‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Ending, Explained: Does Aemond Targaryen Finally Gets a Dragon?

House of the Dragon Episode 7 Twist Teased By Matt Smith

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episode 7 of House of the Dragon. The series is really pushing itself to be the best fantasy show on the air. Episode 7 of the House of the Dragon brings the plot to a climax. The resentment and anger that have been building up for years in the story are finally released in some of the best scenes so far. In comparison with Rings of Power, the other big fantasy show of the year. It really seems like the writers of the House of the Dragon could teach some lessons about building characters and plot to the writers of the Amazon show.

This episode is also directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who not only directed some of the best episodes in the history of Game of Thrones but also serves as a showrunner for House of the Dragon. Sapochnik has left the show since then, and he will probably move to other more personal projects, but we are confident that the rest of the team will be able to maintain the quality of the show in future seasons. The creators have spoken about running with this show for about 3 or 4 seasons, but there are still many Targaryen stories to be told.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Episode 7 of House of the Dragon.

Does Aemond Targaryen Finally Get A Dragon?

Episode 7 of House of the Dragon deals with the aftermath of Laena’s suicide in the past episode. Laena seeing that she could die at childbirth, decided to die a dragonrider’s death and asked her dragon, the ancient Vhagar to burn her alive. The dragon did so, and now every member of the Velaryon and the Targaryen have traveled to Driftmark, Laena’s hometown, to pay their respects in a messy funeral. The family gathering of course ends up being so much more than just a normal funeral.

The episode can be divided into two situations, all of them involving Rhaenyra to a large extent. The first situation involves the Targaryen children. As we know, Alicent and Rhaenyra have been having kids separately. All of them carry the Targaryen name, so they can all be prospects for an heir to the throne, depending on the situation. However, Rhaenyra’s black hair children are clearly the result of her affair with Harwin Strong. Because of it, their claim to the throne is being disputed.

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Aemond Targaryen, the second son of Alicent with Viserys has been having trouble with linking himself to a dragon. However, when he sees the ancient dragon Vhagar sleeping on the island, he approaches and manages to make a connection with the ancient dragon. He even goes for a fly, and it seems that this confirms that Vhagar is now his dragon. Laena’s daughters are mad about it, of course. They think it was their right to claim Vhagar as her mother was the dragon’s previous rider.

A fight ensues between Aemond, Laena’s daughters, and Rhaenyra’s children. It is a fight between kids, but things escalate rather quickly when one of Rhaenyra’s sons picks up a sharp stone and cuts Aemond face from one extreme to the other. The wound leaves a big mark and also takes Aemond’s left eye. However, the young kid seems fine with it. He lost an eye but gained one of the most powerful dragons in existence. However, Alicent is not as calm as the result of the exchange.

What Happens Between Rhaenyra and Daemon When They Finally Meet Each Other Again?

Alicent is quite angry. Her son is now disfigured. There is a gathering of characters to learn what happened. It comes to light that Aemond called Rhaenyra’s kids bastards and that they attacked him with such fury because of it. Alicent asks that justice needs to be served and asks for the eye of one of Rhaenyra’s sons in exchange. Everyone looks at her as if she was crazy. She orders Ser Criston Cole to do it, but he refuses to obey such an awful order. Seeing herself trapped, Alicent grabs a dagger and attacks Rhaenyra.

It is a very intense scene, and Rhaenyra finally faces Alicent saying that now everyone sees her for what she actually is, a crazy queen, with no sense of what she is doing. Her father, Otto, who is back to his position as Hand of the King, and others take the two women apart. It is here that the battlefronts in the incoming war for the throne are quickly defined, with some people on Rhaenyra’s side and the rest on Alicent’s side. Viseys looks disappointed at the entire event, but he finally gives his favor to his daughter.

Before all of this happens, Daemon and Rhaenyra finally meet again after so many years and catch up with what they have been doing. It is clear that the connection between them is still as strong as ever. Rhaenyra makes her move and tells her uncle that she loves him, and she wants him. Daemon accepts, and they end up having sex. After the sides have been drawn in the sand. Rhaenyra tells Daemon that she will need him, only by marrying him will her claim to the throne becomes stronger.

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Daemon accepts but points out that they cannot marry as long as Rhaenyra is married to Laenor Velaryon. Rhaenyra says she has a plan. Later, we see Rhaenyra and Laenor talking. He seems quite shaken by his sister’s death, and he feels guilty because he was not present at the incident with the kids. He promises he will be a better father, but Rhaenyra basically tells him that he is a good man, but he isn’t made for the Game of Thrones. It is there that we see Daemon talking with Laenor’s boyfriend, Ser Qarl. Daemon says that he will pay Qarl enough to do what we must.

It seems like Daemon has paid Qarl to betray and kill Laenor. Qarl even fights Laenor in the main hall of Driftmark. When the guards arrive to help Laenor, they see his burnt corpse in the fireplace. His parents cry in sadness. Meanwhile, we see Rhaenyra marrying Daemon now that his previous husband is not in the picture. The children are witnesses to the union. However, after all of this, we see two cloaked figures escaping from Driftmark by sea. They are Laenor and Qarl. Laenor has decided to live with his lover and start a new life far from Westeros.

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