Hermione Granger’s Occupations: What Does She Do for a Living?

Hermione Granger's Occupations What Does She Do For A Living

Any Harry Potter fan would argue they know all there is to the main characters, of course. But do you know what Hermione does for a living? What jobs did she have? What was her occupation after leaving Hogwarts? It is not hard to guess: she was one of the best witches of her time. Her ambitions rarely surprise us. we all know Hermione has a spectacular mind – but she has a pure heart too. So how did she manage to get employment that would suit her needs and intolerance of injustice?

Hermione Granger ended up working for the Ministry of Magic. She first worked at the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, then for S.P.E.W. where she took care of the laws for underprivileged creatures such as house-elves. After that, she became Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she, along with the Minister for Magic, tried to eradicate the laws that were in favor strictly of pure-bloods. Eventually, she became the new Minister for Magic.

What exactly did she do at those jobs and how did she end up working for the Ministry of Magic? Find out in this article! Hermione kept herself very busy and kept getting promoted within the Ministry. After all, we can tell you all about Hermione Granger’s ambitions, goals, and competence.

What are Hermione Granger’s occupations?

Hermione Granger's Occupations What Does She Do For A Living

This „later life“ of Hermione Granger was set in the period between 1998 and 2020. at the beginning of that time, she first found her parents to restore their memories after she had used a spell Obliviate to erase their memories to protect them during the war and Horcrux hunt.

She was the only one of the famous trio to go back to Hogwarts to take her N.E.W.T.s which stands for Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test. This is a requirement for all wizards and witches who wish to pursue some careers after graduation. It is a necessary test to pass to become an Auror, and only if a certain witch or a wizard has a minimum of five N.E.W.T.s with top grades.

Hermione did not attend her seventh year when she was supposed to due to the war, so she went back to take the tests. She most likely took them in subjects she picked for her previous year which were Charms, Herbology, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. 

After the tests, she started at a high position in the Ministry of Magic. She was qualified to work for the Ministry due to her attained test results. She first worked for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

It was the second-largest department in the Ministry of Magic and worked through three divisions: Being, Beast, and Spirit. She used it as a platform to continue with S.P.E.W. it was an organization Hermione founded herself after the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

When she noticed the injustice and the aggressive treatment of house-elves by their owners, she tried to get as many classmates as possible to promote her organization. Many made jokes about the name and Ron Weasley thought it reminded him of gagging, but S.P.E.W. is actually an abbreviation of the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

Not all house-elves were pleased with her attitude, as some enjoyed working for their masters and considered this organization as an insult to their kind. However, it is a fact their race was treated poorly and wizards and witches were often very cruel to them. 

It did have an impact since house-elves bravely and surprisingly participated in the Battle of Hogwarts. Both Ron and Harry changed their attitude towards elves years after the organization was founded. Hermione later continued promoting the S.P.E.W., working in favor of rights of underprivileged house-elves, but also other non-humans who were thought to be inferior to the wizardkind.

What does Hermione Granger do for a living?

Hermione Granger's Occupations What Does She Do For A Living

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the trio discusses their career paths for the future. Hermione reveals very little saying she wants to do something worthwhile. Harry, however, is interested in becoming an Auror like his mother and father. 

Hermione wishes to help people and other beings that she considers are badly treated and we notice that when she becomes a founder of S.P.E.W. helping others becomes her passion and she keeps promoting that idea after graduation.

That was the way she fought for justice and equality, even though the house-elves were not too happy about that. She claimed they were brainwashed and manipulated, they had no freedom, no voice, no salary, or vacation. She insisted on them all being free, even though they did not react the way she expected them to. Instead, all most of them had to say was that they were happy since they were not thinking the same ways humans did.

She still is not sure what she would want to do in the future though. We find out, however, that she is quite indifferent towards becoming a healer or a banker. She is a great academic and is a bit of an overachiever. This is why she was often seen as the know-it-all.

The following position Hermione was known to have was Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. There she assisted the Minister for Magic at the time, Kingsley Shacklebolt. The goal she had in mind with this position was to fix the old laws that were biased towards pure-bloods.

This ambition certainly came from the fact that she was called a Mudblood since she had Muggle parents. Without a doubt, she wanted to make the world better for the following generations without magical parents.

At some point, she also translated The Tales of Beedle the Bard which was originally written in runes. The translation included Dumbledore’s notes left to her by the new Hogwarts headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

At the beginning of 2010, Hermione was one of the leading members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, at the time of the Calamity. The Calamity marked a time when a powerfully magical force that, via a spell, caused magical artifacts to appear in the Muggle world. 

Hermione helped other members and instructed them. Afterward, she talked about her experiences in the Second Wizarding War. 

Just shortly before 2019 she finally became the new Minister for Magic. This was the highest position to attain for all witches and wizards and it is no wonder Hermione aimed to achieve this success. 

How did Hermione choose her career?

Hermione Granger's Occupations What Does She Do For A Living

Hermione Granger was a witch who did not just rely on her magical abilities but relied mostly on logic and her own knowledge. This helped her achieve her dreams and reach high positions in her work environment. 

Her best friends, however, had different plans. Harry Potter became an Auror, and that is the youngest Auror ever when he was only 17. he got promoted to Head Auror in time. Ron Weasley joined the Aurors too and eventually quit to help his brother George with his business. Neville Longbottom also became an Auror but decided to switch his career and became a Herbology professor at Hogwarts.

Ginny started playing Quidditch professionally and became a correspondent for the Daily Prophet, while Luna Lovegood became a magical version of a naturalist – a magizoologist. George, however, continued his business and got married, as well as Cho Chang – who married a Muggle and we unfortunately know nothing else about her.

Viktor Krum retired from his sports career until he came back to try and win before his death. Percy became Head of the Department of Magical Transportation. 

So how did Hermione reach the very top of magical professions? She did not waste time. She had a keen sense of reality, understood the logic behind magic and people’s behaviors, she worked hard and respected knowledge and effort. 

Hermione was displayed as intelligent, talented, and with a good heart. It is really no wonder she chose a career path that would benefit someone else but her.