How Did Durin & Elrond Really Meet? Explained

elrond and durin friendship

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has allowed us to see one of the most interesting friendships because we see Elrond and Prince During IV being very close with one another. Like any other friendship, their own relationship has had a few ups and downs, but they still remained good friends even after the things they went through. Still, it was quite interesting to see in episode 4 that Disa, Durin’s wife, was wondering how Durin and Elrond became friends. So, how did Durin and Elrond really meet?

According to Durin, he and Elrond met when he saved the Elf from two Trolls. But Elrond has a different version of the story because, according to him, he was the one who saved Durin from three Trolls instead of just two. While we don’t know who is telling the truth, we are inclined to believe Elrond’s version.

Considering that Durin himself was quite ashamed of the story of how he met Disa, as it was his wife who told Elrond what really happened, there are a lot of reasons to believe that Elf’s version of how he and Durin met is the true story. Whatever the case may be, their friendship is still one of the most heartwarming parts of The Rings of Power. Now, let’s look at how this friendship started.

How Did Durin And Elrond Meet?

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power didn’t waste a lot of time in introducing Elrond, who we know is one of the most important characters in Tolkien’s writings and was a major supporting character in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. While we do know that Elrond eventually became an Elf-lord and one of the most influential figures in Middle-Earth, he had humble beginnings in The Rings of Power because he was yet to reach the stature he had in the LOTR trilogy.


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In The Rings of Power, he was assigned to help Celebrimbor in relation to one of the projects that the Elf craftsman wanted to undertake. So, when Elrond met Celebrimbor, he introduced the idea of asking the Dwarves for help in relation to the project that the craftsman wanted to be finished quickly. And the reason why Elrond was confident that they could ask for the help of the Dwarves was the fact that he and Prince Durin IV were friends.

Nevertheless, when Elrond got to Khazad-dûm, Durin didn’t welcome him well enough. He was actually nearly banished from the realm of the Dwarves because he lost a test of endurance to Durin. But it was when he was able to ask Durin why the prince was angry at him that he truly understood how his friend felt.

elrond and durin

It was the fact that Elrond didn’t visit him in 20 years that hurt Durin’s feelings. While two decades are quite short for an Elf, that was already a huge part of a Dwarf’s life. After that, they were able to mend their friendship with the help of Disa, Durin’s wife, who was quick enough to convince her husband to forgive the Elf. This also allowed Elrond to present his proposal to Prince Durin, who brought it to his father, King Durin III.

Of course, episode 4 of The Rings of Power allowed us to see that the Dwarves did indeed accept Elrond’s proposal because they went to work on Celebrimbor’s project. But because Celebrimbor felt that Durin was hiding something, Elrond went to investigate. In his investigations, he found that Durin had secretly discovered a new ore called mithril, which he didn’t want anyone outside Khazad-dûm to know about because of how dangerous it is to mine.

The mine eventually caved in and nearly took Durin and the lives of four other Dwarves. Disa, who lied about what Durin had been doing, was thankful for Elrond for being there and was sorry at the same time. After that, she quickly asked Elrond how he and Durin actually met. And this was one of the funniest moments of the episode because they had different accounts. 

According To Durin

Disa, before she asked how Elrond and Durin met, already knew a different version of the story because that was what her husband told her. Of course, because Disa knew Durin better than anyone else, she initially was skeptical of her husband’s own accounts.


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According to Durin, he and Elrond met when he saved the Elf from an attack from two Trolls many decades ago. Of course, as a Dwarven Prince, it was easy for him to put himself under the spotlight as the hero of the day. And because he was telling the story to his wife, he probably wanted to impress her.

According To Elrond

Meanwhile, Elrond was clearly entertained by how Durin embellished the story of how they became friends. He was laughing while Durin told Disa his version of the story as he was quick to correct his friend.

elrond durin disa

According to Elrond, there were actually three Hill Trolls that day. It was also he who was saving Durin from the Trolls instead of the other way around. And Elrond went on to say that Durin was in the middle of dodging their mallet blows.

Elrond also said that Durin’s screams were so high-pitched that he thought it was a child. To which Durin said that it was actually a battle cry. And when Elrond said that he took up his bow, Durin corrected him by saying that he actually took a sword instead of a bow.

Whose Version Is The Truth? Durin or Elrond?

At this point, we weren’t told whose story was the truth because they both remembered the events quite differently. But while that may be true, we are inclined to believe that Elrond’s story was the true account of the events.

The reason why we believe that Elrond was the one telling the truth was due to the fact that Prince Durin IV himself is quite the proud Dwarf. At the beginning of the series, he was actually ashamed of telling the story of how he and Disa met. In fact, it was Disa who told the story to Elrond.

Of course, the way Elrond described the events of the story of how he and Durin met was more detailed than how the Dwarf described it. As such, it is possible that Durin merely embellished his story to make himself look good in front of his wife. But Disa, who already knew Durin so well, clearly didn’t believe his story because she already understood that her husband had a tendency to embellish stories to make himself look like the hero.

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