Here’s What Happened to Ravonna Renslayer Following ‘Loki’ Season 2 Finale

where did ravonna end up and what happened to her

The Season 2 finale of ‘Loki’ was truly extraordinary. Loki has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from the primary antagonist of the Avengers into the God of Stories. He has shed his previous glorious purpose to embrace a new, benevolent one. While many of his former TVA companions have discovered fresh life purposes and have departed from their “pre-designed” fates, not everyone has been as fortunate. Ravonna Renslayer, in particular, found herself in a challenging predicament in the final scenes of the episode. Let’s explore where she landed and unravel the ultimate resolution of her storyline.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ravonna Renslayer found herself trapped in the Void, seemingly engulfed by Alioth.
  • Her attempts to forge a new He Who Remains were thwarted, and she faced consequences for her crimes against the Multiverse.
  • Miss Minutes, on the flip side, was given a second opportunity and continues to be an integral part of the TVA.

Ravonna Renslayer was integral part of He Who Remains’ plan

Ravonna Renslayer played a significant role in both seasons of ‘Loki.’ However, it becomes apparent later on that she was manipulated by He Who Remains, serving him in wars and co-leading the TVA until her memories of that existence were entirely erased. She then assumed the role of a mere enforcer, detached from her coveted position as the “Queen of Time” alongside He Who Remains.

Considering He Who Remains’ knack for manipulating destinies, it’s not surprising that Ravonna fell victim to his schemes. Their romantic involvement may have contributed to her belief that she could be an exception to his plans. Miss Minutes, possibly revealing this romantic connection out of spite after her own failed attempt at courting Victor Timely, joined forces with Ravonna to take control of the TVA without Timely or He Who Remains.

However, with Loki disrupting the established order, both Miss Minutes and Ravonna’s plans may face setbacks. The old status quo no longer holds, and it’s conceivable that Ravonna might find herself revisiting He Who Remains’ original plan of reincarnating through Victor Timely.


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Victor Timely will never become He Who Remains

In one of the concluding scenes of the series, a young Victor Timely is seen crafting candles in the year 1868, and his windowsill remains bare. This signifies that Timely will never acquire knowledge about the Multiverse, time travel, and temporal looms, making it impossible for He Who Remains to reincarnate through him.

While Victor Timely might still find a path to fulfill his intended destiny, the initial phase of He Who Remains’ plan unravels due to Ravonna’s absence at that crucial moment.

Young victor timely

Additionally, the TVA has transitioned to a new guidebook post-Yggdrasil, evident as OB unpacks manuals labeled as the second edition.

Even if Ravonna were to deliver the manual, it holds little significance, as the former rules no longer apply, and the Temporal Loom no longer governs time; Loki now holds that role.

Where did Ravonna end up?

The subsequent scene shifts our focus to Ravonna, who finds herself in a familiar setting—the one observed at the conclusion of Season 1. As she pieces together her surroundings, it becomes apparent that she was likely pruned before she could hand over the guidebook banished to the Void.

ravonna in the void

A glimpse of purple light reflects on her face, and given Alioth’s presence in the Void, there’s a suggestion that she may have faced the ultimate punishment of true death, being consumed by Alioth. However, it’s crucial to note that this remains a theory and an implication; we never witness Ravonna undergoing the actual process of consumption.

Will Ravonna return to the MCU?

The likelihood of this particular version of Ravonna making a return is exceedingly slim; escape from the Void is possible with a tempad, but there’s no indication that Ravonna had one in her possession.

While this specific variant may not reappear to cause trouble, the existence of other Ravonna variants remains plausible. Unlike America Chavez, who lacks variants, Ravonna likely has alternate versions that could be drawn to or conspire with other Kang variants.

The season finale introduced a significant concept to the MCU and neatly concluded the storyline with He Who Remains. It also set the stage for the emergence of malevolent Kang variants. While there are still lingering questions—such as the whereabouts of Mobius, Sylvie’s ultimate destination, and the potential return of Loki—the conclusion feels comprehensive and conclusive.

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