‘Holy Family’ Season 1 Ending, Explained: Is the Family Able to Escape to Canada?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Holy Family, the latest thriller from Spain that has found its way to Netflix. After the great success of Money Heist, Spain is quickly becoming one of the most important sources of content for Netflix in the international market. Spain has also proved that they are up to the task of delivering stories from every genre and raising the quality standard as much as possible. Holy Family comes from the mind of Manolo Caro, who has also created other shows for the platform.

Holy Family brings two fan favorites from Money Heist, Najwa Nimri and Alba Flores, back into the fold; the result is a gripping tale of plot twists and secrets being revealed at every step of the way. The narrative might feel a bit redundant in the middle of the season, but as the ending grows near, so do the stakes and the characters’ reactions, who are being pushed to their limits. What is the secret that holds this family together? Why do they need to keep it a secret in the first place? All the questions have answers.


Is Netflix’s Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) Based on a True Story?

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Season 1 of Holy Family. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Hugo’s Real Mother In Holy Family?

The series’ main theme is motherhood, and from the get-go, the series establishes its thesis very clearly. A mother is capable of doing everything for her children. Throughout the series, we are introduced to different examples of motherhood and even parenthood. The characters face the challenge of raising a new human being into life in very different ways. All of them are valid, but only some of them don’t cause emotional pain for themselves and for the kids they are trying to raise.

We are introduced to Julia, Mariana, Edu, and Hugo. The four of them seem like a normal family, but soon enough, it is clear that there is something off about their interactions. First, is that outside their house, they all go by different names. Julia is Gloria, Edu is Abel, and so on. They are living other people’s lives, and they are afraid of being discovered. Between these interactions, we see that the family had another member some time ago, a young man named Santi. It is revealed that Santi was the older sibling of the family and that he is now dead.

Holy Family 3

Nevertheless, no matter how much Julia tries to trap her family inside their house, it seems like the need to go out is too great. Mariana is able to go to university. She loves music, but she is forbidden from playing it. When she does, she meets another musician named Marcos. The two of them start a relationship. The same happens with Edu, who can only go out at night. He meets an older man and starts a relationship as well.

Julia is working towards getting fake passports for her and her children. Why? Because the four of them fake their deaths. You see, Hugo is Santi’s child with a woman named Natalia. Natalia couldn’t carry a baby because her body wouldn’t allow it, so Julia offered her womb to carry the baby. However, when Santi died, Julia took the baby from Natalia, and they faked their death so that she wouldn’t look for them anymore. However, Natalia’s father is unconvinced, and she has hired someone to track Julia and her kids.

Is The Family Able To Escape To Canada?

Julia’s master plan is to move with the kids to Canada, as far away from Span as possible. At the same time that she is planning this, a new neighbor comes to town. A woman named Caterina and her husband, German. The couple seems to be just normal parents, newlyweds. However, it is revealed that they work for Natalia’s father and their mission is to reacquire Hugo and kill Julia and the others if necessary. Caterina and German have a baby girl that they rented from a junkie on the streets to pass as their baby.

German meets Edu one night, and they start a relationship. Of course, things get messy as there is a conflict of interest. German and Edu have real feelings for each other, but Edu is German’s target. Blanca, a neighbor, watches them kissing and tells Caterina. Blanca is a friend of Julia and Caterina and has a son with a mental condition. Caterina tries little by little to infiltrate Julia’s home to get clues. German does a better job at it and manages to grab some DNA to make a test. The result is that, yes, Hugo is Natalia’s son. Caterina is confused about Julia’s cesarean scar.

Holy Family 4

In the meantime, Marcos is getting closer and closer to Mariana. He recently also received a call from Natalia, and he is now in the know about Julia taking Hugo from her mother. Julia confronts him and kills him to keep him from calling the police. Mariana finds it strange that he cannot contact Marcos, and then she discovers that he is dead. She confronts Edu, who was almost forced to kill German to keep the secret a secret. Mariana is ready to take Hugo away from the unstable Julia.

When Mariana goes to Marcos’ funeral, she finds herself exposed as Natalia has traveled from Argentina and is in front of her. Mariana runs away and tries to make Mariana tell her where her son is. Julia catches up to them, and she has no fear of hurting Mariana to get Hugo back. As the police and Caterina are getting close, Julia, Natalia, Mariana, Edu, and Hugo, escape the town and the season closes. This ending, of course, serves as a perfect setup for the story to continue in Season 2.

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