Homelander vs. Queen Maeve: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Homelander vs. Queen Maeve Who Would Win In A Fight

The season 3 finale of The Boys gave us a really good fight when Homelander and Queen Maeve duked it one-on-one in what was an entertaining battle. While we do know that this fight never had a conclusive ending because of the fact that Maeve had to stop Soldier Boy from nuking the entire tower, what we did see was the fact that Homelander had a tough time. So, in a true fight between Homelander and Queen Maeve, who would win?

Homelander will almost always win a fight against Queen Maeve. There is a reason why Maeve feared Homelander and never tried killing him as she knew that she didn’t stand a chance against him if he wanted to kill her. Of course, she did put up a good fight, but Homelander would have killed her eventually.

As much as we would like to commend Queen Maeve for the effort she put up against Homelander in that fight in Vought Tower, she never would have stood a chance against him had he truly wanted to kill her. In that regard, Homelander is still the strongest supe in the world, especially with Maeve now a regular human. That said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


The one thing that makes Homelander stand out against any other supe in the world is his strength because no other supe has ever come close to how strong he is (with the exception of Soldier Boy). Because of how strong Homelander is, he doesn’t even have to put any effort into killing most of the people he killed in The Boys. And he was able to easily punch a hole through Black Noir, who himself is a pretty durable supe.

soldier boy homelander

Queen Maeve is said to be second only to Homelander in terms of her strength, and that was something she showed in their battle. She was able to push him back a bit to the point that Homelander became frustrated with the fact that she was holding her own against him. Of course, Maeve’s strength could be seen in the fact that she was able to overpower Stormfront, who herself is one of the strongest supe in the series.


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There is a lot to love about how badass and strong Queen Maeve is, but Homelander is still in a class above hers. This means that Homelander takes this round, especially if he was serious in a fight.

Homelander 1, Queen Maeve 0


Homelander is easily one of the fastest supes alive. While we do know that A-Train is the fastest runner among all of the supes, Homelander is capable of beating him when he is in the air. However, we also know that he can be quite fast on his feet as well but maybe not as fast as A-Train. Still, Homelander was so fast when he was in the air that he was able to quickly escape from the battle against Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie and, earlier in the series, was able to outfly fighter jets.

homelandr fly

Queen Maeve may not be able to fly and may not have the ridiculous foot speed that A-Train has, but she is very fast, especially when compared to the other supes. Her strong legs allow her to move quickly enough whenever she is running. This was seen in the fact that she was able to speed-blitz her way to Soldier Boy in Vought Tower before he was able to fire his nuclear energy blast.

It might be true that Queen Maeve can move pretty fast, but it is also true that she has nothing on Homelander’s ability to cover ground whenever he is in flight. This is why Homelander takes this round again.

Homelander 2, Queen Maeve 0


The biggest problem that The Boys have when it comes to Homelander is never the fact that he is strong or that he could fire laser beams from his eyes. Instead, it was the fact that they couldn’t do anything against him because he was invulnerable to almost any kind of damage. The only times we saw Homelander getting damaged were in his fights against Soldier Boy and against Queen Maeve, who are the only other supes that could contend with his strength. Other than that, there is no weapon that is strong enough to kill him or even put a scratch on him.

Queen Maeve herself is pretty durable and is one of the most durable supes in The Boys, considering that she didn’t die after getting hit by Soldier Boy’s nuclear blast. On top of that, Queen Maeve also survived getting hit on the chest point-blank by Homelander’s heat vision, which is capable of going through any other regular supe or, at the very least, pushing them back. But she didn’t show signs of serious damage after getting hit by Homelander’s heat vision or his punches.

Maeve Heat Vision 1

Yes, Queen Maeve’s durability feats are amazing, but she can still be killed. On the other hand, there hasn’t been anything strong enough to kill Homelander in the series. And this is why The Boys have always struggled to find a way to kill him.

Homelander 3, Queen Maeve 0


On top of the fact that he has the strongest and most durable body in the entire world of The Boys, Homelander also has a host of different powers that make him the strongest supe. He has the ability to fly and even reach speeds faster than fighter jets. But his most often used weapon is his heat vision, which he has always used on almost every occasion whenever he wanted to kill someone in a hurry. Of course, as a Superman expy, Homelander has X-ray vision and enhanced hearing.

Heat vision

Queen Maeve’s only powers are her enhanced physical abilities, and that means that she doesn’t possess any of the other fancy things that the other supes have. She is almost exclusively a physical supe that isn’t too different from Soldier Boy before the Russians added nuclear energy to him. Despite that, Maeve’s lack of powers had never stopped her from being the second strongest supe in the world (before Soldier Boy was confirmed alive).


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The fact that Homelander has a lot of different powers makes him an unfair supe because he already has super strength and invulnerability on his side. Giving him flight and heat vision simply makes him overpowered.

Homelander 4, Queen Maeve 0

Combat Skills

We have never really seen the true extent of Homelander’s abilities as a combatant because he is almost exclusively a brawler that could kill anyone with one hit. However, he was able to hold his own against Soldier Boy during their fight, albeit he was mostly brawling in that encounter. Nevertheless, Homelander does have some skills as a fighter but has never really needed to develop his martial arts skills because he never needed them.

Queen Maeve’s entire shtick revolves around her being an Amazon warrior, and that means that she needed to train in the art of combat and martial arts. She is a very capable fighter with a sword in her hand and can defeat anyone in a fist fight. Maeve probably isn’t as skilled as Black Noir, but she is surely more skilled than almost anyone else in the series.

Maeve Homelander 2 1

It is the fact that Queen Maeve has advanced combat skills that allowed her to give Homelander a tough time in their fight. She proved herself to be much more skilled than him in close combat, and that was the only edge that she had over him.

Homelander 4, Queen Maeve 1

Homelander vs. Queen Maeve: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Yes, we know for a fact that Queen Maeve put up a great fight against Homelander in their fight in the season 3 finale, but Homelander was more focused on Soldier Boy, who he wanted to kill because of what he did to Ryan. Of course, Maeve was able to surprise Homelander with her hand-to-hand combat skills, which were enough to push him back. Still, Homelander was eventually going to defeat and kill her if he really wanted to.

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