Did Queen Maeve Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale? What Happened To Her?

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One of the biggest surprises of season 3 of The Boys was the fact that Queen Maeve had been helping Butcher in secret so that they could find a way to take Homelander down. Nevertheless, the cat was out of the bag, and Maeve was forced to spring into action when she, Butcher, and Soldier Boy attacked Homelander during the season 3 finale. But the circumstances changed when Soldier Boy was about to fire his nuke energy, as Maeve needed to prevent him from killing everyone. So, did Queen Maeve die in The Boys season 3 Finale?

Queen Maeve appeared to have died when she prevented Soldier Boy from blasting everyone in Vought Tower with his nuclear energy. However, she was revealed to be alive and without her powers as The Boys retrieved her after her sacrifice. The blast didn’t kill her but only took her powers away.

The fact that Queen Maeve was able to survive the nuclear energy blast from Soldier Boy is proof of her incredible durability, as the only other person who was able to survive a direct hit was Kimiko. That said, Maeve got the happy ending that she wanted when she was no longer a supe and was able to live her life in peace with her partner. That said, let’s look at what happened to Queen Maeve in the season 3 finale.

What Happened To Queen Maeve In The Boys Season 3 Finale?

From the beginning of The Boys, it was already clear that Queen Maeve was the only other supe in The Seven (other than Starlight) that had her heart in the right place. As cold of a person, as she was, she wasn’t as selfish and as morally corrupt as the other supes in The Seven. And after the events of season 2, where Homelander was seemingly emotionally manipulating her and her lesbian lover, she needed to find a way to get him off her back so that she could live her life in peace.

That was when it was revealed at the start of season 3 that Queen Maeve had been helping Butcher behind everyone’s back as the two of them were working in secret. She was the one who provided him with the V24 that allowed him to gain supe powers. On top of that, Maeve was also training and working out in secret so that she could eventually keep Homelander at bay long enough for Butcher to find a way to kill him.


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However, Homelander eventually found out about her plan of betraying him, and that was what forced him to keep her locked in a secret and secure facility in Vought Tower. The reason why Homelander wanted to keep her locked up was so that he could one day harvest her eggs and create babies that could end up becoming stronger than them.

But when Starlight was able to make Homelander accidentally reveal to the entire world that he had Maeve locked up, Ashley decided to move her to a different facility so that the authorities won’t be able to find her in Vought Tower. This allowed Maeve to escape and join up with Starlight and the rest of The Boys.

Maeve escape

While Maeve joined up with Starlight, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko to stop Butcher and Soldier Boy from storming Vought Tower and end up killing hundreds of people as collateral damage, she still decided to join them. Maeve knew that their best bet to defeat Homelander and put an end to his tyranny was to join up with Butcher and Soldier Boy as they stormed Vought Tower. That was when Starlight told her that she wasn’t a hero, to which Maeve responded that there is no such thing as a hero.

The circumstances changed because Soldier Boy attacked Homelander and Ryan, as Butcher was forced to fight the legendary supe. Meanwhile, Maeve decided to take on Homelander on her own. And while Homelander is still far stronger than she is, Maeve more than held her own against him due to her training and probably because he didn’t want to kill her. But Homelander was still able to take out one of her eyes.

The rest of The Boys arrived to help Butcher, who wasn’t able to match Soldier Boy’s superior strength. With Starlight powering up to her maximum, she was able to incapacitate Soldier Boy long enough for her, Kimiko, and Mother’s Milk to hold him down while putting him to sleep with the Novichok that Frenchie cooked up in the Vought laboratory. But Soldier Boy was still putting up a fight and was about to blast everyone with his nuclear energy.

The Boys gang up soldier boy

Maeve, who was able to incapacitate Homelander and push him back, decided that she finally needed to be a true hero for the first time in her life. She was only a hero in name but never in deed, as this was the very first time that she acted like a real hero when she decided to grab Soldier Boy and throw herself off of Vought Tower. As she and Soldier Boy were falling, the nuclear energy blast detonated midair, seemingly killing both supes.

Did Queen Maeve Die In The Season 3 Finale?

After the event that occurred in Vought Tower, Vought released a statement about Maeve sacrificing her life to defeat and kill Soldier Boy, who was reported to have been brainwashed by the Russians. But did Queen Maeve actually die in the season 3 finale of The Boys?

Near the end of the episode, Maeve was confirmed to be alive when Starlight visited her in the home that she shared with her lover. However, she said that she was a normal human being at that point as Soldier Boy’s nuclear energy wiped out the Compound V in her entire system.

maeve survive

It was later seen that Ashley and her assistant, Ashley, were watching the security footage of the event. They saw that The Boys recovered an unconscious Queen Maeve after she fell off of Vought Tower and survived the blast. However, Ashley decided to delete the footage because she probably didn’t want Homelander to learn about Maeve’s survival.

Maeve Security Footage

Now living a normal life but with one eye blind, Maeve and her lover decided that they wanted to live the rest of their lives on a secluded farm so that they could stay away from the public and from Homelander. As such, she got the happy ending that she wanted because she was now able to free herself from Homelander and was no longer a supe.

How Did Queen Maeve Survive?

One of the things that we learned about Soldier Boy’s nuclear energy blast is that it is indeed quite powerful and is able to completely turn to ash a supe, as that was what happened to Crimson Countess and the TNT Twins. But what we also know is that if it didn’t kill its target, it could take away the Compound V in their system and render them powerless.


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In fact, the first person to lose her powers to Soldier Boy’s nuclear blast was Kimiko, who suffered a direct hit and got severely injured because of it. She didn’t heal from her injuries because she lost her powers the moment she got hit. Meanwhile, in Herogasm, a lot of supes lost their powers when they got caught up in the blast, even though they weren’t directly hit by it.

So, with that said, it is more than possible that the strongest supes that are capable of withstanding attacks that could kill any other supe would end up surviving a direct hit from Soldier Boy’s nuclear blast but would lose their powers. That was what happened with Kimiko, who we know has the strongest healing factor in The Boys. Of course, Maeve was able to survive a direct hit because she was always only a level below Homelander’s power and was perhaps the third-strongest supe behind Homelander and Soldier Boy.

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