How Did Black Bolt Die In Doctor Strange 2?

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now out on Disney+ as there are those who have started re-watching it or watching it for the first time. The movie allowed Anson Mount to reprise his role as Black Bolt for the first time since the Inhumans series was considered a massive failure. This time, he was introduced as a member of the Illuminati of universe-838. But how did Black Bolt die in Doctor Strange 2?

Black Bolt died when Scarlet Witch attacked the base of the Illuminati. Reed Richards told her that Black Bolt could kill her with a whisper from his mouth, but that allowed Wanda to make his mouth disappear. Due to his shock, Black Bolt made a sound that could not escape his mouth and killed him from the inside.

It was Black Bolt’s death that gave everyone the idea that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was gorier than any other MCU film in the past. This was a death that we have never seen in any MCU movie, as it was clear that Wanda was serious about killing anyone who was prepared to keep her away from reuniting with her kids. With that said, let’s look at how Black Bolt died in Doctor Strange 2.

How Did Black Bolt Die In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

It was an open secret that Anson Mount was going to return to the MCU in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Of course, people were surprised that he made a return, especially considering that the Inhumans series is probably the worst Marvel production in recent memory. Then again, Marvel fans were quick to understand why Black Bolt returned.

Black Bolt was introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as a member of a group of heroes called the Illuminati, which is basically the Avengers of universe-838. The Illuminati was introduced when Strange and America accidentally traveled to universe-838 following Wanda’s attack on Kamar-Taj. Baron Mordo drugged Strange and America so that he could bring them to the Illuminati as he believed that Stephen appearing in universe-838 put everyone in the universe in danger.

Strange had to be placed in front of a tribunal that was supposed to decide his fate. This tribunal was composed of the leaders of the Illuminati, which was composed of Mordo, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Captain Carter, Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel, Professor X, and Black Bolt himself. 

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During the trial, the Illuminati revealed that their Doctor Strange destroyed two universes when he dreamwalked to find a way to defeat Thanos. Because of his crimes against the multiverse, Strange 838 had to be executed by the Illuminati, as Black Bolt was the one who had to kill him.

Of course, Black Bolt was probably the one equipped with the means to instantly execute Doctor Strange because of the fact that any sound he creates from his mouth is supersonically charged and is capable of destroying buildings and killing people. He was able to kill Doctor Strange 838 by saying, “I’m sorry.” And the fact that he is so powerful is the reason why he has trained himself to remain silent even in his sleep.


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Then again, the Wanda of universe-616 dreamwalked into the body of 838 Wanda so that she could attack the Illuminati’s base and get her hands on America Chavez. And before the Illuminati could decide on what they should do to Strange 616, they needed to deal with Wanda first.

Upon blocking Wanda’s pathway to America, Reed Richards told Scarlet Witch to remove herself from the premises because a single whisper from Black Bolt’s mouth would be enough to kill her. To some extent, that was true because Black Bolt was indeed powerful enough to kill almost anyone with just a few words. And shouting could allow him to potentially destroy cities.

But that was what allowed Wanda to find a way to counter Black Bolt’s power by making his mouth disappear. Black Bolt noticed that he no longer had a mouth as all of the members of the Illuminati were left wondering what was going on.

In his panic, Black Bolt made a sound. The sound that he made did not have a way to exit his mouth as it was more than enough to pop his head and kill him. In that regard, Black Bolt basically committed unintentional suicide when he panicked and made a sound that backfired on him, causing his death.

How Did Scarlet Witch Remove Black Bolt’s Mouth?

Black Bolt’s death in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a display of just how powerful Wanda had become when she gained complete control over the powers of the Scarlet Witch. But how did she even remove Black Bolt’s mouth?

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The Scarlet Witch’s immense power was stressed by Wong when they were preparing their defense of Kamar-Taj. He himself said that the Scarlet Witch has the power to bend reality itself, and that was exactly what she did when she was able to counter Black Bolt’s powers. 

At that point, Wanda had become so powerful that her chaos magic was already strong enough to bend reality to her will. In fact, that was what happened in WandaVision when she transformed the reality of an entire town due to her grief. She was powerful enough that her magic was capable of changing the laws of reality in an instant.


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That was what Wanda did to Black Bolt. When Reed Richards told her that Black Bolt’s whisper could kill her, that was more than enough information for Wanda to understand that all she needed to do was to bend reality and make Black Bolt’s mouth disappear. And because Black Bolt and the Illuminati underestimated how powerful the Scarlet Witch’s powers are, they didn’t have their guard up when Wanda was probably casting a spell that allowed her to change reality and make Black Bolt’s mouth disappear.

It was also probably the fact that Black Bolt didn’t have his guard up that best explains why Wanda was able to change his reality by making his mouth disappear while she struggled against all of the other members of the Illuminati who were supposed to be weaker than Black Bolt. It could be possible that she needed time to use her chaos magic to change reality according to her will, and all of the talking that the Illuminati did before Black Bolt’s death gave Wanda more than enough time to bend reality and allow her to make Black Bolt’s mouth disappear.

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