be the largest. The server holds weekly tournaments and constantly updates content and exclusive maps. Keep in mind that it does have purchasable items. It’s available only for Java Edition.
  2. Mineplex – If you’re feeling lonely and want to rely on a server that almost always has people online, you might want to check out Mineplex. You can play games that focus on building, or you can do different fun mini-games. It’s available on both Java and Bedrock.
  3. Brawl – The server features exclusive mods, plugins, and textures. You won’t find the content you’ll see on Brawl anywhere else. This fact is their pride and joy. It is, however, only available on Java.
  4. MineHeroes – The server is available for Bedrock and Java Editions and is the best. They regularly release custom maps and different game modes, and you can even roleplay if you enjoy it. It has a dedicated store that allows you to purchase in-game items.

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